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Studio Sundays: Installation Artist Yayoi Kusama

woman with stuffed animals and dots

This Studio Sunday we explore the creative space of Yayoi Kusama, a Japanese installation artist most well known for her large scale pieces featuring many circular or spherical components laid out on a plane or surface.


The photo above was taken in 1963 or ‘64, and features Kusama in her New York studio, working on components of Accumulation. Because of the sculptural, environmental nature of much of Kusama’s work, her studio…

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Nearly Abstract Works by Daniel Fleming

abstract painting of a manA Wise Man Once Stayed Silent, acrylic and pastel on canvas

Daniel Fleming creates expressive, nearly abstract works that use a naïve style yet are conceptually dense. In his artist’s statement, Daniel discusses his desire to create accessible, relevant art that will speak to as many people as possible. His artwork suggests an interesting approach to these goals. The almost childlike execution of his images adds a familiarity to the…

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How to Save Money on Your Taxes as a Canadian Artist

money falling from the air


Many Canadian artists have done their taxes in the past few months and not claimed back their expenses. Well there is no time like the present to start your path to saving more on your taxes next year : ) I learned about what I could save by finding an accountant who happened to work with quite a few artists and knew the ins and outs of what I could claim. After the first year of doing my taxes with him I had a much better…

Psychedelic Artworks by Paul DEO

drawing of african american couple getting marriedMartin Loves Coretta

This day’s featured artist is Paul Deo – his psychedelic artworks often use a combination of digital and traditional media, revealing a skewed and somehow magical vision of reality that seems to contain countless possible narratives.  


mural of a three with symbolic characters1 World Unity, mural

Paul’s works often come from a place of mythology, combining motifs and styles of almost religious art, with new, dreamlike scenarios rife with…

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How to Be Creative: Video About How People Are Creative by PBS Arts Off Book



Creativity uses your whole brain, and in this video there are some great points made about how creativity happens. Covering many ideas on creativity this video addresses influences and transformation through the process of being creative as well as such topics as collaboration. I enjoyed the discussion about the incubation step in the process of creativity in which the creator has to let their mind wander before they find the…

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Communicating Experience Through Art: Judy Southerland

artwork with text and characters walking across a lineConveyors, acrylic and watercolour pencil on canvas

Judy Southerland, our featured artist for today, works in mixed media, exploring both materials and methods of expression.


In her work, Judy expresses the tension between words and images as ways of communicating experience. Her works are enigmatic, often combining photorealistic painted figures and abstract brush marks, lines and shapes. I also enjoy her occasional deployment of…

Make it BIG: Let Your Art Expand By Creating A Large Scale Artwork


chalk board that say dream bigger written on it

I'd like to challenge you to make a big piece of art. How big is big? As long as it's significantly  bigger than what you would normally make. It's about changing scale enough that it feels very different and challenges you. There is nothing wrong with working small/medium but this practice of trying out a "biggie" can shake off the cobwebs and has many additional benefits. Let's get into what they are.


Be "In The Room" or…

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Abstract Expressionism at Grolle Fine Art

painting of clouds and the moonJim Corbett

Today’s featured artist is not a single artist but an entire gallery! Grolle Fine Art is located in Winnipeg Manitoba. The gallery’s mission is to bring different styles and cultures together in the making of new masterpieces.


Grolle’s built a fine website,, that allows you to view portfolios of work by each of the artists who have shown at the gallery. While I can see some common threads…

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Studio Sundays: Photographer Jeff Wall

artist jeff wall on a ladder while looking down at a table in his art studio

On this Studio Sunday we are featuring the workspace of Canadian photographer Jeff Wall. Wall is most well known for his extremely large scale photographs, often featuring complex scenes of everyday life with multiple subjects and focal points – almost like wide shots from a film, suspended in freeze-frame.


Wall’s studio, in this photo, appears clean and stark – a contrast to many of the painter’s studios that I’ve written…

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Need An Archive For Your Artwork? I Thought So!

image about art with two buttons


Imagine having a database for your art and your clients that totaly sets you free and makes you feel like the ultimate art professional. I recently stumbled upon an interesting service that let's you do just that. It's not a social media platform but it's as easy to use as Facebook.

It's called Artwork Archive. If you think the name is straightforward and simple - it's a good indication of the easy service that they provide for…

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Organic vs. Geometric: the Paintings of Lili Phelouzat

digital illustration of geometric shapes and vibrant colorsFuture, digital illustration

Lili Phelouzat is Artist Run Website's featured artist today! Lili was born in France, and later moved to London. She is currently exhibiting in both France and the UK. Her body of work contains colourful, minimalist geometric illustrations, and complex, abstract paintings which combine the geometric, scientific, almost schematic imagery with more organic, tactile forms.


acrylic painting with dripping ink on canvas using bright colorsConscious of Repression, ink and…

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