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Artist Website: Rose Jackson Taylor

Poem 002: Science and love"Poem 002 Science & Love"


Rose Jackson Taylor is a british artist working in hand lettering, textiles and poetry.

Rose grew up in Mid Wales where she learnt how to write, sew and climb trees. Following a rigorous primary school education involving hours of handwriting practice, she later went on to masquerade as an English student at the University of Nottingham.


View more of Rose' poetry on her artist website:

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Portfolio Website: Amber Petersen

Photo of a man walking into the sunset"St Clair"


Amber Petersen is a visual artist living in Victoria, BC. Working primarily with acrylics and photography, she doesn't shy away from any artistic endeavour.

"In my paintings, I am drawn to creating bold lines and bright colours- something that catches your eye. I want to illuminate a space. In my photography, however, I am drawn to the opposite. Neutral, muted colours and desolate spaces. Finding the beauty in things that…

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Studio Sundays: Steven Shearer's Studio

Painting of Steven Shearer on an easel


Every Sunday we give you a behind-the-scenes tour into the heart of creativity, the artist's studio. This week we visit the art studio of Steven Shearer, in Vancouver, Canada.


Image source [1]

Turn Your Art Upside Down

Upside down painting of Mona Lisa


Sometimes when I am mid way through working on a painting and something is not working I'll often find that I'm tilting my head to the side, trying to get a different angle or perspective. That why when I read this article from Fine Art Tips I knew it was worthy of sharing with you. Here are a few points about why you may want to turn your art upside down to try and get a better perspective:


1. It will force you to perceive the…

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Portfolio Website: Mark M Garret from San Francisco.

Watercolor and scissor drawn map"States of Decay", watercolor and scissor drawn map, 8x12"

Inspired, in part, by the papercutting legacy of Hans Christian Anderson, Mark has generated a body of work from a variety of materials and sources. In recent years scissors have become his drawing tool and maps have become his muse.

"The scope of my work has morphed over a period of some 30 years from drawing to painting, from collage to assemblage and back again. I draw…

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Portfolio Website: Robert Werner Schroeder from Seattle, WA

glass ball
Robert Schroeder is an artist born and raised in Seattle, Washington. In grade school, his art teacher explained that anything can be drawn with a combination of whole or segmented shapes, and segmented lines. He continues to explore this idea in glass sculpture, and pen and ink drawing.


View more of his artwork on his portfolio website:


colorful geometric abstract drawing

line drawing

Artist Website: Victoria painter Bonnie Laird

Portrait of a man painted with brown colorsMr. Pike No 136

"My paintings are the exploration of the human condition revealing moments and memory in a place in time as well as contemplation and introspection." --Bonnie Laird, Victoria BC


View more of Bonnie's portraits on her artist website:

Portait of a man with a goateeJames

Painting of a welderWelder with silver leaf

Update On My New Painting Series: Antarticus

 Large painting of an iceberg and confetti


When I started this series called Antarticus I began by painting a 3 foot by 4 foot acrylic painting called Two Portals in Conversation. The shape and scale of this was clearly working well and so I created another in the same dimensions called Icebergs in Love. Again the size worked out perfectly. But lately I have scaled down to 12" x 16" and a few smaller works in order to play around with some variations on my theme. I suspect…

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Featured video artist, Guillaume Vallée

Analog Hellraiser: Excerpt


"Using horror footage from a VHS tape of Hellraiser II , I’ve been working directly on the magnetic tape in order to create a chaotic and unstable imagery depicting some sort of narrative structure based on a nightmarish mind struggling with his inside demons and past traumatisms.


Using the materiality of the magnetic tape, I want to create a short experimental video based on a nightmare structure,…

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Andy Warhol's Rejection Letter

Museum of Modern Art's rejection letter to Andy Warhol




Dear Mr. Warhol,


Last week our Committee on the Museum collections held its first meeting of the fall season and had a chance to study your drawing entitled "Shoe" which you so generously offered as a gift to the Museum.


I regret that I must report to you that the Committe decided, after careful consideration, that they ought not to accept it for our Collection.


Let me explain that because of our severly…

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Featured Glass + Jewelry Artist: Laura Dawson

Glass jewelry"Can't see the forest"


Kiln-formed glass, mosaics, jewelry making (with and without glass), and chain maille by glass artist & jewelry designer Laura Dawson.


"Nearly all of my jewelry pieces you see that have etched designs on them were all done by hand. I specialize in hand etched tree designs but you will see cats and birds and bugs and more, all hand etched. Some of my pieces may also be painted with glass enamels. The enamels…

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Curated Art Collection: Face

Painted portrait of a woman with big hair


View more of Kate Scoones's painting portfolio here.



Each week we present a collection of artwork from a variety of artists curated around a common theme. This week the theme is Face. As in eyes, nose and mouth. I chose this theme considering the power of the face when portrayed in a close cropped art piece. Rather than looking at faces within the genre of identity, these faces are putting the viewer on the spot and…

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Online Portfolio: Ted Diamond

Photo of building with American flag in the window"E of Charleston, IL"


Photographs from Ted Diamond's "American Flag" series.


"I have had a lifelong interest in American Popular Culture. Growing up in suburban Long Island, I grew up surrounded, immersed and participating in it.   This showed in photographic series on human facades and shopping malls.


 In the late 1990’s I started photographing simulations of the American Flag.  I was not used to them or the atmosphere in…

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