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Artist Portfolio: Lisa Lackey

Textile art of a star


"4th Impression" 

Lisa Lackey is an artist from New York City.

A graduate of the University of Kansas in Architectural Engineering and the School of Visual Arts for her MFA, Lisa has been finding her artistic voice while raising her child and teaching Math and Art as a NYC Public School Teacher. Ready to share her work with the world, she offers this Website as her introduction. 


View more of Lisa's paintings on her artist…

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Online Portfolio: Olga de Klein

Mixed media artwork with thread and metal


"Rhizome 3"


A native of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Olga de Klein has lived in the Chattanooga area since 1987. Previous places she has called "home" include Mexico City, Acapulco, and Cancun, as well as Cali, Colombia, and Willemstad, Curacao.  Creativity always has been part of her life.  While initially her paintings were focused on portraits in oil, she has morphed into abstraction and textiles, with an unmistakable vivid…

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Studio Sundays: Leonora Carrington's Studio

Leonora Carrington sitting in front of her painting aisle


Every Sunday we give you a behind-the-scenes tour into the heart of creativity, the artist's studio. This week we visit the art studio of Leonora Carrington the British-born surrealist painter who spent most of her life in Mexico City.


Image source [1]

Artist Website: Michelle Marcotte

Painting of corn on the cob and tomatoes"Corn on the Cob and Toasted Tomato Sandwiches for Dinner", Oil on canvas

I worked over 35 yrs as a home economist, a food scientist, food and nutrition journalist, food stylist, and a food and agriculture regulatory affairs specialist. I still do those things, so painting food fresh and prepared really holds my heart.

Ideas come to me. I buy the food, prepare the food, style the food into a composition, photograph the food and then…

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Artist Website: Edward Bear Miller

Nude painting of a woman in water"Woman awash", Oil on canvas

I paint as a means to connect with the visible universe surrounding me and the less visible universe within me.  Often a pretty picture results, but painting pretty pictures is not my primary objective.  I am immersing myself in the stuff of existence, in color and contour and spatial relationships.  I process them and they merge with memories, urges, ideas of right and wrong and what is beautiful.…

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Cézanne: A Painter Until The End

Paul Cézanne painting outdoors


Pictures of Paul Cézanne at work are rare. He didn’t like people around when he was painting.
Here we see him up the hill near his Les Lauves studio, at a vantage point offering superb views of his beloved Mont Sainte Victoire. It was up there, in the autumn of the same year that this picture was made, that he got caught in a rainstorm and was taken home unconscious in a laundry cart. The next day his condition worsened and he died…

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Portfolio Website: Tracy Jager

Collage of two men walking up a mountain

"You'd planned to move with a kind of largeness"

collage assembled from images hand-cut from vintage magazines/books


I'm a visual artist who lives in Vancouver, Canada.  My art can also be found online under my pseudonym 'livingferal'. I make collages, take photos, draw, sew, and occasionally make books and write.

My dreamscape collages are influenced by my interest in philosophy, poetry, psychology, and ecology, among other…

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Artist Portfolio: Noah Verrier

Sunset painting over a lakeSunset No. 26


“150 Sunsets” explores the idea of commitment through a year long durational art project.


Noah Verrier has been painting since childhood. Verrier earned his MFA in Studio Art at Florida State University. He currently is a working artist, and adjunct Professor of Painting and Drawing at Florida State University. His work has been featured in many exhibits in the United States, and abroad. Noah was awarded the…

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My Interview With Hot Art Wet City

I was recently interviewed by Chris Bentzen of Hot Art Wet City in Vancouver BC.


In this video you can hear me talk about the turning point that I find while creating a painting and also chatting about creativity in general. I compare deep creativity to the act of climbing into a deep well and how it can be tempting to try to reach for a life-line in the form of an outside opinion. Overtime I have learned that it can be really…

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Portfolio Website: Tina Tavolacci

Hand made jewellery


Tina Tavolacci is an artist from Coloma, Michigan. She works with copper, rusty treasures, color pencil and acrylic paints. Her inspiration is derived from nature as evidenced in the textures, color and subjects used in her work. As well as making art, she teaches it every day for a K-8 charter school.


View more of Tina's Jewelry and paintings on her portfolio website:


Sea horse drawing on music paper

Two paintings of small birds

Curated Art Collection: Flora

Close up of a flower


View more of Fiona Hawkes' photography portfolio here.



Each week we present a collection of artwork from a variety of artists curated around a common theme. This week the theme is Flora. As in flowers. As in plants. I chose the theme of flora because I am in love with it's sheer variety of colour and shape. In this collection unplucked plants continue to grow their roots deeper into the nutritious earth while decorative…

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Artist Website: Rose Jackson Taylor

Poem 002: Science and love"Poem 002 Science & Love"


Rose Jackson Taylor is a british artist working in hand lettering, textiles and poetry.

Rose grew up in Mid Wales where she learnt how to write, sew and climb trees. Following a rigorous primary school education involving hours of handwriting practice, she later went on to masquerade as an English student at the University of Nottingham.


View more of Rose' poetry on her artist website:

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Portfolio Website: Amber Petersen

Photo of a man walking into the sunset"St Clair"


Amber Petersen is a visual artist living in Victoria, BC. Working primarily with acrylics and photography, she doesn't shy away from any artistic endeavour.

"In my paintings, I am drawn to creating bold lines and bright colours- something that catches your eye. I want to illuminate a space. In my photography, however, I am drawn to the opposite. Neutral, muted colours and desolate spaces. Finding the beauty in things that…

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Studio Sundays: Steven Shearer's Studio

Painting of Steven Shearer on an easel


Every Sunday we give you a behind-the-scenes tour into the heart of creativity, the artist's studio. This week we visit the art studio of Steven Shearer, in Vancouver, Canada.


Image source [1]

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