Studio Sunday: Wassily Kandinsky

An old black and white photo of Wassily Kandinsky working on a painting

It’s Studio Sunday! Today we’re taking a look inside the personal studio of Wassily Kandinsky. Kandinsky is best known as one of the pioneers of abstract art, using impressionism as a starting point and eventually finding a way of working that allowed him to compose images entirely from his own imagination. 


Kandinsky’s studio space, seen in the images, was a rather tight space, packed with books and bottles of pigment, with sketches and paintings, perhaps for inspiration, crammed onto the walls. There is a cozy feeling to this studio, a romanticized early-20th-century study, complete with the image of the artist hunched over their writing or drawing table.


While Kandinsky is known for his artworks, he was something of a renaissance man and produced a great deal of writing as well as a few works of experimental theatre, plays based on different colours. These forays into different disciplines helped inform his overall practice – the series of plays led Kandinsky to start veering away from representation in his paintings, creating a series of works (Improvisations) that were more like abstracted versions of representational forms. He carried on in this style for several more years, finally arriving at a style that left behind all notions of representation, instead focusing on the spiritual, expressionistic nature of creating a painting.

Wassily Kandinsky reading the label on a bottle of pigment in his studio

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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