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Artist Website: Nicole Richards

Painting of a squirrel with spray paint on a treeSuburban Tree

"Everything I have ever made is a reflection of the supreme sense of wonder I feel when confronted with the natural world. It is an endless reservoir of possibility. I want my voice to highlight the hidden messages that sometimes get left behind in a society so tumultuous and beautiful and terrible and loud. We have a lot to learn from the plants and animals that we share this planet with. I want to explore these messages…

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Artist Website: J M (Ian) Savage

Digital abstract artworkZumax

"My artwork takes me on several different journeys. When painting a landscape I often close my eyes and try to re-create a scene in my head. Sometimes they are from recent memory, but often from the distant past. Other times I refer back to the trusted sketchbook, for reference, and more recently I have started to take photographs to work from. When painting abstracts in oils I just take it one step at a time and often change…

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Artist Portfolio: Daniel Fleming

charcoal and acrylic paint on a wood panelFIRE!FIRE!FREEZE!FREEZE!, 72x30"
Acrylic, Pastel and Charcoal on Two Hinged Wood Panel.


"My work largely deals with current social issues and the variety of ways our backgrounds and experiences change how we view these. Through symbolism, mythology, word-play and storytelling, I present various understandings and perspectives that force the viewer to investigate their beliefs as they use their past to inform the imagery before them."…

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Artist Portfolio: Aly King

Artistic mirrored photograph of a woman covered in flowersFlower Series, Photography


close up of a beautiful woman wearing flowersFlower Series, Photography

a model surrounded by feathersFlower Series, Photography


 Aly King is a London based, Irish photographer and mixed media artist. View more of her artwork portfolio on her website:



Portfolio Website: Kim Dembrosky

abstract painting of weather patternsWeather Patterns: 1950

" These pieces represent a form of “data art,” and are inspired by meteorological records from the Central Texas area. I translate numerical data regarding temperature and rainfall into a visual language of grids and colors. In this way, I am questioning the ways in which meteorological data is traditionally represented, in an attempt to leave the viewer with a more visceral and non-verbal experience of these…

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100 Studio Visit Challenge

Red haired woman visiting an artist's studio and looking at a painting


I have given myself one year to have 100 studio visitors come through the studio. This challenge started back at the beginning of March, I had this idea to actively encourage studio visits from friends, patrons or anyone interested in my work. My invitation was pretty open! Who came? Artists, photographers, writers, designers, curators and gallery directors. Amazing discussions were had by all! I received great feedback, hot tips,…

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Photography Portfolio: Cody Blain Jones

Multiple exposure photographLondon, Photographic overlay printed on gallery wrapped canvas

"The mind is the realm of art. It is where every person experiences the fantastic, the beautiful, the terrible, and the divine. My goal is to forget the widely accepted reality, the so called mundane. I turn my focus towards the fantastic. Not necessarily the ideal, but the surreal, the mystical, the super-natural. A return to the primal urges of consciousness.


A work of…

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Reality TV vs. Actual Art World

Kymia Nawabi crying


Kymia Nawabi's statements from her recent interview were endearing and funny in their honesty. I find artists are sometimes not willing to express the reality of their situation. They obscure their struggles and focus on their achievements. This leads to assumptions by their peers and public.  I recently read this interview from Hyperallergic with Kymia Nawabi who won the prize during the second season of the reality TV show Work…

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Online Portfolio: Dylan Humphreys

Expressionist drawing of a wierdoWierdo

Dylan Humphreys is a young BC artist with a strong focus on comic art in relation to painting. His work involves illustration, live painting, sculpture, curating, volunteer teaching, print media, event coordinating, mural work and commissions.


View more of Dylan's artwork on his online portfolio website:

Studio Sundays: a Studio for Working Big

Antoni Tapies studio, working on large paintings.


Every Sunday we give you a behind-the-scenes tour into the heart of creativity, the artist's studio. This week we visit the art studio of Antoni Tapies in Barcelona, Spain.

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