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Notions of Resilience: Film Art by Sarah Seené

A film photograph of a cat in a window next to a brick wallEntre lune et balcon, 35mm film photograph, April 2020

Sarah Seené is a Montréal-based photographer and filmmaker. In her current practice, the artist explores notions of resilience in the face of mental and physical challenges. Sarah collaborates with the subjects of her photographs and film works, creating thoughtful, nuanced series on subjects like albinism, blindness, and other conditions. 

A close-up portrait of an older woman staring forwardLa gaieté ordinaire, 35mm film…

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A Portfolio of Photorealistic Illustrations by Dave Wishart

A drawing of a classic carUntitled

Dave Wishart is an artist and illustrator with an affinity for motorbikes and classic cars. In his artistic practice, Dave works primarily in traditional drawing media including ink and graphite, producing highly detailed and photorealistic illustrations of mechanical and automotive subjects, as well as realistic portraits of human faces and figures. 

A drawing of a motorcycleKingpin Alley


Browsing through Dave’s portfolio, it’s always…

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Slice-of-Life Scenes: An Art Portfolio by Susan Kathryn Peck

A portrait of a young man in 20th century dressRemembering Tom, oil on linen mounted to masonite

Susan Kathryn Peck is a self-taught artist who works primarily in oil paint, rendering landscapes, portraits, and idyllic slice-of-life scenes with equal skill and attention to detail. Based in Ontario, many of Susan’s works incorporate distinctive landscape elements that give the viewer a firsthand look at the artist’s environment. 

A painting of a falcon sitting on a forest branchWoodland Herald


I really enjoy the works in…

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The Portfolio of Filmmaker and Video Artist Guillaume Vallée

grand-maman Piano (excerpt)


Guillaume Vallée is an experimental filmmaker and video artist currently based in Montréal, Quebec. In his practice, Guillaume produces complex, psychedelically layered multimedia works that often incorporate analogue film techniques as well as deliberate glitches and physical interventions to the film media. 

A still from an artwork depicting a spoken poemIl fait gris dans ta tête, tout à coup (still)


I really like the overall aesthetic of…

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A Portfolio of Uniquely Contemporary Artworks by Amber Petersen

A painting primarily made up of pink hues with floral detailsHello Darkness, mixed acrylic medium on stretched canvas

Amber Petersen is a Canadian artist who lives and works between Toronto, New York, and BC’s Sunshine Coast. In her artistic practice, Amber is primarily a painter, utilizing a wild array of bright colours and illustrative stylistic choices to create uniquely contemporary artworks

A pink-hued abstract painting with birdsBirds of a Feather, mixed acrylic medium on stretched canvas


I really love Amber’s recent…

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Diffuse Points of Light: The Art Portfolio of Dennis Ekstedt

A painting of lights on strings in an undefined, dark spaceLuna Park, 1903, oil on canvas

Dennis Ekstedt is a painter based in Montreal, Quebec. In his long-standing painting practice, Dennis works with light and shadow, capturing city sprawl as seen from far above, layering diffuse points of light over planes of dark, deeply saturated colour. 

An abstracted painting with geometric elements and blue shadesLuna Park, 1903 #4, oil on canvas


The basis for Dennis’ paintings are deep, saturated shades of blue, purple, and grey. The artist then uses points…

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HeART Haven Studios: The Art Portfolio of Linnie Aikens

A painting of seaside cliffs made in acrylicSunburnt Seacliffs, acrylic

Linnie Aikens creates works in a variety of media for her HeART Haven Studios. The artist creates works for her personal portfolio in oil, acrylic, watercolour, and even ceramics and photography. Outside of her own personal practice, Linnie also teaches art to school-age children. 

A painting of chairs arranged in a dense gardenAfternoon Repose, oil on canvas


I really like the way that Linnie varies her stylistic choices to the advantage of whatever…

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Between Organic and Technological: Art by Angela Britzman

A sculpture of a spiked ball with blue and yellow coloursPopeye, wood, aluminum, vinyl paint

Angela Britzman is a New York-based artist who works in sculpture and traditional two-dimensional media. The artist’s works, particularly her sculptures, toe the aesthetic line between organic and technological, taking a single base form as a starting point and exploring a vast range of media and materials. 

A sculpture made from wooden ballsJack-in-the-Box, wood, bamboo


It’s really interesting to browse through Angela’s…

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Memory or Emotion: Art by Leslie Ann Lemieux

A painting of a landscape scene in a parkUp at Glacier Park, coloured pencil

Leslie Ann Lemieux is an artist and illustrator whose work takes the form of both observational landscapes and images from fantasy realms. Working primarily in watercolour and mixed media, Leslie captures a sense of dreamlike awe whether she’s painting from memory or emotion

A fantasy landscape based on fear surrounding a loved one's dementiaImaginary Fears, mixed media on illustration board

I really enjoy the way that Leslie applies the watercolour medium in her…

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Fantastic Favourites: Linda Lang, Bill Hayner, Colby Brewer

Today, let’s look inside the art practices of Linda Lang, Bill Hayner, and Colby Brewer. Working in paint, mixed media, and installation, these artists take very different approaches to their media and subjects, but all arrive at polished works that are equally evocative and visually engaging. 


Linda Lang
A painting of a body of water on Baffin Island

Colours of South Baffin, oil on canvas


Linda Lang is a painter and muralist who creates works of art depicting settings in…

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A New Reality for Art: The Future of Virtual Art Production and Consumption

The current cultural moment is seeing many museums explore online and virtual venues in a way that they haven’t before. While many museums have developed online content to some extent in past years, the remote availability and online existence of art has been made all the more urgent by necessary social distancing and physical isolation -- a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic. If every crisis is an opportunity in disguise, this one…

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Refractions of Light: Pastel Art by Raymond Noesen

A pastel drawing of a mossy branch in a swampSkokie Lagoon, oil and wax pastel on colourfix paper

Raymond Noesen is an artist originally from Chicago who works primarily in pastel. The artist tends toward figurative subjects, using his talent for realistic detail to capture interesting refractions of light or moments of decay that lend a dreamlike quality to real spaces. 

A pastel drawing of the entrance to a building1666, oil and wax pastel on colourfix paper


Most of the works in Raymond’s current are made using a blend…

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Tranquility and Warmth: Landscape Painting by Roger Asselin

A painting of a Florida sunsetGulf Cove Sunset, acrylic on canvas

Roger Asselin is a Florida-based artist who paints the local landscape in detailed, smoothly blended acrylics. The artist’s seascapes and landscape scenes capture the tranquility and warmth of the Florida coastline, as well as other locales. 

A painting of palm trees on a beachGandy Beach Triplet Palms, acrylic on canvas


The artist paints in the studio from photographs, doing a great job of capturing the feeling of a plein air…

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Momentary Images: The Oil Painting of Elizabeth Regan

A painting of a hill seen from across waterThe Holy Isle, Scotland, oil on board

Elizabeth Regan paints in oil on wood panels, often using her artwork to express views of her surroundings and the landscapes in which she finds herself. The artist’s style is impressionistic, using large, highly visible brush marks to create fleeting, momentary images of realistic spaces and places. 

A painting of a house in a rural areaView from the Window, oil on panel

I really enjoy Elizabeth’s use of colour throughout her art…

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Expressive Poses: A Painting Portfolio by Hazel Harris

A painting of a woman surrounded with tomatoesHot House Tomatoes

Hazel Harris is a painter who works through an intuitive, explorative process, often thinking up the titles for her works before embarking on the process of creating them. The artist has an affinity for the human figure, and the majority of her works feature exuberant, rounded female figures in expressive poses and settings. 

An abstract painting incorporating elements of brick textureCountry Mouse Comes to the Big City


I like the sense of joy that’s present and palpable…

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