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Incredible Landscapes by Ben Sack

etching of a city scene that is very detailed


When I look at these pieces by Ben Sack I feel like I'm looking through a de-magnifying lense at a massive etching. The detail in these works simply astounds. Somehow he manages to create a sense of space that has a slightly skewed 3-d sensibilty that is dizzying. The element of topography within these works gives me the sensation that I am gazing down at a city from an airplane window. 

detail of artwork showing a towering building within a city scape
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Communicated Clearly and Directly About Your Art's Availibility

chalk board drawing of two people holding tin cans to play telephone


Put yourself in the shoes of someone who likes your art and would love to own a piece, maybe today - maybe in the future. Are you 100% sure that this person would a) know that your work is available for sale and b) feel comfortable asking your for the price if they can't easily find it? Have you clearly and directly communicated about your art to these potential clients?


It would make sense that clients aren't always direct in…

Wildlife Paintings by Cheryl Gilarsky

Cheryl Gilarsky is a painter who focuses on wildlife and landscape scenery in her subject matter. Her painting style is interestingly varied, and can range from very tight, realistic brush work, to a colourful, almost expressionist-like style.

oil painting of water lillies. the background is dark blue and takes up most of the image. the lilies are white.Waterlillies, oil on canvas

Looking through Cheryl's online portfolio, I enjoy seeing this range of styles in action - her collection of wildlife paintings features the appearance of a moose in…

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Front-loading Frames: Perfectly Modern Finishing Touch

painting of black geometric shape in a rainbow winter scene


I recently framed some work for an upcoming art show in L.A. . The work is rather modern feeling and has great geometric elements which lends itself well to a simple frame rather than an ornate one (in my humble opinion). The pieces are on canvas so I decided to use a front-loading frame - which means that the art is dropped in through the hole at the front of the frame rather than through the back. 


This means that you can see…

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Bombastic Floral Imagery: Agnes Friedlander

artwork of flower mosaicGarden Star Mosaic, digital print

Our featured artist for today is Agnes Friedlander. Agnes works with paint, as well as printmaking and collage. Many of her works feature large, bombastic floral imagery, while some, including most of her print works, simply celebrate colour and texture.


purple and red color abstract imageMagenta Gelli, gelli print

Agnes’ floral works are far from quiet. Her painting style is one that brings the subject matter to the forefront of the…

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Collaborating for Promotion of my Illustrated Book with Weekdays From Scratch

woman holding book in front of her face

I recently met up with my friend Sharilyn who writes the blog Weekdays From Scratch so I could give her one of my books to give away on her blog. We met at Nelson The Seagull Cafe which is a great place for coffee and fresh bread that you can watch them make. It was awesome to work with someone that I know so well, oh and relax with an almond milk latte at a super sweet cafe. Not too shabby. It's great to be able to promote each…

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Studio Sundays: Sculptor Rebecca Warren

woman sitting on a chair in her art studio. she is surrounded by clay and pottery supplies



Today on Studio Sunday we’ll take a look at contemporary sculptor Rebecca Warren. While Warren’s sculptures might appear at first glance to be abstractions, many of them reflect the way that the figure, especially the female form, is portrayed in popular art and media.


Rebecca Warren's studio environment in London (seen in the above photo) is very important to the outcome of her work. Notably, she works primarily in unfired…

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Concept Art by Ken Henderson


futuristic image of a chamberONNCALONchamberRED_ver03

Ken Henderson, otherwise known as Head Cheese Entertainment Inc, produces a wide variety of images in digital media, primarily working in the areas of concept art and design, as well as the design of logos for companies.


I really enjoy looking through Ken’s online artist page and seeing the immense range of different designs for fantastic worlds and stories. I especially enjoy his concepts for…

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Vibrant Narrative Artworks: Cody Blomberg


photo artwork of backpacks with lights inside on a gallery wallGuiding Lights, installation

Our featured artist for today, Cody Blomberg, paints and creates mixed-media pieces with a love for performance and narrative. Currently residing in Seattle, Washington, Cody has a background in theatre and performance. The artist’s theatrical nature shows through in much of his portfolio, which is filled with vibrant, narrative artworks.


oil painting of small yellow birds in a treeThirteen Singing Birds, oiil on canvas

His award-winning…

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The 5 Point Manifesto For Trying Something New (For Bad Ass Creatives)

graphic artwork of the word try overlaid many times in repetition


It's time. Time to try something new. And by doing this I mean having a little hint of defiance aimed at your self-identity as an artist. If you really want to learn at an exponential level you have to take risks and this is really no different. 


I urge you to take a look at what you are making and question how would you like to make something different.  This isn't about experimentation. This is about really trying, risking…

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Marek Secula's Hands Flow Together

sculpture of mannequin hands where the fingers merger together with opposite hand


Sculptor Mark Secula references the body in these gorgeous pieces that echo the simplified white forms of mannequins but use china, gold and wood. This work is from a set titled Interface. The hands in the image above seem to flow into each other as if they are surpassing the physical boundaries of normal hand-holding. Below expressionless faces seem to cast an empty gaze while reflecting light off the copper interior onto the wall…

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Animated Artwork by Hendrik Gericke

painting of green helicopter on a blue background done in a loose styleCH-53, oil on canvas board

Hendrik Gericke, the face behind the Flying Dutchman Art, was born in South Africa and now lives and works in Sydney, Australia. Trained in fine arts as well as animation, Hendrik’s sense of movement and form is clear in the images he creates using various mediums.


abstract image of organic shapes using black inkThe Immigrants want to Sing All Night Long, ink on canvas

Hendrik is skilled in different forms of painting, both traditional and digital,…

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