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Quiet Elegance: Ceramic Art by Taryn Porter

An installation view of a ceramic sculpture made of unfired clay vesselsDegradation, ceramic work, installation view

Our featured artist for today is Taryn Porter! A ceramic artist, Taryn is currently completing her studies at Vancouver’s Emily Carr University. Taryn’s ceramic work has a quiet elegance to it, from the pale beauty of the glazes on her functional pieces, to the sculpture work in her online portfolio called Degradation. In the work, it appears that unfired clay is left for the viewer to…

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3 Steps to a Winning Exhibition Proposal

So you think you’ve got the artistic chops to create your own unique art exhibition. How do you prove it to the gallery owners and curators who will potentially be showing your work? Writing exhibition proposals for shows is an extremely valuable skill to have as an artist. You don’t necessarily need to be a great writer to write an exhibition proposal – the most important thing is that you have a clear idea of what you want the…

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Sculptural Reconstructions by Robert Gober

A sculpture of a household sink with strange, disproportionate legs where the pipes should beUntitled, plaster, beeswax, human hair, cotton, leather, aluminum pull-tabs, enamel

Based in New York, Robert Gober is well known for his sculptural work, which is the subject of an upcoming exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art. His works are often sculptural reconstructions of things one would find at home, memories of his childhood, and occasionally human legs.The sculptures are incredibly realistic yet slightly absurd when removed…

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Majestic Animal Sculptures by Jason Shanaman

A hydrostone sculpture of a frilled dragon in a bronze finishFrilled Dragon Sculpture, hydrostone with bronze coating and patina

These majestic animal sculptures are the work of Jason Shanaman, our featured artist for today. Jason’s love of animals really shines through in his works, where he replicates the forms of reptiles like bearded dragons, and great apes, with incredible detail and structure. These incredibly realistic sculptures seem to function as small tributes to the beauty of the…

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Masterful Woodwork Designs by Peter Borkowicz

A large, handmade wardrobe with wood detailingBeidermeier Style Armoir, Mahogany Crotch veneers, Sapeli solids and Veneers, Ebonized Tulip Wood and Aromatic Tennessee Cedar interior.

Craftsman Peter Borkowicz creates masterful woodwork designs ranging from simple spice-racks, to tables, to entire kitchen cabinet sets, all in his own unique yet variable style.


A photo of a round, custom-made dining tableLarge Table

I like looking at the range of different projects that are on display in Peter’s online portfolio. He…

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Studio Sundays: Agnes Martin

A photo of Agnes Martin sitting in her studio

Today we’ll look inside the studio of American minimalist painter Agnes Martin. Agnes is pictured above in her simple studio near Taos, New Mexico, where she spent most of her time as an artist.


Martin’s studio space was simple and clean. The paintings she created tended to be large and often square shaped. There had to be enough space on the wall, as well as on the floor to lay paintings out flat. She often worked with paints…

Personal Exploration through Drawing: Valentina Vale

An abstracted, colourful drawing of treesTransitions, pencil

Valentina Valé is our featured artist for today! Born in Venezuela in 1962, Valentina traveled to the United States to study as a teenager. She holds an MFA from RISD and has been perfecting her drawing practice in which she uses drawing as a medium for cognitive problem-solving and exploration.


An abstracted black and white drawingUntitled

There is something in Valentina’s work that harkens back to the early days of surrealism, when automatic…

Faith and the Human Experience: the Art of Mircea Cantor

A sculpture of a roughly-made coffin with a coin slotWith a Free Smile, terracotta

Mircea Cantor was born in Romania and now lives and works on “Earth” – according to his CV. His works span a variety of media, though he has a particular fondness for film and installation pieces.


A video still of a young boy lining up three knives on a table topWind Orchestra (stills), HD video

Cantor ‘s works often explore themes of faith and the human experience, using mundane materials in combination with mediums like film and animation, or traditional…

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Interactive Art by Karina Smigla-Bobinski

A photo of a large plastic balloon with charcoal sticks attachedADA, analog interacive installation/kinetic scculpture/post-digital drawing machine

German artist Karina Smigla-Bobinski is a sculptor and performance artist. Smigla-Bobinki creates artworks that allow for audience interaction and participation, making the gallery space more exciting than static.


In her work, Ada, Smigla-Bobinski places a large, clear plastic, helium filled membrane in the centre of a white-walled gallery room. The…

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Scrapbook Sensibility: Artworks by Char Derouin

An abstract painting with pink and teal coloursReflections, acrylic, ink, pen

Northern Californian artist Char DeRouin creates her works using an intuitive process of layering and focusing on formal qualities of the art. Char produces paintings, jewelry, and also delves into bookmaking and fabric art, all with a definitive scrapbook sensibility.


Char’s lush beaded necklaces seem almost improvisational – clusters of shiny beads hang down like ripe fruit, in widely varied shapes…

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How to Apply for A Grant


Applying for grants can be a daunting process – what organization should you go to? How do you write the grant application? What sort of artwork will get the attention and support of grant prviders? All of these are legitimate questions, and while the process may seem scary, remember that the mission of these prganizations is to fund and support the arts, so you're most likely on the same side!

The logo for the Canada Council for the Arts

In Canada, the Canada Council for the…

Reductive Digital Art by Richard Kolken

A digital image of a mysterious red objectRed Plastic Thing, 3D model

Richard Kolken is a multimedia artist who is lately exploring the ambiguities of digital art and the internet, often using a combination of photography and digital manipulation to create his artworks.


A 3-dimensional blueprint of a mental institutionBodmin, 3D model


One recent series of Kolken’s that I really enjoy is called Asylums. The work consists of 3-dimensional renderings that are created from floor plans and aerial photographs of the…

Studio Sunday: Chuck Close


A photograph of Chuck Close working on a painting


Our Studio Sunday artist this week is Chuck Close! You’re probably familiar with Close’s work – his unique process for creating large-scale, incredibly realistic portraits has garnered attention from galleries and art-appreciators the world over. Today we’ll look inside his studio.


In 1988, Close suffered a seizure that left him paralyzed and mostly bound to a wheelchair. Close has adapted his studio to suit his…

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Romantic Murals by Robert Milling

A mural of the sky opening up out of a ceilingUntitled mural

Robert Milling is a classical mural painter from Los Angeles, California. His trompe l’oeil painting style is reminiscent of the works of great renaissance painters. Working as a professional artist for over 30 years, Robert has had plenty of time to perfect his skill, working as a freelance mural painter for companies and private clients all over the world.


Mural paintings on the art website of Robert MillingRobert Milling's gallery of murals on his website

An oil painting of a crowd of people on a beachUnkown…

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Highlight and Shadow: Paintings by Lully Schwartz

A colourful painting of a wooded clearingHow Long is Forever?, oil on linen

Born in Beverly, Massachusetts, Lully Schwartz is a painter who specializes in landscapes and still-life, while occasionally exploring portraiture and figure painting. Her painting style is loose yet controlled, resulting in paintings that emphasize the highlight and shadow of their subject matter.


Lully’s works are beautiful to look at, and the scenes she paints are quite diverse. I particularly…

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