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Nail Art Manicure: Get it Done Professionally

Artist painting a colorful face on nail
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Photography Portfolio: Madi Chambers

Woman with sunglasses and hair over the face
Photograph by Madi Chambers


Today we are taking a look at the photography portfolio of Madi Chambers. When I look at Madi Chamber's works I think about things that are mysterious, partially revealed and touching on the uncanny. There is a balance between a sense of darkness and a sense of lightness and the idea of  the veil whether it's hair, curtains or a partially wrapped tree. I'm the type that likes to be kept guessing so this…

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My First Artist Talk

Three women sitting in art gallery


So despite my nervous feelings I managed to hold my first artist talk for my recent exhibition. The photo above by Julie Lee shows (from left to right) myself, Angela Fama and our facilitator Katie Huisman. The show consisted of work by myself (paintings of icebergs and portals) and Angela Fama (photos of deliciously aged sign posts) . The talk was held at 4pm so I had the morning so think over the reasons that I create my work in…

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Studio Sundays: Serena Cole

Artist work space


Every Sunday we give you a behind-the-scenes tour into the heart of creativity, the artist's studio. This week we visit the art studio of Serena Cole in Oakland, California.


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Curated Art Collection: Night

Painting of fires burning at night reflected on waterView more of Noah Verrier's painting portfolio here.

Each week we present a collection of artwork from a variety of artists curated around a common theme. This week the theme is Night.  As in the soft dark calm that blankets everything once day has relinquished it's industrious energy. I love night paintings, the dark and moody palette's and forms emerging in the shadows. I'd like to show you how a few of our member's have interpreted…

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Artist Website: Catherine Hart

stained glass artwork with swirling lines
"Swimming Upstream"



"As an artisan I like to create visually elegant and original glass designs.  After many years working in print, I began applying my design strengths to the glass medium, apprenticing for two years alongside an established stained glass professional. Here I assisted with original works, custom commissions and restoration projects in both lead and copper foil.

Setting up my own studio in 2010­­ has enabled me…

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