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Artist Portfolio: Kevin Sloan

painting of a hare and some apple cores
"The Satisfied Hare"


At the core of Kevin Sloan's work is a deep concern and respect for our planet particularly its "silent inhabitants" - the animals and plants we share this world with. Through allegory and symbolism he expresses this concern and at the same time reminds viewers of the wonders in this extraordinary world.

He seeks to create a compelling body of work that can speak about our modern technological environment and…

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Creatively Showing Scale in Documenting Your Artwork

Rebecca working on a painting


The work is done, finishing touches are complete, and you are happy with your new piece of art. Documenting artwork is the last thing on the list. Whether you hire a photographer or photograph the work yourself this is often a last step in a long process and the photos can be pretty straight forward - hmmm...maybe even a little bit boring. We artists aren't to blame - our creative juices tend to need time to replenish, but here are…

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Curated Art Collection: Atmosphere

Night photograph of a walkway
View more of the art portfolio by L M Braun.


Each week we present a collection of artwork from a variety of artists curated around a common theme. This week the theme is Atmosphere.  As in the ephemera of light and air. The alchemy of an environment's mood. I wanted to present this collection to show how artists create a variety of types of atmosphere in their work that can inspire delicious elation in those who view it. Here are…

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Studio Sundays: Tristram Lansdowne

Tristram Lansdowne in his artist's studio


Every Sunday we give you a behind-the-scenes tour into the heart of creativity, the artist's studio. This week we visit the art studio of Tristram Lansdowne, in Toronto, Canada.


Image source [1]

Beware the Art Scam

theft of Mona Lisa


Stay savvy my artist friends! There are a few scammers out there who target artists via email. Knowledge is your weapon though so here are some tidbits and a link to examples of scam emails that will keep you on your toes in case someone tries to pull a fast one on you.

I haven't come across any of these scams personally but was grateful to have the opportunity to read through the examples so that I can be better prepared. You can…

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Portfolio Website: Allyson Malek

painting with grey centre and colorful brush strokes in the corners
"Portal I"


Since her earliest memories Allyson has been an artist, and throughout school was frequently recognized and awarded for her artistic achievements.

She studied journalism in college, learning typography, editorial layout and photography and used her creative talents to become a graphic designer and marketing consultant in the San Francisco bay area and Silicon Valley. Clients included Apple Computer, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco…

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Curated Art Collection: Chachka

stack of photographs wrapped with a string


View more of Kim Dembrosky's art portfolio.


Each week we present a collection of artwork from a variety of artists curated around a common theme. This week the theme is Chachka. As in the trinkets of memory preservation. As in the collections of tiny objects, thoughtfully gathered and preciously saved. This theme is inspired by the compulsion of gathering and grouping objects. I love to see things categorically assembled by…

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Miniature Iceberg Paintings

seven miniature iceberg paintings


Pictured above are a few of my miniature paintings which I started creating as gifts of gratitude for some of the supportive folk in my world. Later I would go on to sell these mini-works as people loved their tiny-ness and wanted one or two of their own.


It was not long ago that I started this new project to counter some anxiety that I was experiencing as a result of the sudden positive opportunities that have recently come my…

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