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Headlines: Appropriation, Public Art and Gifts

1) UK: Photos of Public Domain Artworks Also Public Domain

A Lorenzo Lotto painting considered public domain on Wikimedia

For any aspiring appropriation artists who are reading this, the UK Intellectual Property Office has affirmed that high-quality photographs of public domain artworks are themselves considered public domain and therefore fair use. The announcement asserts that simply making a copy of an existing work does not make it a new, original work. An original work must be considered the…

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Dark Symbolism and Morbid Humour: Art by Andra Ursuta

An installation view of Andra Usruta's WhitesWhites, installation view

Andra Ursuta was born in Romania but moved to New York to study in 1997. Her works of sculptural installation are rife with dark symbolism and morbid humour.  


Ursuta often derives the conceptual basis for her works from headlines and photos found on the internet. As such, the subject matter of her work is often slightly dark – with terrorist plots, domestic violence and other violent crimes often coming…

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Blocky, Colourful Abstractions by Jeanie Gebhart

An abstracted painting of a flower on a green backgroundFlowers in the Corner, oil 

Jeanie Gebhart is our featured artist today! Jeanie is an abstract painter, represented by galleries in Colorado and Wyoming. The artist creates blocky, colourful abstractions using palette knives and oil paint.


An orange and blue abstraction of a window with flower potsFlower Pot and Window, oil

The last time we featured her palette knife paintings, Jeanie was frequently working in one highly saturated colour over her entire work surface, with small details…

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Swirling Florals: Art by Gwenda Branjerdporn

A painting of a duck floating on a waterlily pondWaterlily Pond and Wood Duck, acrylic on canvas

Today’s featured artist, Gwenda Branjerdporn, is a painter and media artist who specializes in swirling florals of pastels, paint and watercolour. Gwenda tends to use highly saturated, cool colours in her works, creating beautiful landscapes of teal and pink hues.


A painting of a parrot perched on a flowering treeAustralian King Parrot, acrylic on canvas

The gallery of paintings on Gwenda Branjerdporn's art websiteGwenda's gallery of paintings

I like the way that Gwenda seems to play with the…

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Bright Colours and Gestural Marks: Art by Archan Nair

A digital painting of a man with colours and ribbons emerging from his handsAlchemy Resonance, digital

Archan Nair’s illustrations and digital art rely on bright colours and gestural marks. Since he began painting in 2006, the artist has collaborated with numerous private individuals and companies for advertising elements and visual projects.


I find it fascinating the way that Nair incorporates different images and textures into his artworks. Each image is a mixture of various media and a single work by the…

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Land and Seascapes by Brian Buckrell

An impressionist style painting of a rocky, forested landscapeFrom the Escarpment, acrylic

Today’s featured artist is a former professor at the University of Guelph, and now a full-time acrylic and oil painter located in Comox, BC. Brian Buckrell paints en plein air and in the studio, creating land and seascapes as well as classical portraiture.


An impressionist style painting of a stream flowing through a forestAutumn Stream
A gallery of landscape paintings on Brian Buckrell's websiteBrian's portfolio of recent paintings


Brian’s work tends to be slightly impressionistic, a trait that seems to be evolving into…

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Atmospheric Paintings: Art by Ian Fisher

A painting of a cloud featuring tones of blue and creamAtmosphere No. 63 (Laurel), oil on canvas

Our featured artist today, Ian Fisher, specializes in atmospheric paintings of cloudy skies. Ian was born in Nova Scotia and is now based in Denver, Colorado.


A painting of clouds with bright pink lightingAtmosphere No 64 (Convertible), oil on canvas

I love the way Ian combines a minimalist aesthetic with photo-realistic painting. His cloud paintings are stunning close-ups of various skies, and they all seem to portray distinctly…

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Celebrations of Snowy Landscapes: Art by Kat Jeffrey

A manipulated photo of a cold lake surrounded by snowy mountainsUntitled, photograph

Our featured artist today is Kat Jeffrey. Kat is a Canadian artist and costume designer, currently completing her MFA at the Tisch School of the Arts. When not designing looks for stage and film, she’s creating celebrations of snowy landscapes.


Kat’s works seem attuned to a particular type of natural landscape, with dense evergreen forests and snowy mountaintops playing prominent roles in many of her photos…

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Studio Sunday: Martin Kippenberger

A photo of Albert Oehlen with Martin Kippenberger in his studio


It’s Studio Sunday, so check out Martin Kippenberger’s studio. The artist is pictured here with friend and fellow artist Albert Oehlen in Kippenberger’s studio. Kippenberger was extremely prolific and well known for his “artist persona,” frequently seen as an intense, hard-drinking and brooding figure.


Kippenberger was known for producing an astonishing volume of work over the course of his relatively short artistic…

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Studio Sunday: Charline Von Heyl

A photo of Charline von Heyl working in her studio


This week’s Studio Sunday focuses on the work space of Charline von Heyl. Charline moved to New York from Germany in 1994 after her first solo show in New York. The artist’s style is referential to many different art movements of the past and contemporary art history, though it never seems as though she is copying or appropriating. Painting exclusively in abstraction, she resists having a narrative applied to her works, while her…

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Earthy Glazes: Ceramic Art by Elaine Clapper

A blue and brown chip handmade chip and salsa platterChip and Salsa Platter

Today’s featured artist is Elaine Clapper, a ceramic artist from Bellville, Ohio. Elaine’s ceramics are multicoloured, with earthy glazes blending into each other and creating a pigment that seems to shift as the piece is viewed from different angles.


A tall vase with an earthy red glazeRed Vase

A screen capture of Elaine Clapper's online ceramics galleryElaine's gallery of works

Elaine’s works feature a combination of beauty and practicality, with flat bowls, plates and various tall water-carrying…

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Explorations of the Self: Art by Melissa Ann Lambert

An abstract digital artwork with a dark background and fine detailingMatrix

Let’s take a look at the artwork of Melissa Ann Lambert. Melissa creates amazing works of art in a variety of media, focusing on concepts as diverse as physics, psychology, mythology and geometry. The works she produces all seem to function as deep explorations of the self from a variety of angles.


A digital artwork with  geometric and abstract qualitiesQuark

A screen capture of Melissa Ann Lambert's gallery of works on paperMelissa's gallery of works on paper

I like seeing some of Melissa’s self-portraits in her online portfolio – they are…

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Headlines: Icebergs, Art Basel and Image Copyrights

1) Climate Change Art As Spectacle 

Olafur Eliasson and Minik Rosing's Ice Watch installation


Where last week we reported on a number of artworks that were installed in Paris as part of the COP 21 conference on climate change, we didn’t look particularly closely at any one work. Here’s some recommended reading from Hyperallergic in which Joseph Nechvatal picks apart the logistics of Olafur Eliasson and Minik Rosing's Ice Watch installation, noting the extravagant climate costs that…

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Medical Aesthetic: Artwork by J.D. Doria

A close-up photo of blending pigments on a sheet of glassPetri Dish 2014-2

J.D. Doria is an artist from Tel Aviv, Israel. Doria’s works often mimic a microscopic, medical aesthetic, with imagery of specimen slides and the cellular structure of various organisms. Using a variety of different media, the artist explores the nature of the process while pigments and liquids move organically, allowing each work to “grow.”


A close-up photo of dark red liquid pigments mixing togetherLogic of Nature 9

In one of the artist’s most recent projects,…

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