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Headlines: Batman, Grunge and Propaganda

1) Artists Get Creative with Batman Covers

A Batman cover illustration by Chris WareIllustration of Batman by Chris Ware 

Artists and illustrators including Art Spiegelman, Alison Bechdel, Chris Ware and Stephen Doyle have all provided custom visions of characters from Batman comics for an exhibit at the Museum of American Illustration and Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art at the Society of Illustrators. The covers are for DC Comics’ 6-issue Black and White series, the first…

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Curated Gardens: Photography by Ashley Gillanders

A photo of a landscaping project in front of a large mansionUntitled

Our featured artist today is Ashley Gillanders. Ashley’s works explore environmental design through the lens of photography, with her most recent pieces featuring meticulously curated gardens.


A photo of  an ironing board laden with clothesUntitled (Ironing Board)

I enjoy the quiet, serene tone that seems present in the majority of Ashley’s photographs. They are all simple and clean in composition and completely devoid of signs of life. This is especially interesting…

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Traditional Textiles: Art by Igshaan Adams

A gallery installation of a carpet with unraveled thread hanging from the ceiling69, string curtain, steel ring, prayer carpets, dowel, rod

Igshaan Adams’ work looks at complex themes of race, religion and sexuality, stemming in particular from the artist’s own experience growing up in South Africa, and his current identity as homosexual and a practicing Muslim.


A sculpture consisting of carpet threads hanging from two steel ringsI am home, round carpet, string curtain, wooden ring, wire, thread, silk roses, acrylic glue

The artist works frequently in traditional textiles such…

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Inner Workings of a City: Art by Mark Bradford

A painting consisting of collage and lines on a primarily white paintingWhite Painting, mixed media and collage on canvas

Mark Bradford is a multimedia artist based in Los Angeles, California. Bradford’s abstract works are frantic, drippy and feature quick, loose mark-making. His stylistic choices remain constant across mediums, from ink drawings to etchings and paintings. He also creates wall-sized collages, murals and installations. 


An abstract painting expressing a city's appearance from aerial viewKryptonite, mixed media and collage on canvas

While on the surface…

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A Lens on Pattern and Colour: Photography by Robert W. Easton

A photograph of a doorway in Havana, Cubasmalldoorwaywindows

Photographer Robert W. Easton places a lens on pattern and colour. He really seems to specialize in finding the brightest, most visually interested moments even in the most regular of spaces.


The images in his gallery are mostly organized into groups depending on where they were taken. His locations range from Rhode Island and Illinois to Cuba, Beirut and India. I love the way Robert finds colour and interest…

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Goats, Sheep and Birds: Drawing by David Keane

A drawing of a fox on a cream-coloured backgroundFox 1

Today we’re featuring the drawings of David Keane. David’s drawings feature muted tones and images of animals including goats, sheep and birds.


David’s backgrounds are celebrations of mixed media, often incorporating many different materials such as metallic leaf, paint, collage elements and occasionally even text. In some cases it looks as though David may even be working with digital media. In his newer drawings he tends…

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Water in Different States: Art by Melissa A. Owoc

A close of photo of a water vortex[Reality Vs. Illusion] Maelstrom's Edge, photograph

Painter and photographer Melissa A. Owoc is our featured artist for today! Melissa’s abstract paintings and manipulated photos frequently feature water in different states and locations. Melissa’s travels around the world are clearly visible as an influence in her works.  


A screen capture of Melissa A. Owoc's websiteThe photo gallery on Melissa's website


A photo of a layered canyon of sand[Earth] Petra Rock Wave, photograph

I love the way Melissa…

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Seasons, Memories and Moments: Art by Nidhan-Emina Kurtagic

A photo of a cherry blossom tree against a blue skyUntitled

Nidhan-Emina Kurtagic’s highly saturated photography often features the motifs of trees, women, pets and ceramics. She divides her work into seasons, memories and moments.


The subject matter of Nidhan-Emina’s work is often highly personal, featuring photos of her pets and relatives. The photos themselves are unpretentious, minimally edited and more focused on narrative than technical polish. I’m particularly fond of the…

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Non-Narrative Images by Jan Swinburne

An abstract photo created from unfocused lights and colourUntitled, photograph

Jan Swinburne is our featured artist for today. Jan works in painting and abstract photography, creating non-narrative images that encourage meditation and contemplation.


I really love Jan’s work with abstract photography, in particular the artist’s light paintings. In these, Jan captures whirling, prismatic colours and lights in a format that is still yet seems to never stop moving. In some cases, the subject…

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Studio Sunday: Martin Creed

A photo of Martin Creed in his East London studio


It’s studio Sunday! Let’s visit the workplace of British artist Martin Creed. Creed is a multimedia artist whose works are often visually simple but conceptually deep. He won the Turner Prize in 2001 for Work No. 227: The Lights Going On and Off. The piece consisted of an empty room in a gallery in which the lights set to turn on and off every five seconds.


Creed’s studio in this photo looks tight and cluttered, but the…

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Studio Sunday: Yinka Shonibare

A photo of the interior of Yinka Shonibare's studio, with the artist and two assistants at work.


Today on studio Sunday we’re looking at the studio space of British artist Yinka Shonibare. Shonibare is a mixed media artist whose works often use brightly coloured pieces of fabric. Conceptually, the works explore themes such as colonialism, globalization and identity. Shonibare has a condition which paralyses one side of his body. For this reason he enlists the help of a number of assistants in the production of his artworks.…


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Textural and Energetic: Art by Randall Day

A print of Katherine Hepburn's face covered in zigzagging linesI Love Decay

Today’s featured artist is Randall Day. Randall uses a variety of media in his art and often incorporates a number of different styles into a single work, from geometric abstract to referential printmaking to naïve-style accents of drawing. The resulting images are highly textural and energetic.


A red and orange painting composed of many sharp linesStella, house paint, acrylic and cherry coke on canvas

Randall’s abstracts frequently feature hard, straight lines in…

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Headlines: Cats, Lego and Halloween

1) A Collection of Cat Art Goes to Auction

Iwao Akiyama's "Two Cats"Iwao Akiyama, Two Cats

The art collection of German-born New York art collector Marianne C. Gourary went to auction yesterday through Bloomsbury auction house in London. The collector was most known for her great affinity for felines, and fittingly, most of the artwork is centered on cats. Featuring numerous cat-related book illustrations, paintings and even literature from the last four…

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Abstract Sculptures by Isabel Nolan

A sculptural work  consisting of a curled metal tube and a forest scene on the wallThe weakening eye of day, mild steel, wadding, wood, thread

Isabel Nolan works primarily as a sculptor. Her works explore form indiscriminately, whether mimicking plants or man-made objects. She often focuses on bringing the form of one artistic medium into a different one.  


An example of this that I particularly like are Nolan’s abstract sculptures that mimic the form of pencil sketches and doodles in notebooks. The artist has…

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