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Physical and Emotional Spaces: Art by Amie T. Rangel

A drawing of a run-down cottage dwelling on a hillDown Below and Around the Corner, graphite, charcoal, chalk, pastel, ink and acrylic paint on paper

Amie T. Rangel, our featured artist for today, creates artworks that explore physical and emotional spaces though drawing, mixed media, and occasionally text.


A hand coloured lithograph featuring pig's feet as a comment on agricultural industryWhat Orkney Abandoned Alberta Endures, hand-coloured lithograph

Amie is particularly fascinated by apartments and agricultural and research facilities. Her drawings of buildings…

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Studio Sunday: Annette Messenger

A photo of Annette Messenger in her studio


Our Studio Sunday today will look at the work space of Annette Messenger. Messenger has a varied studio practice that includes drawing and installation, and combinations of the two.


Messenger often uses India ink as a component in her works, sometimes creating drawings in her studio and sometimes drawing directly on the walls of a gallery.  As the artist has said in an interview, she sometimes uses so much India ink for drawing…

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Model and Magazine Photography by Bill Westmoreland

A portrait photograph of a musician dressed in blackUntitled

Bill Westmoreland is an artist who specializes in film and photography as well as makeup and hair design. Bill has built a career on model and magazine photography, and his work has appeared in commercials, videos, CD covers, as well as his own makeup book.

A photograph of artist Ross Brodar in front of a wall muralRoss Brodar, artist, for Raw Vision Magazine


I love the way Bill plays with different moods. He captures movement well – his model photos are often quite dynamic, though…

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Traditional and Contemporary Aesthetics: Faig Ahmed

A handmade wool carpet that seems to blur and become abstractOiling, handmade woolen rug

Faig Ahmed is a sculptor and installation artist from Baku, Azerbaijan.  In his current practice, Ahmed uses fragments and patterns from traditional Azerbaijani rugs to create sculptures and installations that combine traditional and contemporary aesthetics.


In his carpet works, Ahmed keeps part of the original pattern and then weaves the remainder of the carpet into a different, often bizarre or surreal…

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Illustrative Images by Kim Fujiwara

An oil painting of a woman in a red old fashioned dressedJosephine in Red, oil

Kim Fujiwara, our featured artist today, originally worked as an illustrator and is now a painter in his artistic practice. Kim’s artistic prowess certainly shows in his figurative paintings. His illustrative images are beautifully rendered, and I think they’d be equally at home in an art gallery or on the covers of science fiction or fantasy novels.


An oil painting of a cattle drive on the American prairiesCattle Drive, oil

Kim paints a variety of subjects,…

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Installations in Natural Spaces by Tania Willard

A photo of an outdoor installation with a pound or hashtag symbol spray painted on the ground#BUSH, land marking spray paint on land

Our featured artist today is Tania Willard. Tania works in various media and also has a notable curatorial practice. Her works explore First Nations identity, recently using installations in natural spaces to address critical issues.


A fabric and chalk artwork featuring a highly stylized mask

Simluations, acrylic and chalk on printed cotton fabric

Tania’s ongoing collaborative work Bush Gallery explores an outdoor space through the lens of media…

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Domestic Photographs by Madi Chambers

A photograph with a chair, orange drapes, and yellow yarnOrgans

Our featured artist today is Madi Chambers. Madi is currently based in Ontario, where she makes photographs that meditate on domestic spaces.


A photo of an unmarked building on a relatively deserted streetUntitled

These domestic photographs are quiet and seem peaceful in way, as if they are simply contemplating their interior views. Objects – yarn, and a Christmas tree, in two photos – are deliberately posed to have a different interaction with the space than they normally would. For…

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Studio Sunday: Miguel Conde

A photo of Miguel Conde painting in his Madrid studio


Today’s Studio Sunday feature is Miguel Conde. Conde was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and now lives and works in Spain. He is noted as a figurative painter, printmaker and etcher.


Conde’s studio appears quite utilitarian. I enjoy the way every wall is completely obscured by paintings – stacked on top of each other in some cases. The studio has interesting tile floors and a big drawing table that for the artist to work…

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Vibrant Explosions of Colour by Mike Salcido

An abstract painting composed mainly of bright magenta tonesThe Glow of a Distant Light is Calling Your Name, mixed media on canvas

Mike Salcido’s is our featured artist of the day! Born in New Mexico, Mike creates paintings are deep, vibrant explosions of colour. Each seems to starts from a central point on the canvas and spread outward like a cloud of ink in water. I love looking at these paintings, and the way they seem to draw me in, like looking through a window to another dimension.

A painting with bright splatters of paint on a black backgroundSwim…

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Observational Painting by Bryan Coombes

A painting of a modern train in a rural areaBC on Rails, oil on canvas

Bryan Coombes has experience as a commercial pilot, a mountaineer, and a photographer. All these experiences inform his observational painting practice, where Bryan depicts Canadian landscapes, trains, highways and urban scenes with beautiful lighting and detail.


A blue-toned painting of a float plane on waterDe Havilland Beaver Blue, oil on canvas

I like the way Bryan puts a small description under each of the works on his portfolio, noting his interest…

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Beauty and Desolation: Photography by Matt Emmett

A photo of a grand hall of an abandoned houseImperfect Symmetry

Matt Emmett of Forgotten Heritage is an urban explorer and photographer, capturing beauty and desolation in the places he visits. Matt has photographed many abandoned locations all over the world, capturing in various states of decay as they slowly return to wilderness.


His series of photos of the same locations show the progression of nature as it retakes a space and how certain spaces become overgrown sooner. …

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Experimental Photography by L.M. Braun

A manipulated photograph mimicking the look of photographic negativesThe Divergence of Belief and Intent, digitized film

Luis Braun, a.k.a. L.M. Braun is a Vancouver-based photographer who specializes in experimental photography and photo-manipulation.


Luis’ portfolio includes nature and outdoor photography, portraits and photographic projects. His manipulations favor sepia-toned photo collages and photographic negatives. The artist’s Portraits gallery is filled with lovely and very expressive…

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Neon Assemblages by Kelsey Kimmel

An installation view of two sculptural pieces made of bright synthetic materialsConjunction Junction and Wrinkle in Time (installation view 2), projection on styrofoam sculpture

These eye-catching neon assemblages are the work of Kelsey Kimmel. Kelsey investigates human interactions with digital space and uses synthetic materials to create bizarre, almost alien forms and sculptures in the context of the gallery.

An abstract sculpture composed of synthetic materials and painted neon pinkWrinkle in Time, wood, plaster, chicken wire, epoxy, spray paint, rubber

Kelsey’s sculptures are…

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Studio Sunday: Claes Oldenburg

A contemporary photo of Claes Oldenburg working in his studio


Claes Oldenburg was originally born in Stockholm, Sweden, but grew up in Chicago, later relocating to New York City. He is well known for his large scale sculptures of everyday objects such as food and clothing


Oldenburg’s current studio in New York looks bright and busy. This photo is relatively recent, taken in 2011. I see a lot of different materials in this shot including what might be construction paper, tape, perhaps a…

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Graphic Portraiture by Carly Jaye Smith

A black, white and red acrylic portrait of Elizabeth  TaylorQueen Elizabeth, acrylic on canvas

Based in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Carly Jaye Smith creates unique works of graphic portraiture with mixed and recycled media on canvas. Many of Carly’s subjects are celebrities, such as singers, actors and athletes. She often favours subjects from a certain era, with figures such as Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin and Ray Charles featuring prominently.


An action painting of football player Brett Favre cheeringFavre Fever, acrylic on recycled wood…

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