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Pep-Talk: Create Some New & Different Artwork

photo of man with shaving cream on face and in his hair
Are you stuck in a rut with your work? Do you feel like you can only make a certain type of art and nervously wonder if you can ever make something different? Here's a "pep-talk" to get you motivated to try to create something new and different. 


Set yourself free & make what you feel like making. I had a studio visitor look at the detailed brush strokes in my work and ask "Don't you ever want to just let go?" It stuck with me. I…

About the author

Artist in residence Rebecca Chaperon

Rebecca Chaperon is our Artist-in-Residence

With a compulsion to create unique visual stories, her paintings often follow the thread of a heroine's misadventures through a surreal landscape.

She's had the pleasure of teaching at Langara College and given community workshops on painting techniques with an emphasis on watercolour, oil and acrylic. She is a board member at the Grunt gallery.

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