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Artist Website: Mike Salcido

Mixed media painting of heaven on earth done in an abstract style

Heaven on earth, 8ft x 7ft - Mixed media on linen.


"My goal is to trigger an emotion from the viewer whether positive or negative, as long as the viewer has a reaction to the work, then he has achieved his goal."

--Mike Salcido, self taught artist, Dallas, TX

oil painting of the earth in an abstract style

Waiting for the time when... earth shall be as one, 42" x 42" - Oil on Belgian Linen

oil painting of the call of thunder

The call of thunder threatens, 60" x 40" - Oil on Canvas


If AWESOME is an emotion…

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I Really Like The Colour But ...

i really like the colour but can you change it


Have you ever heard the saying "respond, don't react"? This image reminds me of that sentiment.


This type of truly ambiguous statement above is one of the reasons why commissions make me wary and it serves as a great reminder for artists to get an agreement/or a non refundable deposit before beginning a commission. 


Image source

Let Them Eat Project Sandwiches

a project sandwich


Not that long ago, I discovered the underlying truth behind the idiom “necessity is the mother of invention”. Out of necessity I ended up creating a unique project called Great Black Order as a way to “regain my balance” during a sudden downtime. It's no secret that I'm no whiz at coding, so as this was a web project, I had to involve a facilitator. Here’s how it all came about : )


It was within the past year that I…

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Serious Art Deadlines

Diagram of artistic deadlines

I'm working on a new painting series right now and am super excited. So far Artistic Deadlines and Hygiene are the clear winners here.


Image source [1]

Why People Fear Artists

Beware of artists


Here is an actual 1950's Poster warning the world about these dangerous creative folk.

I thought the normal "diss" for artists was that we are all flakey-flakey like filo pastry? 

Habit vs. originality how creativity works

Habit vs. originality how creativity works. Arthur Koestler's seminal "bisociation" theory.


Koestler coins the term bisociation to illustrate the combinatorial nature of creativity — the reason it operates like a slot machine, relies on the mind’s pattern-recognition machinery, and requires the synthesis of raw material into “new” ideas.

In this respect the artist gets a better deal than the scientist. The changes of style in the representative arts, the discoveries which altered our frames of perception, stand out…

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