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Online Portfolio: Sara Kaltwasser

drawing of a man holding a dog
Sara Kaltwasser is an Artist and Educator working in Portland, Oregon. Sara received her BFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2006 with a concentration in Painting and Drawing. She is available for freelance illustration.


View more of Sara's illustrations on her online portfolio website:

Illustration of pig by Sara Kaltwasser

Online Portfolio: M. Simon Levin

Two artworks by M. Simon Levin
code.lab, installation.

M. Simon Levin is a Vancouver-based artist. He creates site-based systems that explore the aesthetics of engagement, using a variety of designed forms and tools that address our many publics. Working collaboratively and primarily within the public sphere, Levin’s work ranges from billboard projects, alternative tours of cities, land care centres and alternative mapping and telecommunication systems.



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Pricing Artwork by the Inch

how much? written on a blue tag


When I first started to show and sell my work my pricing was just all over the map! I scrambled to make sense of putting a dollar value on my art and then making sure that the prices made sense as the work scaled up and down in size. In the past I have talked to other artists as I tried to sort through ideas on pricing and received different opinions: the work is priced too high, the work is priced too low. But there were a few…

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Artist Portfolio: Sara Gonzales

graphic design poster about sara
Sara Gonzales is an artist and designer from Tulsa, Oklahoma.


She's been creating her entire life. Making up parodies to songs, tearing napkins into paper dolls, mind-mapping ideas on her arms, and somewhere along the way, putting sketches on actual paper. Eventually that became making ads on the computer that are in magazines, newspapers, and websites. 

View more of Sara's design work on her artist portfolio website:… 

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Studio Sundays: the Rustic and Spacious Studio of Brice Marden

Brice Marden's painting studio.


Every Sunday we give you a behind-the-scenes tour into the heart of creativity, the artist's studio. This week we visit the art studio of Brice Marden in Manhatten, New York.


Image source [1]

Online Portfolio: Monique Blom

Mixed media artwork with organic texturesFall from grace, Mixed media on panel.

Saskatchewan-based artist Monique Blom’s work results from an organic 

collaborative process involving the interdependency and co-creation of objects with the biological landscape itself. Every potential derives its form from the material’s innate nature yet in the process of trying to capture these intimate relationships, Blom seeks to explore humankind’s role as part of or apart from the…

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Artist Portfolio: Sarah Mercer

Closeup photo of Sarah Mercer

"After a friend introduced me to the idea of taking up photography, I decided to attempt a “365-day challenge” to take a different self-portrait a day for a year. Using only my Nikon D50 camera, a desk lamp and a remote, I was forced to look at innovative ways to represent myself. The obsessive nature of the year-long challenge encouraged me to take up other works in series, such as the A to Z Challenge, which requires a photograph…

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Artist Website: Sharri Weinberg

Oil painting of JoeSilent Joe

Sharri Weinberg is an artist and video professional whose creative work is energized by her commitment to make a positive impact in the community.  

Oil painting of a treeTree of life

oil painting of tulipsTulips for two.


View more of Sharri's artwork on her artist website:

Create Like a Child: Back to Basics

Picture making by children

When you are creating artwork on a daily basis, managing your output to meet deadlines it can be easy to lose your sense of play. But when you have a little reprieve from the confinement of deadlines it's a great opportunity to try a fresh and child-like creative approach. You can always get back to "serious work" later, but you may find that you make some new discoveries during play-time. I recently read this article from Fine Art…

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