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Artist Kate Bingaman-Burt Drew All Her Purchases For the Past 8 Years


Drawing of three paris of tights for thirty dollars


By now the trend of daily drawing projects has really caught on but Kate Bingaman-Burt is more dedicated than most. She has been drawing her purchases for the past 8 years!! This is one of the funnest drawing archives that I have explored and it makes me laugh every time. 

Drawing of a whiskey glass, grilled cheese sandwitch and a bowl of tomato soup

"Starting in 2002, she photographed everything she purchased (finished in 2004). In 2004, she started drawing all of her credit card statements until they were paid off (finished in 2010). In 2006, she started drawing something she purchased everyday (still drawing!). She also is drawing your passwords, mix tapes, stolen goods and yard sale signs. Watch out. Ongoing photo projects include documenting sad, discarded thrift store crafts and Portland free boxes. She will also take a picture of the back of your head if you sit in front of her on the bus." -


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