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What do You Think of My Art? Ask a Robot!


funny cartoon strip about a robot processing the answer to the question: Did you like my artwork?


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Artist Website: Veronica Rojas

two panel artwork showing five snails"Cementerio de Caracoles" (Snail Cemetary)  Mixed Media 24”x48”, 61 x 122 cm.

Here are a few selected works from the artist website of Veronica Rojas. Veronica is based in Berkeley, California but was born in Mexico City. The subject matter in these works is delightfully strange. The artist uses her imagination to create odd and beautiful vignettes that leave me wondering and pondering - in a good way! Hands seem to participate in…

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Painted Rectangles: Ben Stansfield

painting of geometric shapes that looks like piles of confettiLucas


Ben Stansfield moved all across Canada as a child, and has been living and working in Toronto for the past seven years. In his artwork, he likes to explore complex patterns, often using simple geometric shapes and combining them in multitudes to create large, colourful images.

In his Confetti series, he uses painted rectangles and similar parallelograms, repeated in many different colours and directions, to build abstract…

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Pay What You Will Pricing: Intriguing and Controversial

graphic that says pay what you want


I want to get you up to date on the discussion about PWYWP ("pay what you want" pricing) so you can see if it's a technique that you would like to use in your sales and marketing for your artwork. The idea is that you present a piece of your art to the public or a client and then offer them the opportunity to set the pricing based on what it's worth to them. You may need to show pricing of other work so that the client has some…

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Look Closer: Snowflake Photography by Alexey Kljatov

macro photograph of a snowflake


This work makes me feel quiet and calm and delighted by the magic that actually exists in the world : ) GUSH. Here is some of the best snowflake photography that I have ever seen by Alexey Kljatov, an artist from Russia. Next time you are out in a snowstorm letting snowflakes melt on your tongue, remember these photographs and taste the art. I especially enjoy the contrast of textures in the images and the monochromatic style.…


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Artist Collaborates With Bees: Honeycombed Art


sculpture of three people made from bee's wax honeycomb


"In North America, Europe and many other parts of the world, bee populations have plummeted 30-50% due to colony collapse disorder, a fact not lost on artist Aganetha Dyck who for years has been working with the industrious insects to create delicate sculptures using porcelain figurines, shoes, sports equipment, and other objects left in specially designed apiaries. As the weeks and months pass the ordinary objects are slowly…

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Artist Website: Liba Labik

painting of a hand with an aqua blue background"Aqua Vitalis II"


Today we are presenting a few examples from the artist website of Liba Labik. Many of the paintings by Liba feature hands. The hands are rendered in a fairly realistic approach to proportion, perspective and colour. I like that the artist shows that transparent quality to the skin on the hands which is quite a feat to portray. Also, there is a nice contrast in the realism of the hands and the surrounding loose and…

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Art Inspired by Books: How Books Inspired My Creativity

two people in a bookstore


Is your art ever inspired by books? It's a great source of inspiration next time you get a bit of a creative block. I just love books and I believe this passion for the bound page has made me the artist that I am today...and even lead me to create my own book. It's been an exciting few months since my book Eerie Dearies: 26 Ways to Miss School was published in North America. I have been tracing it's steps as it turns up in favourite…

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Studio Sundays: the Art Studio of Emily Ferretti

Emily Ferretti working in her art studio


Every Sunday we give you a behind-the-scenes tour into the heart of creativity, the artist's studio. This week we visit the art studio of the artist Emily Ferretti who is an artist I recently discovered but know very little about. I am really drawn to her work. I love how she creates her compositions and chooses colours. This image is really inspiring to me as I love seeing artists working in series which gives great context to each…

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Artist Portfolio: Sonya Stefan

photo of man jumping in the airATSA Performance/Choreography & Danced by Sylvain Poirier. Photograph by Sonya Stefan.

Today we feature photographs from the portfolio of artist Sonya Stefan. The photographs that I have selected to share with you show various dancers who were photographed by Sonya between 2004 and 2011. These photographs capture dance perfectly as they "freeze" a heartbeat moment of a movement that defies gravity. These moments seem to capture a spirit…

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