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Pip and Pop Art Installation an Inspiration of Rainbow Joy

Photo of people in gallery with art installation


I decided to revisit the marvellous art installations of Pip and Pop. Pip and Pop has a "no-holds barred" type approach to their candy coated rainbow universe installations. Things seem to spill into existence in these installations  which are made with found objects, ornaments, sand, sugar and much more. These works read as both large and small scale. From a distance you can see them in their entirety ( as a sprawling rainbow…

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Art Portfolio: David Tycho

Acrylic painting on canvas of body of water with mountainBlue Fuji #1 Acrylic on Canvas by David Tycho


Today we feature the art portfolio of painter David Tycho. His sweeping brush strokes foster energetic marks of colour and offer the sensation of movement. Colours contrast nicely in these pieces from David's series called "Japan Series". There is a delightful calmness to these "portraits" of Fuji.


"David Tycho was born in Vancouver in 1959. He studied painting under renowned artist…

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Macabre Mementos: Art by Julie Dives

A painting of a deer that blends into the grain of the wood panel it is painted onAn Apology, wood burning with mixed-media

Julie Dives, our featured artist for the day, is a graduate of Vancouver’s Emily Carr University and is now based in Kelowna. In her current practice she is working on a series of macabre mementos, a collection of works in various mediums that share a fondness for cabin aesthetics and taxidermy.


An etching of an old van parked in the wildernessCamp Mikala, etching

I find a lot of interest in the way that Julie combines realistic paintings…

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Studio Sundays: the Art Studio of Willem de Kooning

Photo of artist mixing painting in art studio
Every Sunday we give you a behind-the-scenes tour into the heart of creativity, the artist's studio. This week we visit the art studio of the famous artist Willem de Kooning, a famous abstract expressionist. This photo was taken in 1952. I love the focussed expression on the artist's face as he works through his creative decision-making. Is he choosing colours? Much of the paint seems to end up on the floor and the walls too. This photo…

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Painting Storage Systems For Art Studios

Here's a post about something I'm super "geeked" about: art storage systems for paintings. I have absolutely ruined work because I currently have no proper storage. Here are some dreamy storage systems I found while plotting my own ideas. Hopefully you have proper storage for your artwork, whether it's sculpture, drawing, painting etcetera. Here are two example of storage on wheels and two that are more built-in, less move-able.


1. I…

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Portfolio Website: Caitlin Chaisson

Abstract drawing with various details
From the series "Newspaper Drawings"



"Caitlin Chaisson is an artist based in Vancouver, Canada. In 2010 she received her BCOM with a Minor in Art History and Theory from the University of British Columbia, and in 2011 continued studies through the Fine Art Foundation Degree Program at the University of Brighton, England." -


To view more of Caitlin Chaisson's art portfolio website click here:… 

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Tumblr for Artists


Photo of tumblr website page


Welcome to Tumblr. Artists on Tumblr have joined this bustling social media platform to mingle yet another distinct group of social media users. As an artist you will create posts of photos, videos, music and text or reblog interesting posts from other Tumblogs. I started really regularly using Tumblr last year and so far I am enjoying it and I like following other artists this way as well.  I love Tumblr because there is a real…

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Artist Portfolio: Terry Cervantes


Drawing of seashells on plates

Seashell Dinner Plates by Terry Cervantes


Today we feature the portfolio of artist Terry Cervantes. She creates delicate drawings of seashells and transfers the image to ceramic bowls and plates. For me the quality of shell itself is echoed in the ceramics. Terry also has paintings and drawings in her online portfolio and you can discover her beautiful creations in her Etsy store for purchase. 


"I focus on the person who will…

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Studio Sundays: the Art Studio of Vanessa Maltese

Photo of artist in her studio


Every Sunday we give you a behind-the-scenes tour into the heart of creativity, the artist's studio. This week we visit the art studio of artist Vanessa Maltese whose work moves between painting and installation/sculpture with fluidity, each echoing the other. Full disclosure, I am a huge fan of this artist's work. She plays with flatness, dimensional space and pattern with a unique subdued palette. I just swoon when I see her…

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