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What It's Like To Tattoo Your Art

woman getting a tattoo on her arm


Have you ever been curious about what it might be like to tattoo your art on someone? This art medium connects artist to client through an intimate process.The tattoo world is a vast and interesting place these days. People of all ages and cultures have embraced this medium and a wide array of artists with distinct styles have emerged as it has grown larger.  I had a chance recently to talk to a tattoo artist about the creative…

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Art Portfolio: Deborah Carman

water-color of woman in red boots looking at her phone

 "Red Boots"


Here are a few selected works from the art portfolio of artist Deborah Carmen. Deborah is based out of Mount Juliet, Tennessee. I'm not sure what it is about her work but I got a doll-like impression from the my surprise I then found out that this artist also creates tiny furniture for doll-houses. I know you are curious about tiny furniture so check out her etsy store here. Perhaps it was the sweetness…

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Portfolio Website: Donna Bruni

oil painting of human figures"Figure Study 2" Oil on custom built canvas by Donna Bruni

Today we feature work from the online portfolio website of painter Donna Bruni whose work explores a delightful range of colour choices and combinations. These works seem to embody an ephemeral essence throughout the application of both abstract and figurative techniques. Bruni offers multiple methods of mark-making from soft painterly strokes to surfaces that look like they…

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Studio Sundays: the Art Studio of Brenda Holzke

Photo of Brenda Holkze's art studio.


Every Sunday we give you a behind-the-scenes tour into the heart of creativity, the artist's studio. This week we visit the art studio of Brenda Holkze who lives and works in LA. Brenda creates mixed media vessels, sculpture and wall art. I love the roof in this studio - it just makes the place look so cozy - I wonder if she has ever considered installing a hammock. I suppose that could make the space a lot less productive though. I…

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Wood Sculptures of Andelko Oliveric

wave-like wood sculpture with a ball inside

Olive Wood Bowl


Currently working out of Oslo, Norway, Andelko Oliveric produces pieces of fluid woodwork that walk the line between fine art and industrial design. His website contains many examples of beautful and functional objects in the form of bowls and tables.


wood table sculpture with a ball on topOlive Wood Table

Andelko acquires all of the media he uses in his projects by himself, walking through the forest and collecting wood from dead tree stumps, or large…

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Back to the Drawing Board: 3 Reasons to Get Back Into Drawing

drawing of woman with big eyes and frizzy hair

An original drawing to be included in my Eerie Dearies Special Edition Book package.

As a painter I don't actually draw much but I'm going to be honest - I hit a wall and art creation of paintings has been happening at a slow pace. Well by slow I mean that there is a certain type of work I want to be making but that work in particular is developing SLOWLY. To remedy my impatience I'm going back to drawing. My situation aside though I…

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The Enormous Paintbrushes of Fabienne Verdier

artist using a giant brush


Always consider your tools as an artist - like if you are going to work on a large scale why not take a page out of this book and get some enormous brushes? These images of Fabienne Verdier  make me want to craft a giant paint brush immediately! I especially get inspired by the giant tubs of paint I saw in the image below. There is something so awesome about seeing the size of these enormous paintbrushes in relation to the artist's…

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Peaceful Drawings by Kelly Leichert

drawing of trees and hillsYellow Currents in Winter

Kelly Leichert produces drawings and paintings that I find calming and cheerful in their simplicity. Kelly's uses an almost naive-like style in some works, particularly his black and white ones, such as Happy Pike, that lends to the images the sense that the artist is truly enjoying their work - the kind of enjoyment that I might often see in children's drawings.


brush painting of a pikeHappy Pike

This is not to say, however, that…

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Google Hangouts For Artists

artist working on two paintings


Wanna hangout with the artists you have gotten to know via social media like Facebook etcetera - exchange encouragement and share achievements and advice? Google hangouts are cheaper than a plane ticket and catching on with creatives looking to connect to each other. This is a great way to connect with people and simple to use. You have to have a Google+ account to use it and add people on there first : ) 


There is a little…

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Featured Web Portfolio: David Maxim

David Maxim recieved his MA from UCLA and now lives and works in San Francisco. His web portfolio is large and varied, often featuring David's love of mountainous landscapes and the materiality of his various chosen media.


On one end of this spectrum is abstract paintings, which give me the impression of some underlying darkness, with thick, almost carelessly appled splatters of paint, and sinister-looking ojects constructed of wood…

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