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Studio Sundays: the Art Studio of Leonor Fini

Leonor Fini in her art studio


Every Sunday we give you a behind-the-scenes tour into the heart of creativity, the artist's studio. This week we visit the art studio of the famous surrealist artist Leonor Fini. This photo is of her studio in Paris. She is so obviously totally awesome. I mean just look at her! One day I will be this fabulous. Is that striped cape really her painting smock ? How does she stay so clean? The doll is sort of creeping me out but I love…

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Art Portfolio: Jess Richter

silkscreen image of a horse"It's a part of you whether you like it or not" Goldleaf, UV silkscreen by Jess Richter


Today we are featuring the artwork of artist and printmaker, Jess Richter. Jess brings drawing into a new realm creating work that has a super unique look and feel to it. These works are created with silkscreen, uv silkscreen, copper/gold/silver leafing and application of ink. They seem to stake a claim in drawing, printmaking, painting and…

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Tips for Networking at Art Events

people in an art gallery


Networking at Art Events can be daunting. Here are a few tips to help you on your way:


1. When you arrive at the event don't gravitate toward the person that you know right away. Strike up conversation with someone you don't know and stick to the plan of meeting some new people.


2. Ask a few questions to engage people and then shut up and listen. When you ask another question or add a comment try to use their name - it will…

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Price Points For Artwork

restaurant menu


So you have great artwork and are getting recognition, now you just need sales..but it can be slow and bills don't pay themselves so what's a gal to do? One thing you can consider is creating a diverse range of art price points. Think about a menu with a range of items that suit people's individual needs. If someone can buy something from you at a low price point or a high price point then you are serving a wider audience. This gives…

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Li Hongbo: Sculptures That Go From Solid to Accordion


There is an innate playfulness to this artists approach in sculpture. This video shows Chinese artist Li Hongbo creating his sculptures that seem to change state. They go from solid, classic, stone sculptures to a delicate accordion of air and paper. He seems to delight in his work and his passion for his chosen materials shines through. Despite the fact that the video shows how the work is created, no magic is lost for these…

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Art Portfolio: Erin Rae

Abstract painting of swirling purple and white lines above a mountain top

"Semen Stains The Mountaintops" by Erin Rae.

Today we are looking at the online portfolio of artist Erin Rae. Her paintings seems to celebrate the nature and texture of paint and the impact of colour. Erin's work varies as it seems to sometimes embody a busy composition of marks and other times a pattern-like abstraction that highlights her choice of colours. I really love to see painters let loose with paint and Erin's work reminds me…

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10 Rules For Nurturing Creativity by Sister Corita Kent

art department rules


I recently discovered this list of 10 rules that are about nurturing creative spirit. Reading over them made me contemplate my practice and areas where I could "round" myself out as a creative person. Which of these rules are familiar to your practice? Which are the most foreign to your creative practice? These rules were created by celebrated artist and educator Sister Corita Kent and popularized by the phenomenal artist, composer,…

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Studio Sundays: Olga Khokhlova in Picasso's Studio

Olga Khokhlova in Picasso's art studio


Every Sunday we give you a behind-the-scenes tour into the heart of creativity, the artist's studio. This week we visit the art studio of the artist Picasso where the muse, Olga Khokhlova, is seated.  I love how she is surrounded by these huge portraits of herself, it's so odd! Must be just one of the unusual circumstances of being married to Picasso.

Image source [1]

Online Portfolio: Melvin Clark

geometric painting with four triangles the vary in colors

Art by Melvin Clark


Today we are featuring the work of Pennsylvanian artist Melvin Clark.  His work covers a breadth of styles within the medium of painting but my favourites are his abstract pieces. I enjoy the colour exploration and interesting use of geometric and organic shapes. 


"Melvin Clark is an artist currently living in East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania. Melvin was born 1944 in Detroit Michigan. He began art studies in…

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Portfolio Website: Joni Belaruski


Ink drawing of a swan with ink blots"Alight" Pen and ink on paper


In this post we are featuring some artwork from the portfolio website of Joni Belaruski. Joni is an artist residing in London, England but born in Northern Ireland.  Her work often contains animals as her subject matter and a lovely and liberal approach to applying ink. The ink seems to almost animate the wings of these birds, implying the blur of motion. It's interesting to observe the limitless…

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Understanding Art Collectors


The mind of the collector


It took me a little while to learn about art collectors and their relationship with the artists that they collect. Art collectors are a special type of person, and they are near and dear to the hearts of most artists. There are many casual art collectors out there but there are also those who collect work all the time. It's like breathing for them. Many collectors are very conscious of building a collection that will be passed on…

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For Artists Interested in Selling Their Work: Is it Distinct?

infographic about distinct products

This image is an excerpt with permission from "What EVERY Creative Person with a Product or Service Absolutely NEEDS to Know" by Alex Mathers of the fabulous Red Lemon Club. See the full infographic here: 

Image source [1]

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