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Street-Art Styling: Art by Dominic Laporte

A painting of Action Bronson on an abstracted backgroundAction Bronson, (collaboration with Phil Laporte) mixed media on canvas

Our featured artist today is Dominic Laporte! Dominic grew up and lives in Ottawa, Ontario, where he is completing a degree in illustration from Sheridan College. Artistically, Dominic focuses on portraits and human figures, adding abstracted elements and street-art styling that elevate his illustrations to true expressions of personality.


A mixed media illustration of a "movie poster" for Slick Rick's Children's StorySlick Rick's "Children's…

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Studio Sunday: Anish Kapoor

A photo of Anish Kapoor standing in his studio with an assistant


It’s Studio Sunday again, and time to pay a visit to the studio of Anish Kapoor. Kapoor is a London-based artist perhaps most famous for his public sculpture Cloud Gate, currently installed in Millenium Park in Chicago. Many of Kapoor’s works are public sculptures, installed and exhibited in cities including Paris, London and New York. He’s known for making giant, soft-edged shapes that are a good definition for what many…

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Surreal Pop-Art by David Faulk

A painting of a box chicken arguing with a fishUntitled

Today’s artist feature focuses on the artwork of David Faulk. David works in painting and costume design, creating exuberant and colourful works that express a sense of surreal pop-art playfulness.


A painting of an owl walking along a yellow path over a starry backgroundScenic

A screen capture of a painting gallery on David Faulk's websiteThe Box Chicken Land gallery on David's website

I find David’s costuming work particularly interesting. The garments that the artist produces are extremely flamboyant and would definitely turn heads if worn in public.…

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Studio Sunday: Nam June Paik

A photo of Nail June Paik working in his video editing studio



This week’s Studio Sunday will take a look inside the multiple workspaces of Naim June Paik. Paik was born in Korea and moved to the United States as a young man to pursue his artistic career. The artist grew to fame in the 60’s and 70’s with his innovative work in the media of film, video and performance.


I love the look of Paik’s video editing studio in the above photo. The studio pictured here was in Paik’s home in…

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New Organic Forms: Sculpture by Eva Lys Champagne

A wall sculpture consisting of a coloured panel with a small ceramic mushroom hanging from itThese Enchantments Are Medicinal

Our featured artist today is Eva Lys Champagne. Eva works primarily in sculpture, with her works taking on the formal aspects of scientific and biological elements.


A screen capture of Eva Lys Champagne's art websiteEva's online portfolio of works on paper

Eva’s drawings and sculptures mirror everything from plants and animals to rock formations. The artist attempts to blend these elements together, creating new organic forms that defy…

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Headlines: Performance, Painting and Payments

1) Marina Abramovich Sued by Former Collaborator

A photo of performance artist Ulay
Performance artist
Ulay is suing his former partner and longtime collaborator Marina Abramovich. Ulay, (real name Frank Uwe Laysiepen) worked with Abramovich from 1976 through 1988 and together created some of the duo’s most well-known works. He claims that Abramovich has withheld payments that she owed to him for the past 16 years, and is additionally accusing the well-known performance…

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Human Constructions: Photography by Julie Lévesque-René

A photographic diptych of an old man in his homeSolitaire, numbered print

Our featured artist for today is Julie Lévesque-René. Julie is an artist and photographer from Montreal, focusing on human constructions, movements and the passage of time. She expresses these concepts primarily through photography and printmaking.


A photographic diptych of an overgrown empty lotTerre Boileau (diptych), numbered prints on semi-gloss paper

A screen capture of Julie Levesque-Rene's art websiteThe front page of Julie's website

Much of Julie’s photographic work is focused on how time effects…

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Bizarrely Evocative Tableaux: Art by Kiki Smith

A bronze cast installation of sculptures of 3 women and 3 sheepWomen with Sheep (Three Women, Three Sheep), bronze

Kiki Smith’s work addresses themes of nature and spirituality from a human standpoint. She works in both three-dimensional and two-dimensional media, utilizing motifs of animals and human figures in bizarrely evocative tableaux. Smith current lives and works in New York.


A cast aluminum sculpture of birds on an upside-down chairHomecoming, cast aluminum

Her recent works have explored sculpture and stained glass work. A 2014 exhibition at…

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Explorations of Incompleteness: Sculpture by Michel Francois

A sculpture consisting of a metal cage with bits of clothing on itGolden Cage

Belgian conceptual artist Michel Francois has a varied body of work that includes painting, sculpture, video, photography and installation. His works often explore cause and effect, and though much of it is simple and gestural on the surface, the work speaks to deeper meanings and ideas.


A piece of foam encasing an electric lamp hanging on the wall of a galleryUntitled, concrete, plaster, electric  lamp

Recent sculptures have functioned as explorations of incompleteness and double meaning.…

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Hawaiian Wood Carving by Derek Bencomo

A sculpture carved from Hawaiian Koa woodGift from the Rainforest, Hawaiian Koa wood

Derek Bencomo is a woodworker from Maui, and our featured artist for today! Derek’s Hawaiian wood carving creates beautiful, functional objects and works of art.


I love how the flowing shapes that Derek carves often follow the grain and colouration of the wood itself. The pieces are highly polished and smooth and would look equally at home in an office, living room or gallery space. The…

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Stark, Provocative Portraits by Jared S. Rosenbaum

A diptych photo of a young woman in front of a plain wallUntitled

Our featured artist today is fashion and model photographer Jared S. Rosenbaum. Located in Toronto, Jared specializes in stark, provocative portraits of models in a variety of environments ranging from the bizarre to the mundane.  


Jared’s models often seem somehow removed from their context. He often shoots with his subject looking directly into the camera, creating the feeling that the subject of the photo is completely…

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Prismatic Coloration: Painting by Marty Husted

A painting of water flowing over a sheet of flat rockUntitled, mixed media

Ohio-based artist Marty Husted is a landscape painter, and our featured artist today! Marty paints in a style that lends her subjects a wonderful prismatic coloration.  


A painting of a house on a hill in TuscanyTuscany View, oil on wood panel

The mixed media gallery on Marty Husted's art websiteMarty's website gallery of mixed media works

She is able to portray forests, water and other settings with an excellent eye for the texture and feel of each element. Waterfalls glisten with white highlights while…

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Invitingly Tactile Ceramics by Bent Oaks Pottery

A black handmade ceramic vase with red detailingDeep Water Currents #2

Our featured artist today is Danny Young of Bent Oaks Pottery. Danny has been honing his pottery skill for over 40 years, and his portfolio is filled with both functional and sculptural ceramic work.


A white marbled handmade ceramic vaseUntitled

Danny uses various techniques for creating his clay pieces. The finish colours in his selection of ceramic vases and pots range from earthy browns to marbled whites. I rather enjoy his Deep Water Currents

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Abstraction and Architecture: Art by Cameron McLellan

A minimalist black and white ink drawing of a rock faceRock Face (3), West Vancouver, ink on Rives BFK paper

Vancouver artist Cameron McLellan uses simple points and lines to create complex illustrative images celebrating abstraction and architecture. The artist also delves into west coast forest scenes and landscapes.


A drawing of the side of a modern house surrounded by grass and treesCoast House, ink on paper

While so many points and lines on the page lends these images a certain energy, I find them rather calming and peaceful. Perhaps it’s…

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Gestural Line Art: Illustration by Joey Feldman

A mixed media drawing of a strange, alien figuredreams, mixed media on paper

Joey Feldman is an illustrator and cartoonist from Los Angeles, California. He is also our featured artist today! Joey works in a quick, almost frantic style, putting an emphasis on gestural line art and colours that are scattered across the page with carefree abandon.


An abstracted ink illustration of a Frankenstein-like monsterFrankie, mixed media on paper

An abstracted portrait composed of blue and yellow tonesPliny the Elder, mixed media on archival wood panel

Joey’s illustrations are bursting with personality. His…

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