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Studio Sundays: the Art Studio of Emily Carr

Emily Carr looking at the camera with her painting behind her
Every Sunday we give you a behind-the-scenes tour into the heart of creativity, the artist's studio. This week we visit the art studio of the famous artist Emily Carr. She worked in a modernist and post-impressionist style and had a true love of landscapes.


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A Few Tips For Preparing for an Art Studio Visit

man in his art studio with painting


Studio visits are the absolute best way to connect with future patrons and art enthusiasts. It's a chance to share information about your work and learn about the people who are interested in your work. There are a few things that you can do to make for a great studio visit. Here are a few tips to prepare the space and gather any info so you can ensure that you can offer a comfortable and interesting environment for your visitor.…


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Illustrative Artworks by Joey Feldman

Today we are featuring the images of Joey Feldman, an artist based out of Los Angeles, California. Joey uses mixed media to create energetic, grotesque illustrative artworks.


drawing of two monsters2headsrbetterthen1, pen and ink on paper


His works are figurative, often featuring animals and people, drawn in a frenetic, cartoonish style. Joey utilizes line art to its fullest extent, allowing his sketchy, quick drawn lines to become part of the finished…

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Have A Digital Art Sale: But Remember These 4 Things

promotional image with two icebergs


Art sales can be underwhelming if you don't take an approach that accounts for the details. If an artists yells "Sale!" in the woods - will anyone hear it? Nope. Let's take into account a few important factors for you to check off before you announce your big sale. 


1. Is everything on sale or only select items - make this crystal clear or it may lead to awkward situations.


2. When does your sale end and begin? You can give…

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Portfolio Website: Stéphane Gilot

architectural drawing

"C'est en suivant la surface..."

Take a look at these art pieces that I discovered when perusing the portfolio website of Stéphane Gilot. I enjoyed seeing all of the drawings which act as concept plans for the installations he builds. Some of these installations are quite playful - like the piece below with the red stairs called "Libre arbitre" or "Free Will". This installation makes a nice visual impact with the structure a bright…

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3 Dynamic Ways to Install Artwork


large artwork hanging above a couch


Artists need to know about dynamic ways to hang, exhibit and install artwork. Whether you are helping a client install some artwork in their home or wanting to try a different approach to gallery hanging. I've gathered a few of these ideas here - I hope they inspire you!


1. Wall Colour: If the artwork is large and a determined focal point of the room you can try painting the wall a complimentary colour to the painting like in…

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Creating Mystery with Everyday Objects by Thomas Jackson

art installation of colorful discs in a forest


Here are a few awe inspiring photos by Thomas Jackson that somehow create epic mystery and drama with simple everyday objects. In the above photo the artist has inserted a cluster of plates and in the photo below the inserted objects are post-it notes. There is a delightful sense of whimsy created by the objects in these images. The levity of this is all set against dark brooding landscapes  creating a dramatic atmosphere that I…

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Online Art Portfolio: Erin K. Milks

Our feautured artist today is Toronto-born Erin K. Milks, who is currently studying fine arts at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Erin's illustrative and sculptural practice offers an interesting focus on line and materiality.


wire sculpture of a figureR&R, 18 gauge wire


Many of Erin's sculptures use wire in a way that seems to reference the sometimes-intricate, sometimes-simplistic line art found in her sketch work. The wire, coiling outward and in…

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Online Portfolio: Cameron McLellan

ink drawing"Sinew"  Ink on Rives BFK 19"x25"

Today we bring you a selection of work from the online portfolio of Cameron McLellan whose work is inspired by landscape and architecture found along Canada's beautiful west coast. Cameron is an artist based out of Vancouver BC Canada and his sense of this place is a strong influence in his work. His artwork is made up of incredibly delicate line work that really draws the viewer into the piece. While…

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3 Ways to Be More Creative


text that says creativity is a drug I cannot live without


1.Nurture Curiosity - Curiosity is like a little beacon of light for me. It's the first step in fostering a gold-mine of creativity. When I am curious about something it becomes hard to ignore. It haunts me. The practical, so-called "grown-up" part of me wants to sit down and get to work but the child in me wants to wander down that path of curiosity for a while. This instinct is not always nurtured but if you want to be more…

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Studio Sundays: the Art Studio of Georgia O'Keefe

Photo of Georgia O'Keeffe


Every Sunday we give you a behind-the-scenes tour into the heart of creativity, the artist's studio. This week we visit the art studio of the famous artist Georgia O'Keefe who is very well-known for her large floral paintings. Apparently there was a four year period in which she walked away from painting, but, thank goodness, she came to her senses and picked up the brushes again. Not  a bad thing to remember next time you are…

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Fantastical Ceramics by Bent Oaks Pottery

ceramic sculpture


Danny Young, the face behind Bent Oaks Pottery, is a ceramics artist from Texas. His work shows an obvious celebration of nature, and an appreciation for traditional ceramic techniques.


Danny’s work walks the line between art and craft, often falling into both worlds at once.

His more conventional pottery is burnished and smoke-fired to create a surface clouded with rich earth tones. Many of these pots and vases also have…

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