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Online Portfolio: Martin Ruel

Illustration of wooden deer with apple and ladders
"La ciderie"


Today we look at the portfolio of artist Martin Ruel. He creates wildly imaginative imagery in his illustrations. His playful style remains bright with a twist of zaniness. I like the image above that shows a place where apple cider is made. I am curious about what the inside of this building would be like? Hopefully there would be alot of cider inside!


"Je m’inspire du vivant, du mouvement, des éléments. 
De ce…

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Artist Run Website: 2 Tips for How to Organize Written Content for your Online Portfolio


Screenshot of artist website


While looking through artist's online portfolio websites of some of the members of Artist Run Website I have come across many different ways that artists handle organizing their content. Here at Artist Run Website we aim for simplicity paired with visual elegance which is why you will find a menu that is two levels deep instead of a zillion (sure it's a number : ). You might be all-to-familiar with websites that have menus that…

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Studio Sundays: the Studio of Henri De Toulouse Lautrec

Man painting in art studio


Every Sunday we give you a behind-the-scenes tour into the heart of creativity, the artist's studio. This week we visit the art studio of the famous french artist Henri De Toulouse Lautrec, a well-known artist from the Post-Impressionist period.


Image source  [1]

High Flow Acrylic Paints: I'm Addicted.


I love spending money on art supplies. I actually don't have buyers remorse for art supplies ever! My new obsession that is sure to drain my bank account is Golden's new line of High Flow Acrylic paints. This product is like the perfect storm for me as I love watercolour painting and the nature of acrylic paint. Acrylic paint as my medium of choice dries fast enough that I can start working on my next layer will little delay and it…

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How to Publish Your Art: Dream Come True!

Book with boots and branches on cover


Sweet relief. That is what I felt on the day that this photo was taken. It was the first time I laid eyes on my new book Eerie Dearies and I must have wept with relief. It was a project that I put a great amount of time and energy into and until I held the book in my hands I had no way of knowing if the book would actually get printed.  But look ! It happened! 


It was weird to see the illustrations slightly bigger in the book…

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Curated Art Collection: Subdued

Painting of figure in garden"Fire at Bean Gully" Sofia Arnold


Each week we present a curated collection of artwork. This week the theme is Subdued.  As in the brooding low-level energy conjured by muddy, dim pallettes and soft edges. Featuring art by: Sofia Arnold, Shawn Demarest, Noah Verrier, David Hockney, Camilla Engman, Dean Osgood and Tim Van Ginkel.  I love these works for their ability to be soft and strong at the same time. Low contrast,…

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Artist Portfolio: El Celso

Painting of red and blue spheres on gree background


Today we are taking a look at the porfolio of artist El Celso. When I look at El Celso's work I get a feel that the work has a beat to it. I love the element of repetition that comes across. Whether the act of stacking tonnes of glittering bottles of fluid, a triad of giant candy apples or the paper work above.  I immediately start to look for the variations between the objects and that really draws me into the artwork more.…

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