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Seascapes and Watercraft: Watercolour Painting by BLOUET

A watercolour painting of a large ship at harbourLiberty Ship, watercolour on paper

Sophie Blouet, also known as BLOUET, is a watercolour painter located in Santa Rosa, CA. Originally from France, Sophie took up watercolour painting as a teenager in Paris, where she was trained by Ciree, a French artist and mentor. Now living with her family in America, Sophie’s paintings often focus on maritime subjects like seascapes and watercraft.


A watercolour portrait of a young womanVW, watercolour on paper

I’m always amazed…

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How You Can Benefit from Teaching Art

You might not want to be a full-time art teacher or professor, but there are plenty of opportunities for teaching art, either as a one-time deal, or on a part-time or occasional basis. While art can be a difficult thing to teach, it can also be fun and rewarding depending on the type of class you teach, the age group and level of skill of your students, and your own experience.


A few years ago while I was attending art school, I got a…

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Cigarettes, Candies, and Other Trinkets: Art by Liz Magor

A piece made of a folded-up shirt in a box, with some candy wrappersBeing This (M + M's), paper, textiles, found materials

Liz Magor is a Canadian artist who is currently located in Vancouver. Her works explore objects and their usefulness, and the accumulation of various material vices over a person’s lifetime. The motifs of cigarettes, candies, and other trinkets that one might find in the pockets of an old coat run throughout her body of work.


A box made of translucent rubber, filled with cardboard and papersAll The Names III, silicon rubber, paper, cardboard


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Custom Comissioned Paintings by Carmen Estrada

An oil painting of a cross-section of a nautilus shellFlying Nautilus, oil on canvas

Our featured artist today is Carmen Estrada. Carmen is a sought-after painter in her hometown of Mazatlan, Mexico, and works with clients to create custom commissioned paintings to fit a variety of spaces and decorative schemes.


A painting of a couple walking along a riverside path in a parkParis Rive Droite, oil on canvas

A screen capture of Carmen Estrada's art on her website"Homage to Great Artists" gallery on

The nature of Carmen’s business means that her paintings are almost always a…

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Studio Sunday: Richard Tuttle

A photo of Richard Tuttle working in his art studio

Richard Tuttle is an American artist who is well known for his part in the post-minimalist art style. He uses a lot of common materials in his works, such as clay, Styrofoam, rope and bits of fabric and other detritus. His works are notably smaller than those of many of his contemporaries.


Tuttle’s studio, due to the nature of his work, does not require a lot of open space, but instead it takes well to having several work tables…

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What is an Artist Run Centre?

You've probably heard the term a lot: artist run centre - or, if you live in the US, artist run space, or artist run inititative in other countries - but what is an artist run centre? How does it differ from a regular art gallery? How does it benefit you as an artist?


The idea of artist-run centres started in the 1960’s, and since then, thousands of small institutions have been founded, built and run by artists and for artists all…

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Architectural Ephemera: Art by Sean Sweeney

An installation view of a sculpture made of ceiling panelsWarped Space, ceiling panels, wood and plexiglass

Sean Sweeney works with a lot of found objects – often building materials that he manipulates into sculptures that are at once removed from their original purpose, and entrenched in their material being.


Ceiling panels, wood, plexiglass and other industrial building materials are taken out of their traditional context and, once placed within the gallery in odd combinations, become…

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Rustic Wood Aesthetic: Sculptures by Martin Puryear

A large bulbous, smooth wooden sculptureIn Sheep's Clothing, pine

Martin Puryear is an American sculptor who works primarily in wood. His artistic career currently spans over thirty years, and he is known as one of the foremost artists associated with the post-minimalist movement.


A large bulbous wood sculpture painted blackUntitled, painted red cedar and pine

Puryear places a lot of importance on his process, and the hand of the artist plays a big role in his work. His sculptures often appear as large, bulbous…

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Nature and Travel Photography by William Kent

A photograph of vibrant flowers in a gardenBuchart Garden Flowers 1, photograph

William Kent, our featured artist for today, is a photographer from Vancouver, BC. William creates photographs out of pure enjoyment of the medium, and likes to photograph different scenery and landmarks when he travels. His webpage – – is packed with examples of his love for nature and travel photography.


A photo inside a canyon, sand falling off a ledgeSandfall, photograph

I love the amount of detail that Will is able to…

Dramatic, Polished Paintings by Ronald George Straight

An oil painting of a seagull sitting and looking out over the waterStumped, oil on canvas

Our featured artist today is Ronald George Straight! Ronald’s dramatic, polished paintings take nature and exaggerate it just enough to make it look like the cover of an epic comic book. I particularly enjoy the use of Ronald’s colour in his skies – sunsets become fireballs of red and orange tones that blend together, while colder, snowy skylines become washes of cool blues and purples.

An oil painting of an eagle soaring over a gnarled tree branchSearch, oil on canvas…

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Art School: Deciding if It's for You - and Making the Most of it.

What about the matter of art school? If you want to get into an artistic career, how can you be sure that going to art school will be beneficial to you and the way that you work? Or – if you have already gone through art school, how can you make your education continue to work for you?


A photograph of the exterior of Toronto's OCADU


Be a Self Starter.


Many other university programs lead directly into jobs, but there is a huge amount of options for what you can do with a…

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Evocative Animal Portraits by Sarah Ronald

A drawing of two dolphins flying through the skyHigh Jumping, coloured pencil, graphite and conte on paper

Sarah Ronald grew up in the BC interior before moving to the west coast to pursue her artistic career. In her current practice she is interested in creating art that is more than an aesthetic object, but rather images that prompt thought and reflection on the subjects.


A drawn illustration of an octopusIllustrious Octopus, coloured pencil and conte on paper

Working in traditional drawing media such as coloured…

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Studio Sunday: Richard Pousette-Dart


A black and white photo of Richard Pousette-Dart in his studio

It’s Studio Sunday, and time to take a look inside the studio space of American painter, Richard Pousette-Dart. Pousette-Dart is noted as one of the founding artists in the New York School of painting. While he is traditionally associated with painting, he also produced a number of works in the medium of sculpture drawing, and photography.


Pousette-Dart’s studio in New York, (pictured here in 1962) appears packed with…

Incredible Photorealism: Drawings by Jeffrey M. Green

A pastel drawing of an ocean landscapeOcean Blue, pastel

Today’s featured artist is Jeffrey M. Green – take a look at the incredible photorealism that Jeffrey achieves with his chosen medium of coloured pencils.


A realistic drawing of some vegetables on a cutting boardPeppers, Onions, Garlic, coloured pencil

Jeffrey’s artwork has great personal meaning for the artist and has been a way for him to work through his own anxieties. I find a lot of the work in his portfolio to be rather calm and pastoral, more like a quiet…

Website profile: 'Floral Forms' Paintings by Jane Crosby

A simple watercolour painting of a pitcher plant on a plain paper backgroundPitcher Plant, Newfoundland, watercolour

Our featured artist today, Jane Crosby, is a master gardener and watercolour painter with an affinity for floral forms.  Jane’s works show a talent for gentle brushwork and smooth, clean lines showing off the curving petals of her favourite subjects.


Flora gallery on the watercolour website of Jane CrosbyJane's gallery of floral paintings on her portfolio page

I really enjoy the way that Jane uses the inherent bleeding qualities of watercolour…

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