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Headlines: Art, Politics and a Disobedient Camera


1) San Francisco Artists Protest Gentrification

A photo of several artists protesting the Google bus in April 2014


Last week we saw that an arts group in Berlin are protesting for more affordable studio space in the city. It would seem the lack of affordable space for artists is becoming a worldwode trend. This week, artists living in San Francisco, CA protest the gentrification of the city that's pushing out the artists and performers that it has previously been so well known for. 


2) Bernie…

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Naive, Childlike Sculptures by Liz Craft

A tiled table with a three-dimensional pair of lips functioning as an ashtrayAshtray Table, ceramic tiles and steel

American sculptor Liz Craft creates figurative works that explore notions of cliché, counterculture and marginalized groups of people. Her naïve, childlike sculptures have a messy, accessible workmanship that upon closer inspection reveals conceptual depth.


A fibreglass sculpture of a woman lying on a couchNicole Couch (Pink, Fuschsia, Orange), fibreglass and paint

I enjoy the way that Craft’s sculptures seem to have a sense of humour about…

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Complex, Obsessive Abstracts by Leif Timber

An abstract painting composed primarily of blues and redsFreedom of Violence, oil on canvas

Today’s featured artist is Leif Timber. Leif is a painter who specializes in complex, obsessive abstracts.


Leif’s paintings use varied splashes of colour and texture, sometimes combining to form figures, frequently of women, and other times remaining utterly abstract. The element of obsession that runs through Leif’s body of work presents itself in a number of ways – whether through the…

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Celebratory and Colourful Illustration by Brian Farnham

The cover of Dirty, Sexy, Funny, Astrology written by Jenny McCarthy and Sabra RicciDirty, Sexy, Funny, Astrology book cover

Today’s featured artist is Brian Farnham. Brian is a painter, sculptor and illustrator. His celebratory and colourful illustration has appeared on a number of books and CD covers. Most recently, Brian illustrated the book Dirty, Sexy, Funny Astrology, written by Sabra Ricci and Jenny McCarthy.


For this project, Brian produced all of the interior and cover illustrations for the book, while…

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Delicate Sculptural Installations by Troy Nickle

An installation view of an artwork composed of wood and arrowsNature as Culture, installation view at Trianon Gallery, Lethbridge, Alberta

Today’s featured artist, Troy Nickle, is an artist currently located in Lethbridge, Alberta. His work attempts to explore and unravel the connections between natural processes and phenomena. In practice, he utilizes found natural formations as well as the human form.


An outdoor installation with a rock suspended between two narrow pine treesSuspend II, limber pines, stone and branches

I really enjoy Troy’s delicate sculptural…

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Studio Sunday: Ron Mueck

A photo of a work in progress sculpture in Ron Mueck's studio


Today’s Studio Sunday features the workspace of London-based sculptor Ron Mueck. Mueck’s hyper-realistic sculptures are made with synthetic materials such as fiberglass, silicon, and resin. This artist began his career working as a sculptor and puppeteer on children’s shows, but soon turned his attention to being a full-time artist.


While his sculptures are often very large in scale, Mueck frequently works with very small…

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Growth and Change: Art by Bill Hayner

A mixed-media painting with strange growths on a green backgroundThirty-sixth Month, First Day, mixed media on birch wood panel

Today we’re featuring the artwork of Bill Hayner. This artist’s bizarre, bulbous abstractions have a clear organic quality to them, inspired by the growth and change of life forms. The backgrounds of Bill’s paintings vary, often using bright, monochromatic colours, but the positive shapes are all quite similar, fitting in with an overarching series and an obsession with…

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Headlines: Dialogues in Photography, Copyright and Typecasting

1) The Magna Carta Visits New York for a Week

The Magna Carta on display at the New York Historical Society



This week only, the Magna Carta is on view in New York during a visit from England. Nearly eight centuries old, the document is being shown at the New York Historical Society beside several American manuscripts that may have been indirectly influenced by the Magna Carta. The document is notable as the first instance of all people, including royalty, being viewed as equal subjects under…

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Cities in the Sky: Installations by Tomas Saraceno

An installation featuring nets strong enough to support human weight, high above the groundIn Orbit, installation

Tomas Saraceno was trained as an architect, a fact which instantly becomes clear upon viewing his works. He creates large, interactive installations that are like cities in the sky.


His recent installation, In Orbit, comprises a network of white mesh nets and mirrored globes suspended high above a gallery space. Viewers can walk over and through the different levels of netting, creating the feeling of walking on…

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Friendly, Playful Illustrations by Denise Tonner

An intaglio and ink illustration of different types of seeds and a cartoon personThings in the Seed, intaglio, Chine-colle, ink

Our featured artist today is Denise Tonner. Denise is an illustrator and printmaker based in Vancouver, BC. Denise’s illustrations are relatively simple and yet seem to open endless avenues for storytelling.


An illustrated map of the Oyama region of British ColumbiaIllustrated Map of Oyama, BC, digital
A screen capture of Denise Tonner's online sketchbookDenise's Sketchbook gallery on her website

The artist favours sketchy lines and not-quite-opaque colouring and like other mixed-media

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Intricate Symbolism: Paintings by Howard Hastie

A painting of two surreal grey figures in a winter landscapeInside Shadow, oil on canvas

Our featured artist Howard Hastie’s paintings express intricate symbolism, whether through the repetition of actual symbols in his abstract works, or through the use of his strange, bulbous, humanoid shapes in the backgrounds of his more figurative paintings.


An oil painting in a pattern similar to a carpetLa Carrotte, et Le Baton, oil on canvas

I’m fascinated by Howard’s abstractions – they seem to toe the line between genuine abstraction and…

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Cartoonish Exuberance: Art by Alejandro Leon

An abstracted painting of a small animal in a forestIn The Woods, oil and acrylic on canvas

Our featured artist today is Alejandro Leon. Alejandro’s body of work features painted canvases bursting with different styles and textures.


A primarily blue painting with abstracted raftsRafts, oil and acrylic on canvas

A screen capture of the front page of Alejandro Leon's

I love the cartoonish exuberance that Alejandro brings to his paintings! Even artworks that seem to explode with complex detail are consistently approachable. I like the way he combines different…

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Studio Sunday: Paula Rego

A photo of several works in Paula Rego's studio


Today’s Studio Sunday focuses on the studio of Paula Rego. Rego was born in Lisbon, Portugal and now lives and works in London. The artist’s works are figural and frequently symbolic, taking a cue from classical paintings of mythology to paint contemporary scenes that tell complex stories.


Rego also incorporates soft, stuffed dolls into her studio work, sometimes using them to guide her poses in the place of a model. In the…

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Dramatic Fragments: Photography by Michael Matthew Woodlee

A photo of a man standing in his bedroomJayce's bed room 2011, photograph

Today we’re featuring the photography of Michael Matthew Woodlee. Michael’s photographs are often of mundane scenarios that seem to have a deeper and in some cases darker story behind them.


A photo of a man standing inside a cabin in YosemiteGary 2013, photograph

Michael’s series Jayce follows the titular individual over a number of years, photographing him, for instance, standing in his bedroom or lighting a cigarette in his parent’s house.…

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Headlines: Expanding Museums and Shrinking Studio Space

1) LGBTQ Museum Doubles in Size

A photo of the interior of the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art



The Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, the first art museum in the United States completely devoted to art by LGBTQ artists, happily announced on September 16th that it would be expanding to nearly double its current size. The museum currently occupies roughly 3300 square feet in SoHo, New York, and has ambitions of expanding even further over the next decade.


2) Portals Allows Visitors…

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