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Vibrant Forest Landscapes: Art by Claire Cepukas

A painting of two horses grazing in a colourful landscapeHappy Horses, acrylic on canvas

Our featured artist today, Claire Cepukas is an artist whose work is influenced by the great outdoors and her time spent tree planting in remote Canadian wilderness. Claire’s paintings and photographs express vibrant forest landscapes all across Canada.


A colourful painting of a rocky mountain rangeMountains, oil on canvas

The gallery of acrylic paintings on Claire Cepukas' portfolioClaire's portfolio of acrylic paintings

I find that Claire’s paintings are reminiscent of classic Canadian art from the…

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Meaning and Mystery: Art by Pedro Gonzales

An abstract painting with a pattern of letter-like shapesChanges

Today we’re featuring the work of Pedro Gonzales! Pedro is an artist who works in bright colours and abstract forms, exploring the idea of alphabets and symbols, in both meaning and mystery.


A painting of a beetle shape made out of abstract formsBeattle

A screen capture of Pedro Gonzales' art websiteThe front page of Pedro's portfolio website

I enjoy the way Pedro tends to structure his works – while the forms that he uses may be wildly abstract and bizarre, they are often arranged in a sort of grid format over the painted…

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Collage and Assemblage by Cynthia Aaron

A photo of an assemblage artwork made from various objectsQueen of Defeat (front view), mixed media

Our featured artist today is Cynthia Aaron. This artist works with a variety of materials to create her collage and assemblage works. Cynthia was born in Littlerock, Arkansas, and is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

An assemblage artwork composed mainly of white wood and threadAnd the Bride Wore... (front view), mixed media

Cynthia’s collage works incorporate images from a wide range of media, whether it’s images of women’s bodies from…

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Innovative Watercolour Techniques by Deborah Carman

A watercolour painting of a young woman wading in the oceanOcean Spray, watercolour on paper

Today we’re featuring the art portfolio of Deborah Carman. Deborah currently lives and works in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, where her artistic practice focuses on innovative watercolour techniques. The artist sometimes works by pouring watercolour directly onto her surface, rather than applying it with a brush.


A loose watercolour painting of a woman reclining in a white dressIn Repose, watercolour

A screen capture of the front page of Deborah Carman's


Deborah’s watercolours express a high…

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Movement and Light: Paintings by Donna Bruni

An abstract painting with red, yellow and grey tonesDays in October 1, oil paint and tinted gesso on canvas

Donna Bruni is an abstract painter and our featured artist for the day! Donna’s abstract paintings express movement and light patterns from various locales, and from places that exist only in the artist’s mind.


An abstract painting composed of a textured light pink canvasUncovering Beauty, oil and tinted gesso on custom canvas

The artist often uses milder pastel colours in her works, creating paintings that are like fragments of…

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Eco-Friendly Woodwork by Andelko Oliveric

A coffee table made from 300-year old olive woodOlive wood table

Today’s featured artist is Andelko Oliveric. Andelko creates eco-friendly woodwork in the form of beautiful bowls and furniture, using wood found on the forest floor rather than wood from living trees.


A coffee table with a glass top and olive wood baseOlive wood table

A screen capture of the front page of Andelko Oliveric's woodworking websiteAndelko's website, Oliwoodart

I love the way the artist preserves the look and feel of the wood itself, rather than working it into a highly polished and angular form. His coffee tables often feature…

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Studio Sunday: Alison Bechdel

A photo of Alison Bechdel at work in her studio



This Studio Sunday, let’s take a peek inside a studio that Alison Bechdel recently worked in. Bechdel is an American artist and comic book illustrator. She has written and illustrated both serial comics and graphic novels, including Fun Home and Are You My Mother? The artist’s subject matter is often autobiographical, looking at her relationship to her parents and her own struggles with growing up and coming out as a lesbian.…

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Studio Sunday: Jean Tinguely

A photo of Jean Tinguely's art studio


Our studio Sunday artist this week is Jean Tanguely. Tanguely was a Swiss painter and artist who became a part of the Dada movement after moving to France in 1952. He became well known for his artworks that critiqued the early beginnings of mass production following the industrial revolution. In particular, the artist created works that took the form of kinetic machines that served no real purpose, as well as several sculptures that…

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Maps as a Medium: Art by Mark M. Garrett

A collage and gouache art piece depicting a map covered partially in dark waterSemolina Series, scissor-drawn collage and gouache

Mark M. Garrett, our featured artist today, lives and works in San Francisco, creating collaged works that often take maps as a medium. Sometimes he changes the topography of an existing map, adding swirling cut-out shapes and painting with watercolour or gouache, while at other times he uses maps completely out of context, transforming them into anatomical diagrams and other images.


A collage artwork depicting partial human anatomy

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Headlines: Thanksgiving, Museums and 3-D Art

1) Happy Thanksgiving from Hannah Rothstein


A thanksgiving-themed take on Keith Haring's artwork by Hannah RothsteinKeith Haring, Hannah Rothstein

In time for American Thanksgiving, artist Hannah Rothstein has created a series of thanksgiving plates served in the style of well-known artists. Each artwork depicts a clean white plate laden with various thanksgiving-themed foodstuffs that echo famous artworks with careful placement. Keith Haring, for example, is represented with a figure made of corn…

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Bright and Bubbly Artworks by Clara Fialho

An abstract painting with bright colours and rounded shapesWorried Shoes, oil on canvas

Clara Fialho makes bright and bubbly artworks that express psychological and experiential concepts that vary among viewers.


Her works on paper are usually created with watercolour and ink. Each image is different and abstract but all carry a common visual theme of rounded shapes coming together and forming larger masses. They are often reminiscent of soap suds, collections of tiny bubbles, each different…

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Energetic Sequential Art by Chad Hardin

A cover painting for Dragon Age by Chad HardinDragon Age: Those Who Speak #1 (Promotional), ink wash on bristol with digital colouring

Today’s featured artist is Chad Hardin! Chad is a comic book artist and illustrator current living and working in Utah. His portfolio is packed with energetic sequential art, cover art and concept art for various well-known comic series and characters.


A page from a Harley Quinn comic, featuring a motorcycle chaseHarley Quinn #1 Page 5

The sequential art gallery on Chad Hardin's websiteChad's gallery of sequential art

Chad’s drawings are beautifully…

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Ghostly Images: Art by Gary Simmons

A ghostly chalk image of the Madison Square Garden signFright Night, enamel on wood

Gary Simmons was born in New York and continues to live and work there. The artist’s work frequently incorporates text and a sense of movement, with images and words that seem I the process of moving quickly across a surface, leaving lines and trails of paint behind them.


A chalk and enamel mural painted in the Dallas Cowboys stadiumBlue Field Explosions, installation view in Dallas Cowboys stadium

Simmons frequently uses text stencils that seem to be smudged, as…

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Punk and DIY Art by Ronan Boyle

A mixed media  artwork depicting a number of male dancers in coattalesderein


Ronan Boyle, our featured artist today, creates work that is heavily influenced by punk and DIY art styles. Ronan is a self-taught artist. He was born in Derry, Northern Ireland and now lives and works in Vancouver, BC.


A screen capture of the front page of Ronan Doyle's

A mixed media artwork depicting people wearing pig face masksUntitled

Ronan’s works often incorporate elements of collage and street art, left with a certain hasty, unfinished edge to them. This is in keeping with the DIY art ideology, which…

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Self-Contained Abstraction: Art by Emil Harko

An abstract painting with lines of deep red and orangeUntitled 4

Today’s featured artist is Emil Harko. Emil’s painted works are highly cohesive as a series, each a small, self-contained abstraction that seems to express a city viewed flying by from the inside of a car or train.


Each of the paintings has a dominant colour, though they are far from monochromatic. I like the way Emil utilizes the colour of choice in a given painting to express a certain mood or temperature. Some of his…

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