Studio Sundays: Steel Sculptor Richard Serra


photograph of Richard Serra facing away from the camera while holding his artwork in his art studio




Today is Studio Sunday, and to celebrate, let’s take a peek into the studio life of minimalist sculptor, Richard Serra. In the photo Serra appears hard at work at an artist’s workshop in Los Angeles, California, around 1990.


Serra is perhaps best-known for his large scale, often outdoor abstract sculptures, which he creates using sheets of steel.  These huge, architectural works are often placed in outdoor, public spaces, making Serra also one of the pioneers of public art as we know it today. Serra’s sculptures are created less as objects and more as spaces – they are so huge that people can comfortably walk through them, in between the towering walls of steel.


Now based in Manhattan, New York, Serra's studio space is where he creates the ideas and plans for his massive sculptural works. The space is large, with tables and walls displaying sheets of steel rolled and manipulated into fantastic forms, as well as drawings and maquettes of future sculptures. Because of the scale of his art, Serra usually has to construct the finished product at a steel manufacturer.


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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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