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How to Sell Art with Big Cartel

Bringing art to the cart

Imagine checking your email in the morning to see that your art has been purchased overnight. I know it always brings a smile to my face! This is the benefit of having an online store. People have the ability to purchase from you anytime they are in the mood and from the comfort of their own computer. Having an online store with your art prints and some originals can be a great stream of revenue.


Last year I signed up to pay for the…

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Artist Portfolio: Amie T. Rangel

Drawing by Amie T Rangel

 "Through and Through" Drawing by Amie T. Rangel


Today we feature the artist portfolio of  Amie T. Rangel. Her portfolio contains these incredibly executed drawings of a highly realistic nature. Though the work is representational there is softness to the line work that works against a sharper, more photographic approach. I am enjoying these works on tinted paper as these disembodied objects maintain a certain mysterious…

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Google + Artists: Why I'm Giving Google+ A Second Chance

Rebecca Chaperon web page 

Artists are raving about Google +. So I thought I'd take one for the team and try to get into the spirit of things. I'm reluctant to do so. If you've signed up for Google + and then not set foot back there since - then you're probably like me. I'm resistant for three reasons, though I'm giving it another college try.


1. Facebook has trained me to use it's service and so why would I take the time to learn something new. As far as I…

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Amazing Realistic Art Depicting the Icebergs of Greenland

Artist Zaria Forman in her studio working with pastels


Here is a photo that is such an inspiration to me since I love icebergs! This is artist Zaria Forman 

who uses soft pastels to create this amazing work above. I wonder what kind of music she's listening to here? Something meditative or the opposite? What a talented artist!

Image source [1]

Portfolio Website: Tania Willard

three wooden spheres with colorful ribbons

Art by Tania Willard 


Today we feature the portfolio of artist Tania Willard. Tania's work crosses many mediums and I love her mixture of organic with elements of synthetic colour. Tania also works as a designer and illustrator under the name Red Willow Designs. The work I chose for this feature comes from Tania's series called Claiming Space.


"Tania Willard, Secwepemc Nation, works within the shifting ideas of contemporary and…

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Studio Sundays: the Art Studio of Chris Millar

Chris Millar in artist studio with giant magnifying glass


Every Sunday we give you a behind-the-scenes tour into the heart of creativity, the artist's studio. This week we visit the art studio of Chris Millar who creates elaborate sculptural works that weave narrative threads throughout each piece. I am digging the creative clutter in this photo, the artist seems almost buried in the work in a composition not too different from his own busy compositions ( you can see his work in the…

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Curated Art Collection: Religious

Photo of people walking up hill with collage of JesusView more of Sean Bernhardt's collage portfolio here.


Each week we present a collection of artwork from a variety of artists curated around a common theme. This week the theme is Religious.  As in the spiritual, the devout and the sacred. Religious imagery has always been present throughout art history whether terrifying, reverent or lighterhearted. I wanted to present to you a little of each with this collection around the idea of…

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Taking Stock: Art Inventory Count

Illustration of hand with pen with text INVENORY

Tax time is approaching and so we will be comparing our art sales income to that of previous years. Many artists look at their annual income but how many of us are breaking down the data to really pin point whats going on and without that specific data how can we really understand our successes? The word accounting makes us weak in the knees. You know what term I really love? Crunching numbers. Don't get me wrong I have no love for…

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Artist Website: Amber Macgregor

Digitally altered photo of painting

"Kaleidoscope C12" Digitally altered photograph of an original painting by Amber Macgregor


Today we are taking a look at the artist website for Amber Macgregor. Her portfolio features some of this psychadelic kaleidoscopic effect. These works are digital photos created by digitally altering her paintings. It a very interesting way to create a different version of artwork from the original and the effect is quite stunning. There is a…

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How to Sell Art on Etsy


Etsy Buy Handmade


By now Etsy is a well-known on-line market place for all things handmade including artwork. Many artists have turned a decent profit selling original art and art prints there. Here is "the skinny" on how it works and a few tips to keep in mind for selling your art on Etsy.


The cost of the Etsy service: 

Etsy is a shopping cart platform that allows you to sell your work without a monthly fee. You only pay Etsy when you add a…

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Pip and Pop Art Installation an Inspiration of Rainbow Joy

Photo of people in gallery with art installation


I decided to revisit the marvellous art installations of Pip and Pop. Pip and Pop has a "no-holds barred" type approach to their candy coated rainbow universe installations. Things seem to spill into existence in these installations  which are made with found objects, ornaments, sand, sugar and much more. These works read as both large and small scale. From a distance you can see them in their entirety ( as a sprawling rainbow…

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Art Portfolio: David Tycho

Acrylic painting on canvas of body of water with mountainBlue Fuji #1 Acrylic on Canvas by David Tycho


Today we feature the art portfolio of painter David Tycho. His sweeping brush strokes foster energetic marks of colour and offer the sensation of movement. Colours contrast nicely in these pieces from David's series called "Japan Series". There is a delightful calmness to these "portraits" of Fuji.


"David Tycho was born in Vancouver in 1959. He studied painting under renowned artist…

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