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Use Protection: Contracts for Commissioned Artwork

building with the word contract written on it in giant letters


Commissions are tricky. And unless you have been thorough you might end up working "on-spec". This means that you create a commissioned work, and then, once it's complete, the client views it and decides whether they will purchase it or not. Ouch! This can be a truly unholy, rude awakening. With equal parts foresight and clear communication in written or verbal form, you can effectively ward off evil and reassure yourself that your…

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Wait! Don't Throw Out That Paint Brush...

Brush cleaners & restorer


OK, I'll shamefully admit that I used to gleefully abandon old, crusty paint brushes. Visions of buying brand new brushes (in all shapes and sizes) danced through my head. Buying new art materials is always fun, isn't it? However a case can be made against this attitude:


A) It's not kind to the environment.

B) It's a waste of cash.

C) Those brushes aren't dead yet.


Artists are some of the most practical people I have ever met.…

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Be Super on Facebook

Outline of superman shirt

There is nothing worse than having great images for your Facebook page, but having the dimensions all wrong. Getting it right will keep your Facebook presence looking super sharp and professional. You can even get into Photoshop and create a cover photo that highlights multiple artworks. If you are prolific, this will have quite an impact.

Here is a quick guide from that will help you sort your images out…

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Official launch of Artist Run Website blog!

art blog


With great excitement, I am pleased to announce the launch of the Artist Run Website blog!


What's more exciting than blasting off into the inner-space of creativity! Each week we will bring to you inspiration, tips & techniques, and insight into the issue's facing today's contemporary artist.


Your guide to the final frontier of art-making will be Artist-in-residence Rebecca Chaperon.

Rebecca Chaperon, ArtistRebecca Chaperon, Artist-in-residence…


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Curated Art Collection: Minimal


Painting of a beach

View more of Phillip Mcdermott's painting portfolio here.

Each week we present a collection of artwork from a variety of artists curated around a common theme. This week the theme is Minimal.  As in few and far between. It's the heightening negative space created in a moment that is edited down to it's essential features and nothing extra. I wanted to present this collection to show how some artists bring a space and unity to their…

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