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Realistic Tattoo Portraits by Erin Burge

A mixed media painting of a blue magnolia flowerBlue Magnolia, acrylic and graphite on wood panel

Today’s featured artist is Erin Burge! Erin specializes in realistic tattoo portraits, working both in colour and in black and white. Erin recently set up a new studio space in Kelowna, BC, where she creates tattoos of variety of subjects including realistic animal portraits.


A screen capture of the front page of Erin Burge's

A photo of a half sleeve tattoo of a koi fish and lotus flowersKoi and Lotus Tattoo

Erin began tattooing in 2007 at Gas Pedals Tattoo in Kelowna. In her…

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Quirky Spiritual Essence: Paintings by Jeffrey Newman

A painting composed of a wall of red text with paint splashed across itSamurai Joker, acrylic on canvas

Our featured artist today is Jeffrey Newman. Combining frantic text and splashes of colour, Jeffrey creates paintings that have a quirky spiritual essence to them.


When we last featured Jeffrey, we looked at the chaotic colour of his artworks. He tends to use an almost Jackson Pollock-esque method of splashing paint across a canvas, although these blobs of colour tend to be a bit sparser, sharing space…

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Atmospheric Sounds: Art by Matt Parker

Reflections on Collection, sound walk and audiovisual guide for the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts (video and words by James Lewis)


Matt Parker is an audiovisual artist and composer from the U.K. Parker’s works frequently focus on background sounds and noises that are made by working machines. His interest is in the sorts of atmospheric sounds that can’t be heard unless the listener is searching specifically for them.…


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Vibrant, Fresh and Delicious: Food Styling by David Grenier

A photograph of a styled slice of chocolate pieUntitled

Today’s featured artist, David Grenier, is a food stylist as well as a food writer and recipe developer. With years of experience in the food industry and an MFA, David is skilled at making food look as vibrant, fresh and delicious as possible.


A styled photo of a dish of stew or curry on a blue tabeclothUntitled

A screen capture of a photo gallery on David Grenier's websiteBook 2 photographs on David's website

David’s photos present food in a crisp, clean light, while still avoiding an overly “styled” look. I like the way that the artist…

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Pointillist-Like Style: Painting by Douglas Moulden

A painting of a forested pathway made with small brushmarksBehind the Scenes, acrylic on panel

Today let’s take a look at the artwork of Douglas Moulden. Douglas uses a finely detailed, pointillist-like style to create paintings of trees and nature. Composed of many tiny marks, Douglas’ tree branches are sharp and shadowed and his backgrounds exist as lovely gradients.


A painting of an oak tree on a bright backgroundLive Oak, acrylic on panel

I especially like the way that Douglas often opts to paint of surfaces that are not regularly…

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Industrial Aesthetic: Sculpture by Michael Kinghorn

A sculpture made from sheets of rusted metalCollapse

Today we’re featuring the artwork of Michael Kinghorn! Michael is a sculptor located in Wakefield, Quebec, who works primarily with metal and blacksmithing techniques. His sculptures have a heavy, industrial aesthetic, yet also hold onto a whimsical theme of exploration and space travel.


A box-shaped sculpture made from metal and other materialsBuilding Patriotism

A screen capture of Michael Kinghorn's die casting process photosSome of Michael's die casting process photos

Many of Michael’s sculptures are boxy with right angles and hard edges.…

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Moments, Thoughts and Encounters: Comic Art by Chris Gill

A comic about climate changeOur Kids Copy


In this artist feature, let’s take a look at the cartoons of Chris Gill. At the moment, Chris’ portfolio contains primarily digital cartoons, with an observational style that sees the artist drawing moments, thoughts and encounters from his day-to-day life.

A cartoon critiquing religion and consumerismUSA

Some of Chris’ works are flatly humorous, but most of the cartoons seem to be driven by an opinionated and philosophical worldview. The artist’s…

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Studio Sunday: Huma Bhabha

A photo of Huma Bhabha sitting in her New York studio



Happy Sunday! Let’s take a look inside the New York studio of Huma Bhabha. Bhabha was born in Karachi, Pakistan and is best known as a sculptor, though she creates works in many different media including painting, pastel and collage. Her sculptures are often composed of traditional materials mixed with found objects, brought together into half-abstract human forms and strange, otherworldly inventions.


I really enjoy the brick…

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Studio Sunday: Art Spiegelman

A photo of Art Spiegelman's art studio


It’s studio Sunday! Let’s pay a visit to the studio of comic artist and graphic novelist Art Spiegelman. Speigelman has been working in the illustration and cartooning sphere for over four decades, getting his start drawing packaging and inserts for bubble gum wrappers. His semi-autobiographical graphic novel Maus, about the artist’s parents’ struggle to survive during the Holocaust, was released in 1991 to critical acclaim.…

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Geometry and Minimalism: Art by Christann Kennedy

A series of abstract paintings aligned in two columns on a wallStripe Set Variation (two diamond columns), oil on canvas, 12 panels

Today let’s take a look at the artwork of Christann Kennedy. Christann specializes in bright, abstract compositions that hover between geometry and minimalism.


The artist often incorporates both large, blocky shapes and narrow lines of paint. In many cases, the paintings seem to be built up over a single background colour, creating an effect that is reminiscent of…

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Headlines: Climate Change, AIDS and Art

1) Artists Offer Their Two Cents at Climate Change Conference

A chunk of ice being loaded into a shipping crate for Olafur Eliasson's Ice Watch



As the UN climate change conference in Paris, France gets under way, artists are offering their own thoughts on the issue. Olafur Eliasson and Sheperd Fairey both have public installations addressing climate issues. The artist’s collective Brandalism has created a series of mock advertisements installed on bus shelters. The activist group Avaaz has reacted the…

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Works of Spacey Psychedelia by Mizu

A colourful and detailed painting of a chameleon on a cosmic backgroundChameleon

Today we’re featuring Mizu, an artist who works on canvas, body painting, jewelry and clothing design in a variety of media. Mizu is currently based Denver, Colorado, where he creates works of spacey psychedelia are filled with multitudinous detail.


A screen capture of the fractals gallery on Mizu's websiteMizu's fractal gallery

Mizu paints on a variety of surfaces, from canvas, to vinyl records to walls. I really enjoy the artist’s vinyl record pieces – the uniform, circular…

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Alien Technologies: Painting by Jean-Pierre Roy

A surreal painting of two mysterious buildings against a blue skyThe Burden of the Illusionist, oil on canvas


Jean-Pierre Roy is a painter originally from Santa Monica, California. The artist is a painter who works in a surreal fashion, creating near photo-realistic images of strange, far-off universes, alien technologies and human figures in unlikely scenarios.


A painting of a strange glacier under northern lightsMeet Me at the White Mountain, oil on linen

I am really impressed by the way the artist treats landscapes. His paintings are rarely…

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Highly Stylized Minimalism: Art by Geoff McFetridge

A black and white drawing of three men standing on each other's headsUntitled

Geoff McFetridge is an artist and graphic designer from California whose style could be described as highly stylized minimalism. While the artist’s works are generally figurative, McFetridge pairs his subjects down to their most basic colours and shapes, creating images that sometimes seem like abstractions at first glance.


A CD cover for Death Cab for Cutie with Magick*Magick OrchestraAlbum layout for Death Cab for Cutie and Magick*Magick Orchestra Live LP (Cover View)

The artist’s…

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