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Studio Sunday: Josef-Peter Roemer


A photo of several paintings in the home studio of Josef-Peter Roemer


Josef-Peter Roemer was born in Germany, and today lives and works from the state of Wisconsin. Looking at his work, it is easy to see the natural talent that would have made him a skilled artist even in his youth. Roemer’s work is representational, using a realistic style that is reminiscent of the soft, glowing faces and shining fabrics of paintings in the renaissance.


Roemer’s studio space in Readstown, Wisconsin is a…

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Expressive, Dark-Toned Paintings by Bonnie Laird

An oil painting of a fisherman's profile on a blue backgroundWaiting for the Cod, oil on paper

Bonnie Laird is our featured artist for today! Bonnie’s website – – is packed with expressive, dark-toned paintings.


Bonnie’s figure paintings and portraits have a very particular style to them, one which calls to mind much earlier art movements where human features and colours were skewed to reflect a darker, more anonymous urban lifestyle. The human faces in Bonnie’s…

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Creative Use of Textiles: Laura Keating

A small abstract sculpture in a shadowbox frameHoundstooth No.2, mixed media

The work of Laura Keating is at times soft and ethereal, at times humorous, and at times dark and heavy. As a trained textile artist, she exhibits creative use of textiles in a way that showcases an artist who plays around with style and tries not to get tied down into one particular mode of working.


A small fabric sculpture in a shadowbox frameMiniature No.1, 3-D stitching, natural fibres


Laura Keating's online portfolio

I really adore Laura’s Miniatures…

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Movement and Texture: the Artwork of David Ferguson

A heavily textured abstract painting with tones of deep blueSky Event, cast cotton and acrylic on painted board

Movement and texture feature prominently in the work of David Ferguson, our featured artist of the day. David is not only a painter, but a dancer and choreographer, so it makes sense that he would utilize his own expertise and appreciation for moving forms in all of his work.


Several pieces of white cast cotton arranged on a white wallCourtyard for a Bird, cast cotton installation


I am fascinated by David’s use of cast cotton in his…

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Studio Sunday: Wangechi Mutu


A photo of artist Wangechi Mutu in her studio


Today on Studio Sunday, join us for a look into the studio of Wangechi Mutu. Mutu is well known for her large, sometimes quirky, sometimes grotesque collaged images.


Despite their almost alien appearance, Mutu’s works often address issues that are pertinent to the world today, including feminist dialogues and the representation of women and minority groups. She gleans a lot of her material from contemporary media, and cutouts…

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Softly Stylized Drawings by Greg Dugan

A watercolour painting of palm trees at the beachLaguna Palms, watercolour

Greg Dugan uses watercolour, ink, pencil, and sometimes a mixture of these to create his realistic, yet softly stylized drawings. His subject matter is varied though he seems to have an affinity for florals – even in his few landscape images the sensibility for large, blooming petals comes out in palm trees instead.


I like Greg’s use of watercolour, I’ve always found it a difficult medium to work with…

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Kiln-Fired Glass by Laura Dawson

A glass jewelry pendant with a watercolour-like tree designTree 8B

Laura Dawson is an artist who works in glass to create beautiful pieces of art. Laura’s works often come in the form of jewelry, but she also produces a wide array of objects including small dishes, incense burners, and coasters – as well as glass that functions purely as art.


A collection of glass works on Laura Dawson's art websiteLaura Dawson's online gallery of glass

A glass bowl with a mosaic pattern on the insideMosaic Burst

Laura has perfected a technique of kiln-firing and etching that produces the unique designs on…

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Personal, Original Artworks by Gas Pedals Tattoo

A tattoo featuring a stylized owl holding an hourglassUntitled

Today we are featuring the work of several artists rather than a single one. Gas Pedals Tattoo, located in Kelowna, BC, showcases the skill and expertise of their staff on their webpage: In the studio, artists Jessie, Brian, Kerri and Erin create unique, stylish tattoos for clients who want personal, original artworks.


A black and white tattoo of a stylized owlUntitled


Gas Pedals Tattoo's business

Looking through these portfolios, it’s a…

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A Wide Spectrum of Illustration by Sara Kaltwasser

A colour drawing of a young man wearing a baseball capUntitled

Today’s featured artist is Portland, Oregon illustrator Sara Kaltwasser. Sara creates a wide spectrum of illustration working with various styles, subjects, and media.


One of Sara’s interesting projects is a collaborative, ongoing work called Defend the City, which is an online story chronicling life inside the fictional Heart City. The works on her webpage that deal with this alternate universe have a very particular…

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Studio Sunday: Ai Weiwei

A photograph of the home studio of Ai Wei Wei


Today on Studio Sunday we’ll take a look at the home studio space of Ai Weiwei. Ai Weiwei has long been known for his politically charged and controversial artworks, many of them in protest against the policies of the Chinese government.


The artist’s home and studio in Beijing is an expansive compound, almost like a guarded fortress. Inside, the décor is simplistic, with the textures of hardwood, brick and concrete, high…

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Photorealistic Portraits and Drawings: Dave Wishart

A realistic drawing of a vintage pickup truck"NoJive" 55

Our featured artist for the day, Dave Wishart, is a gifted drawer who creates photorealistic portraits and drawings of motorcycles and other vehicles.


A drawing of a woman in the cockpit of a C-130 airplaneC-130


The front page of David Wishart's

I’m impressed by the level of detail in Dave’s drawings – in his portfolio he has several works focusing on military personnel and their equipment, including the inside of a cockpit complete with all of the hundreds of buttons,…

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Hand-Dyed Clothing by Annabella Sardelis

A photo of a model wearing a hand-dyed blue and white tunicOrganic Shibori Tunic

Annabella Sardelis is a textile artist and creator of Indigo & Snow, a line of hand-dyed clothing and accessories made using a Japanese technique called shibori.


A hand-dyed blue and white handbagThe Weekender Bag


A screen cap of the shop on Indigo and Snow, Annabella Sardelis' websiteShop for clothing, housewares and more on


Annabella has a background in printmaking, which she pursued before becoming a textile artist and most recently a fashion designer. Environmental conservation is…

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Surreal, Mythical Artworks by Monique Blom

A mixed media painting of a girl reading a book to some rabbitsBut We Know Our Place, mixed media

Monique Blom, our artist of the day, has exhibited all over the world, and spent years working in the creative sector. Before becoming a full-time artist, Monique Blom studied sculpture at the Alberta College of Art and Design, and she has now branched off, developing a practice that includes sculpture as well as painting and design.


A gallery of current works on the art website of Monique BlomCurrent works on


A tryptich of paintings featuring a young girl interacting with animalsStory of She Tryptich, mixed…

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Studio Sunday: Douglas Coupland

A studio space with several buckets filled with legos, and on the opposite side, a lego sculpture


Our artist for this Studio Sunday is Douglas Coupland, an artist based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Despite the bright, clean colours present in many of his artworks, Coupland’s studio space is fairly simple, less a fancy artist’s loft than a humble basement studio. It is, however, spacious, and well equipped for working in a wide variety of materials, from paint, to sculpture to Lego, as seen above. The visual excitement in…

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Bright, Expressive Tattoos by Vince Parsons

A forearm tattoo of a stylized switchblade surrounded by flowers and skullsUntitled

Tattoo artist Vince Parsons works with both realistic and cartoon-like imagery to produce his bright, expressive tattoos. His works range from small and highly detailed single images to entire scenes complete with text pieces.


Vince Parsons' tattoo websiteTattoo examples on Vince Parson's website


A forearm tattoo of a stylized snake wrapped around a daggerUntitled

At Pharaoh tattoo studio in Kelowna, British Columbia, Vince works with his clients to create one-of a kind tattoo designs, often in brilliant,…

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