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How to Be Creative: Video About How People Are Creative by PBS Arts Off Book



Creativity uses your whole brain, and in this video there are some great points made about how creativity happens. Covering many ideas on creativity this video addresses influences and transformation through the process of being creative as well as such topics as collaboration. I enjoyed the discussion about the incubation step in the process of creativity in which the creator has to let their mind wander before they find the right idea. This interesting video is part of the PBS Arts Off Book series  and it's well worth a watch or two! 


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Artist in residence Rebecca Chaperon

Rebecca Chaperon is our Artist-in-Residence

With a compulsion to create unique visual stories, her paintings often follow the thread of a heroine's misadventures through a surreal landscape.

She's had the pleasure of teaching at Langara College and given community workshops on painting techniques with an emphasis on watercolour, oil and acrylic. She is a board member at the Grunt gallery.

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