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Textural and Energetic: Art by Randall Day

A print of Katherine Hepburn's face covered in zigzagging linesI Love Decay

Today’s featured artist is Randall Day. Randall uses a variety of media in his art and often incorporates a number of different styles into a single work, from geometric abstract to referential printmaking to naïve-style accents of drawing. The resulting images are highly textural and energetic.


A red and orange painting composed of many sharp linesStella, house paint, acrylic and cherry coke on canvas

Randall’s abstracts frequently feature hard, straight lines in…

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Headlines: Cats, Lego and Halloween

1) A Collection of Cat Art Goes to Auction

Iwao Akiyama's "Two Cats"Iwao Akiyama, Two Cats

The art collection of German-born New York art collector Marianne C. Gourary went to auction yesterday through Bloomsbury auction house in London. The collector was most known for her great affinity for felines, and fittingly, most of the artwork is centered on cats. Featuring numerous cat-related book illustrations, paintings and even literature from the last four…

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Abstract Sculptures by Isabel Nolan

A sculptural work  consisting of a curled metal tube and a forest scene on the wallThe weakening eye of day, mild steel, wadding, wood, thread

Isabel Nolan works primarily as a sculptor. Her works explore form indiscriminately, whether mimicking plants or man-made objects. She often focuses on bringing the form of one artistic medium into a different one.  


An example of this that I particularly like are Nolan’s abstract sculptures that mimic the form of pencil sketches and doodles in notebooks. The artist has…

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Performative Spaces: Art by Stéphane Gilot

A photo of the interior of a room installationPièce pour cinq interprètes, lumière rose et silence, installation

Stéphane Gilot is a prolific artist working in a number of different mediums including installation, construction, and film. Stéphane was born in Belgium and has been living and working in Montreal, Quebec, for the last 20 years.


A performance still of a person laying flat on a long red sheet of wood

Le Buvard de Monde (performance still), installation and performannce


Stéphane’s works are highly conceptual and frequently…

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Gritty Industrial Imagery: Photography by Mark Essner

A photo of the side of a textured wood barnMosaic Barn

Mark Essner, today’s featured artist, is a photographer from Waterloo, Ontario. Mark’s gritty industrial imagery sometimes even harkens to urban exploration practices.


A photo of a sign in front of a fried chicken restaurantBrothers

A screen capture of the front page of Mark Essner's websiteMark's website,

The photographer makes heavy use of shadow and contrast. I really love the way his images are so unrelentingly sharp, with the texture of every pictured object coming to the forefront. His choice of…

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Abstract Forms and Portraits: Art by Erin K. Milks

A series of paintings on glass panels leaning against the wallKeep in Touch, oil on tempered glass, latex paint, paper adhesive

Today’s featured artist is Erin K. Milks. Erin’s works primarily in oil and acrylic paint, and focuses almost equally on abstract forms and portraits. Erin’s recent thesis work, Keep in Touch, explores the division and isolation that comes with existing in a technologically advanced society.


A monochromatic blue painting on glassEverything's Swell, oil on tempered glass

The front page of Erin K. Milks' websiteThe front page of Erin's…

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Studio Sunday: Kara Walker

A photo of Kara Walker working in the studio


Today’s Studio Sunday feature is Kara Walker. Walker was born in Stockton California. She attended the Rhode Island School of Design and the Atlanta College of Art.


The artist is known for her works that explore difficult concepts and issues surrounding race, sexuality, identity and the violence found therein. She most frequently does this through black paper silhouette cut-outs of human, animal and environmental figures. The…

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Headlines: Politics, Feminism and Apps

1) Trudeau Promises More Arts Funding for Canada

A photo of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau


Now that the elections are over, Hyperallergic has put together a simplified outline of Canadian prime-minister Justin Trudeau’s grand scheme for supporting the arts. The prime minister, a former literature student at McGill University, stated during his campaign that he hoped to increase funding for the arts in the country – or at the very least, undo some of the cuts that the…

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Striking Texture: Art by Liba Labik

A highly saturated blue painting of leaves floating in water

Reflection of Changes VII, mixed media on canvas


Today’s featured artist, Liba Labik, is a painter and mixed media artist who uses her work to explore the in-between. Working frequently in encaustic and other media, she creates artworks with striking texture and highly saturated colour.


An abstract encaustic work with the appearance of a nautilusDimensions II, encaustic on panel

A screen capture of a recent painting series on Liba Labik's websiteLiba's Reflections of Chang(es) series on her website

Liba’s most recent series of work, Reflections of…

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Hazy Vintage Photography by Gilly Russell

A photo of a dog carrying a stick on a beachUntitled

Our featured artist today is photographer Gilly Russell. Working in 35 mm, Gilly produces hazy vintage photography with a personal feel.


Gilly’s photographs have an almost Polaroid-esque aesthetic to them. Through a studied, professional lens I find that she captures the essence of old family photos found in attics, or fragments of memory. I’m really enjoying sifting through Gilly’s portfolio website and wondering at…

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Hypnotic Structures: Sculpture by Anthony Howe

A kinetic sculpture composed of many plates of stainless steelOcto 3, stainless steel

Anthony Howe is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, and now resides in Orcas Island, Washington. Howe’s artworks take the form of large-scale, outdoor kinetic sculptures that move with the wind. These hypnotic structures take many different forms but are generally abstract, calling to mind flowers, radio antennae and complex cellular structures.  


Treefoil, stainless steel 


Howe’s work was initially…

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Light and Dark: Painting by Lori Sokoluk

An abstract painting with several long forms that might be birch treesThe Last Birches, acrylic on canvas panel

Today’s featured artist is Lori Sokoluk.  Lori’s works primarily revolve around explorations of experience and impressions. I notice sea creatures, birds and florals as common themes in her portfolio, and I love the bright colours and varied techniques that she uses to portray them!


A deep red painting of shapes that could be flowersAeons 2, acrylic, mixed media and metallic leaf on canvas

An abstract painting with lines of rainbow colours running down the canvasAll The Spirits, acrylic on canvas

Lori’s work…

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Sharp, Broken Realism: Painting by Robert Porazinski

A painting of an oddly fragment bird on a blue backgroundAutomaton #2, acrylic on birch panel

Today’s featured artist is Robert Porazinski. Robert’s painting style expresses a sharp, broken realism. His paintings express their subject matter as similar to shards of glass or as melting, corrupted digital environments. In this process, the forms become distorted and sometimes ambiguous to the point where the work’s title is integral to grounding it in reality.


A painting of poppies distorted and meltingEuphoria II, oil on canvas…

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Studio Sunday: Wolfgang Tilmans

A photo of Wolfgang Tilmans in his studio


This week we’re looking at the studio space of photographer Wolfgang Tillmans. Tillmans was born in Germany and currently lives and works in London. He was awarded the Turner Prize in 2000.  


His studio, pictured here, looks quite expansive. It looks as though Tillmans is busy organizing some works on the floor. I like the little detail of the coffee cup and the pen near the artist’s feet – definitely a sign of some…

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Artist-Run Organization: Blackberry Artist's Society

A watercolour painting of numerous flowersA Bright Bouquet, watercolour on paper, Elizabeth Wallace

The subject of today’s feature is the Blackberry Artist’s Society, based in Port Moody, British Columbia. Blackberry is a fully artist-run organization dedicated to supporting the work of its members through gallery shows and sales at the Blackberry Gift Shop in Port Moody.


A front page screen capture of Blackberry Artist's Society's websiteThe front page of the Society's website

Silk scarves, wood carving, ceramics and jewelry are just…

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