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Your Dream Easel: The Santa Fe Easel II

Best Lyptus Santa Fe Easel II


It really is a beautiful thing! This is my ultimate dream of an art easel! When you go shopping for an easel there are so many things to consider and this easel, dreamy as it may be, isn't for every artist.


The Santa Fe easel is designed for artists working on large pieces and can accommodate canvases that are 106" high. The feature of the double mast secures your surface at two point rather than one so there's no chance of slight…

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Who Are Your Art Mentors


You want heart felt art advice


Have you taken the time to think about who you can go to for art advice? Identifying and creating a list of art mentors it a great strategy for creating your own support system as an artist. It's important to identify who you can trust and for which type of advice. Your art mentors need to be a good fit for you. 


Your art mentors can come in all shapes and form...artists who have been in the community for a long time, or total…

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Collaging With Acrylic Medium

Maybe it's time to collage!


Collage is a fantastic art form and a great way to change your approach to working with images. If you have some images that you can cut up, acrylic medium and a flat surface you can begin trying it out TODAY. It doesn't mean that you are going to be an overnight pro but its a great way to experiment with images and perhaps inspire your regular practice. Or who knows - maybe you'll be a collage genius!


Collage can be created very…

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Collaborate With A Writer

Painting by Rebecca Chaperon


Consider collaborating with a writer. It can bring out something different in your work. There are many writer's in your midst no matter where you live, get to know them and perhaps you'll find an opportunity for a collaboration!

Recently I was approached to collaborate with a writer. As a partially blind collaboration we both made a piece. I created a painting and she created a short story, then we exchanged work for the next step…

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How To Create A Digital Art Catalog

PDF of art catalog

Creating a digital catalog of available artwork is an amazing sales tool for artists who want to actively sell their art. In the image above you can see my first page of my digital catalog.  You can change the design of this page to whatever you want but I'd advise that you keep your contact info there.


As you create the following pages you will want to include decent sized images with the follow info clearly indicated for each…

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An Artist's Strategies For Change


Artist's strategies for change


It's really easy to fall into a rut as we all know. As artists there will be patterns that we gravitate toward that become increasingly difficult to adjust. If we don't make a break for it we'll be stuck accomplishing the same tasks over and over again. Here are some artist's strategies for change.


Pick your target


Pick a target. But here's the thing - you have to pick the thing that you have been meaning to do for a while. Perhaps you've…

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Bad Art Galleries: Signs to Watch For

Watch out for bad galleries


How can you predict how an art gallery will treat its artists? How do you know if your gallery is a bad art gallery? Here are a few agreed-upon signs that your gallery is trying to do you dirty. I've been in the biz a little while and heard some truly outrageous stories of galleries being unfair and duplicitous towards their artists. On the flip side I know a few artists who haven't been that "up-front" in their dealings with…

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You Can't Do It All: How To Manage Your Art Expectations

Darling you can't do it all


As we progress as artists more people will discover our work and more opportunities and inquiries will come our way. In this sense things have the opportunity to become increasingly complicated and overwhelming. Being able to turn good opportunities down can become an important skill. So, too, can seeing that some of the opportunities would have been great for you to pursue two years ago but not any longer. 


Howard Stevenson is…

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4 Amazing Art Portfolio Books

Presentation counts for so much when presenting your art portfolio to a prospective gallery or client. It used to be that presenting your portfolio meant lugging a big case that could carry a number of pieces of your original art but these days we are digital. This means that we want to show people high quality prints of our artwork. Sure you can send someone to your website to see your work but it's not the same experience as looking…

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