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Art Portfolio: Emily K. Grieves

Painting of a red serpent with tongue sticking out and sun setting

"Cuando se Abre el Cielo"  (When the Heavens Open) Acrylic on canvas by Emily K. Grieves


Today we feature the portfolio of Emily K. Grieves. She uses incredibly warm colours and likes to choose very symbolic subject matter. I like the contrasting fresh blues and hot orange tones. Emily is based out of Teotihuacan, Mexico.


"Emily K. Grieves received a BFA degree in art from the University of Montana in 1993, followed by study of art history in Berlin, Germany, as a Fulbright scholar. She lived in San Francisco, California, for 10 years where she began exploring symbology, mythology, and ritual in her artwork, drawing inspiration from the celebrations and mysteries of life, and showing her work in numerous exhibits around the Bay Area. As of 2004, she makes her home in Teotihuacan, Mexico, where she has been greatly influenced by the cosmological imagery left in the 2000 year old pyramids." -


View more examples of Emily K. Grieves' art portfolio here:

Painting of aztec like figure with sun beams behind it"Tonantzin Teotihuacana"  (Teotihuacana Revered Mother) Acrylic on canvas by Emily K. Grieves

Painting of Saint Elizabeth with crown and towers

 "Heilige Sankt Elisabeth von Thüringen" Acrylic on canvas by Emily K. Grieves

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Artist in residence Rebecca Chaperon

Rebecca Chaperon is our Artist-in-Residence

With a compulsion to create unique visual stories, her paintings often follow the thread of a heroine's misadventures through a surreal landscape.

She's had the pleasure of teaching at Langara College and given community workshops on painting techniques with an emphasis on watercolour, oil and acrylic. She is a board member at the Grunt gallery.

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