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Outlandishly Renamed Coloured Crayons

crayons with the color names changed to something unusual
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Organic vs. Geometric: the Paintings of Lili Phelouzat

digital illustration of geometric shapes and vibrant colorsFuture, digital illustration

Lili Phelouzat is Artist Run Website's featured artist today! Lili was born in France, and later moved to London. She is currently exhibiting in both France and the UK. Her body of work contains colourful, minimalist geometric illustrations, and complex, abstract paintings which combine the geometric, scientific, almost schematic imagery with more organic, tactile forms.


acrylic painting with dripping ink on canvas using bright colorsConscious of Repression, ink and…

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Alla Prima: Ride The Wave Of Inspiration, Complete A Piece in One Sitting

surfer on a wave with text overlay that says surf the wave of creativity


Sometimes we loose our determination and energy when we are making art. Production slows down and we spend a great deal of time looking at the unfinished work and pondering the next step. We loose the direction in which we thought we were "going" with a piece. In general we get lost. 


Try the technique alla prima or something similar. Alla Prima is an art term used for art that is created in one sitting. In Italian it means 'at…

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Apocalyptic Dioramas by Artist Lori Nix

diorama sculpture of library with the roof collapsed


These are miniature dioramas hand-made by artist Lori Nix. These pieces depict the left over spaces of post apocalyptic disasters. The detail in these works is totally incredible. Take a close look at the way the debris has been rendered. I really enjoy the variety of elements used in the debris, a decadent decay that seems to trail luxuriously throughout the space.

artist building a miniature sculpture


room with debris and a scooter

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Humans and Natural Spaces by Caro Wilson

ring of tree trunk made with inkUntitled, bitmapped ink and graphite

Caro Wilson, our featured artist for today, was born in Calgary, Albert, and is now located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Caro’s work brings together images of people and images of nature.


I am particularly taken by the motif of the rings of a tree trunk that appears consistently in Caro’s work. In her For[face]ests series,  she has created portraits in which the face is obscured, and almost merged…

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Photomanipulation Works by Joeann Edmonds-Matthew

photograph of skyscraper with red windowsRed Windows

Looking at the photographic works of Joeann Edmonds-Matthew, I see works that are extremely detailed and yet often somehow abstract. Some of the works follow a realistic style while others focus purely on the materials of their making.


Joeann lives and works in California, where she uses photography and her own experience working in the film industry, to look closely at the images and expressions around her. Her use of…

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How To Build Your Trust In A Long Distance Art Gallery

painting wrapped for shippingShipping my art to San Francisco - Goodbye and Godspeed!


Shipping off art leaves me with a strange feeling - but I must say that I'm getting used to it. It's a strange thing to ship art to galleries whose owners you have never met in person. It takes trust and the good sense to know when you might be getting scammed or, on the other hand, if you have a great opportunity. For me, I feel trust when I can email back and fourth with the…

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Studio Sundays: Painter Francis Bacon

messy artist studio of francis bacon with paintings on the wall and clutter and garbage everywhere

For Studio Sunday this week we’ll be taking a look inside Francis Bacon’s studio at 7 Reece Mews, in London. The above photo was taken in 1998 – while Bacon passed away in 1992, his studio remained exactly as the artist left it, until it and its contents were donated to a gallery in Dublin by Bacon’s heir.


To me, the idea of a studio remaining empty and untouched for 6 years after the death of its resident artist is somehow…

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Geometric Monotype Prints: Kristin Leigh Calhoun

mono print of circles in arc shapeZenithal, collographic monoprint

Our featured artist for the day, Kristin Leigh Calhoun, is primarily a printmaker working in monotype prints.


I really love the way Kristin uses grids and patterns to her advantage in her abstract works. Some pieces focus on large blocks of shape and colour, while in others there is a recurring pattern of larger shapes filled in with what appears as a writhing mass of abstract line and shape. These…

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San Francisco Bound: The Awesome Combination of Art + Travel

red city scene with white text overlaid that says San Francisco bound


I was recently invited to participate in a group show in San Francisco. I've never been there before and though it will be a short trip I know I'm going to get the most out of it. Truth time: I've never been much of a travel bug. My mom is the opposite in this regard and when I asked her why travelling to another place was so great she told me that you just never know how you will feel when you are in another place. It's kind of…

Nature and Folk-Art by Dennis Worrel

ink drawing of several people in costumes with color shadingWhitching Hour

Our featured artist of the day, Dennis Worrel, creates very personal works that impress a sense of quiet happiness and appreciation of their subject matter.  Worrel’s style draws from nature and folk-art influences and uses a charming, almost naïve style - one that at times appears almost impressionist.


Dennis uses various techniques including drawing, painting and printmaking, and tends to work from memory or…

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