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"Putting Yourself Out There" With Ease: Gallery Openings and Studio Visits

detailed photograph of a rope net

Artwork by Connie Sabo


You want to be connected to your local art community, artists and dealers. Artists help you keep your ear to the ground, give you grass-roots support that is unparalleled and introduce you to new ideas. Arts organizers, buyers, fans and administrators are some of your greatest assets for business connections. They understand the lay of the land and buy your work or facilitate sales. 


I propose that you take…

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Costume Design by Kat Jeffery

drawing of woman wearing a dress with sketches of dress designs beside itRhoda Marley final dress


Our featured artist today, Kat Jeffery, uses her background in dance and stage performance to create costumes that are perfect fits for both performers and theatre sets.Trained as a dancer, an having garnered much experience on stage herself, Kat has an intricate understanding of how fabrics and outfits will move with a performer, and the sorts of effects that can be created.


four women walking towards the camera in a forestDesdancia film still



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Studio Sundays: the Art Studio of Basquiat

art studio of jean michel basquiat. shows empty warehouse with artworks leaning against the wall.


Every Sunday we give you a behind-the-scenes tour into the heart of creativity, the artist's studio. This week we visit the art studio of the famous artist Jean Michel Basquiat, an artist weel-know for bringing street art to canvas. This space is super raw, not very cozy at all, I imagine that he would just get in there - do the work for the day and then get the heck outta there. What I love about this studio is the space and the…

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Online Portfolio: Melissa Ann Lambert

mostly purple artwork with rainbow gradients of color

 "Continu Espace-temps" 


Check out these selected works from the online portfolio of Melissa Ann Lambert. Melissa works in a variety of media but we have selected some of her digital works for this post. These works seem to contain strange dimensions where organic textures meet hard-edged squares. To me these squares seem to reference both the shape of digital screens and the pixels that compose the images. These works are…

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Ceramic Artworks by Elaine Clapper

ceramic teapot with green and red glazingTeapot blue series

Today’s featured portfolio is the website of Elaine Clapper, a ceramic artist from Ohio. Elaine’s works mainly with functional objects, such as vases, bowls, and pitchers, creating objects that are functional, but could easily stand to be displayed as sculptures.


three red and brown ceramic potsThree tall lidded pots red series

The ceramic techniques that Elaine uses create finished products that often appear bluish in colour, and remind me…

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Consider Working With Art Rental Programs

painting of Mona Lisa holding a for lease sign


Art rental programs are often offered at larger art galleries and museums. And yes it's a great way for people to hang art without purchasing it. However, these programs also give people the opportunity to fall in love with the piece that they have rented and purchase it. Then the program usually takes a commission and pays the artist. What these programs also do is make art more accessible to people with the option of changing…

Get Some Useful Artist Role Models: For Living Proof of Artist's Success

wooden letters that spell ROLE MODEL


It's easy to make lofty role models of famous dead artists. And though this practice serves to inspire us as artists they are far removed and can't be reached on their pedestels. It's imperative that we find proof of artistic success in people that are not so out of reach. Trust me when I say that this will help you kick your own butt as an artist. To see someone as they take steps towards their success will help you take your steps…

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Ron Mueck: Hyper-Realist Sculptor

Ron Mueck putting curlers in the hair of a giant woman statue


Huge humans are the frequent subject of sculptor Ron Mueck's art practice.  These figures dominate space and at the same time convey the familiar poses and postures of vulnerability, loneliness and fatigue. The figures seem to express with such rawness - conveying their thoughts so clearly through their gestures and facial expressions. I think that the scale magnifies the vulnerability of the figures in a thoroughly disarming way.…

giant woman sculpture in an art gallery

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Inspiring Tattoo Art by Erin Burge

arm tattoo of goldfishKoi Goldfish Sleeve

Today we are featuring the work of tattoo artist Erin Burge. Looking through her online portfolio, I see many examples of an artist who enjoys both the sheer celebration of colour, and a practiced realistic drawer.

painting of the quill of an arrow and splashes of colorHeaded in the Right Direction, acrylic and graphite on wood panel

Erin’s paintings are often partly abstracted, and many use of splattered, paint and large, loose brushstrokes. These abstractions, overtop…

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Art for Dog Lovers: Nicoletta Poli

oil painting of two dogs playing in a lake with mountains in the backgroundLittle Sister, oil on canvas

Nicoletta Poli is a painter with a particular affinity for seaside landscapes, and dogs. Nicoletta’s style seeks out the basic elements of a scene and renders it in a minimal but colourful image. In her watercolours especially, individual brushstrokes can form major parts of the scenery, land or water.

oil painting of a road with a lighthouse in the backgroundNorth Wind, oil on canvas

Nicoletta primarily paints in oil. I find the Dog Art series, in which black…

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Social Media for Artists: You Feel Like You Are Running Out of Content to Post

yellow graphic with a quote that says 'social is a way of thinking, not a trick'


Do you ever feel that keeping up with social media is a pressure cooker ready to explode? Sometimes it seems like a burden to have to post content when you are really engrossed in your work - perhaps you aren't sure about sharing it incase it doesn't go well? Some artists seem to share work all the time and maybe they work lightening-fast. Good for them! But just because your art may take longer to create it doesn't mean that you…

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