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A Portfolio of Musical Composition by Paul J. Bolger

A painting of a man with a wide stance playing guitarPhilo in Action, acrylic on canvas

Paul J. Bolger is a musician and artist based in Ireland. The artist’s work spans musical composition, songwriting, filmmaking, illustration, and more. In his practice, Paul celebrates his own history and Irish culture as well as exploring a graphic, high-impact illustration style. 


Swim (shot and edited by Colin Shanahan)


Several of the artist’s songs are available with video on Paul’s…

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Deeper Meanings: The Art of Laura Munteanu

A painting of abstracted colours pouring out of a bottle shapeMessage in a bottle, mixed media on wooden canvas

Laura Munteanu is a Romanian-born artist currently based in Switzerland. The artist works in finance by day, practicing art as a mode of self-expression, and a way of exploring ideas and imagery with deeper meanings

A painting with abstracted, sea-creature-like formsNew Day, mixed media on canvas paper


I like the relatively loose, gestural brush strokes and dreamy colour palettes that Laura employs in her paintings. Though the…

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The Traditional and Digital Media Art Portfolio of Nancy Ungar

A digital artwork incorporating abstract forms and silhouetted birdsTOO LATE FOR THE PHOENIX, digital art

Nancy Ungar is an artist who works in traditional and digital media, producing dense abstractions that reflect on the macroscopic and microscopic forms of nature, as well as more esoteric concepts.

A digital artwork incorporating rounded shapes and suggestions of figureThe Tentacles of Time, digital art


I really enjoy the way Nancy uses colour -- the artist’s works often feature a wide range of unique hues, unified by an overarching colour palette that suggests cool…

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A Portfolio of Realistic Drawings by Shannon Ann Coyle

A drawing of a boy with a wreath around his headAmon, graphite

Shannon Ann Coyle is an artist based in Newfoundland and Labrador. The artist works primarily in graphite, creating detailed, realistic drawings of people, animals, and the seagulls inhabiting the local landscape. 

A drawing of a dogMoses, graphite


The artist’s drawings are produced with a delicate hand, with pencil strokes lightly blended. The resulting images have a soft touch and feel almost nostalgic in a way, as though the artist…

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The Art Portfolio of Sculptor and Painter Larry Scaturro

A geometric painting with planes of blue and blackUntitled 1, acrylic on canvas

Larry Scaturro is a sculptor and painter currently based in Brooklyn, New York. In his practice, Larry creates sculptures that seem inspired by the shapes and aesthetics of mid-20th century contemporary art, as well as paintings that offer a thoroughly contemporary take on geometric abstraction. 

A painting of geometric forms in different coloursUntitled 6, acrylic on board

Larry’s paintings remind me a bit of works by David Wightman, particularly in the…

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A Portfolio of Kiln Formed Glass by Claudia Whitten

A kiln-formed glass bowlColor Drop, kilformed glass

Claudia Whitten is a glass artist who works especially in kiln formed glass, producing opaque, colourful vessels and decorative objects, sometimes with figurative imagery on their surfaces. The artist has studied under master glass artists and artisans in North America as well as Ireland and the UK.  

A square of glass with fractal patterns across its surfaceFractal Series, kiln-formed glass


I really love the way colour and texture combine in Claudia’s works.…

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Fantasy and Fiction: Art by Sue Ellen Brown

A drawing of a poinsettia flower on a blue backgroundPoinsettia, graphite, airbrush, Prismacolor pencil, and acrylic on illustration board

Sue Ellen Brown is a classically trained artist who works in oil, acrylic, and airbrush painting as well as pencil crayon, producing illustrative artworks taking on a wide range of subject matter. Much of the artist’s work is focused on fantasy and fiction, including imagery of dragons and other mythological figures. 

A painting of the zodiac sign aquariusAquarius


As in our previous…

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The Stained Glass Portfolio of Evi Cundiff

A stained glass artwork with abstract planes of greenBurlington

Evi Cundiff is a glass artist who specializes in stained glass pet portraits. Evi creates these pet portraits on a commission basis, as well as producing her own works of glass art featuring motifs of nature, and abstract forms. 

A stained glass artwork depicting a cat in rainbow huesCalico at Milton Vet


I enjoy the balance between colour and texture in Evi’s stained glass works, and the way the artist experiments with different combinations of glass throughout her…

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Moments of Beauty: The Art Portfolio of Bill Sharp

A painting of a mill in gestural oilCentennial Mills as it Was, oil on panel

Bill Sharp is a Portland-based artist who works in oil paint, watercolour, and gouache. The artist’s works capture landscapes of Oregon and western North America, with a lens toward exploring the seemingly mundane moments of beauty that make life worthwhile. 

A painting of a small tree in an urban landscapeUrban Tree, oil on linen


I really enjoy the artist’s style of working with oil paint. In his landscapes and paintings of…

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Knick-Knacks and Contemporary Kitsch: Art by Susan Parrish

A sculpture with the suggested appearance of a faceCall for Entry

Susan Parrish is an artist and sculptor who works primarily with found objects, metal, and ceramic. The artist’s pieces are an interesting blend of antique knick-knacks and contemporary kitsch, and encompass sculptures, household objects, and jewelry. 

A sculpture of a fish made from varied mixed mediaBlue-eyed, Curly Finned Fish

It’s really neat to see Susan’s aesthetic sensibility translated into the medium of handmade jewelry. The artist has a knack for…

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Layers of Colour: The Art Portfolio of Linda Henningson

A painting made with hues of blue and whiteMidnight, acrylic on canvas

Linda Henningson works in paint and mixed media, creating artworks that emphasize bright colour and pattern, using recognizable landscapes and still-life scenes as the basis for psychedelic works combining geometric patterns with flat layers of colour

A painting of a landscape with panels of geometric patterningThe Visit, acrylic on canvas


I really enjoy the bright, eye-catching look of Linda’s works, and the way the artist employs hard outlines and clearly…

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Forging Connections: The Sculpture Portfolio of D'Andrea Bowie

A glazed earthenware vessel with blue and green coloursUntitled, glazed earthenware

D’Andrea Bowie is a sculptor based in Toronto and Port Hope, Ontario. In her practice, D’Andrea explores the possibilities of tactile materials, forging connections between her own hands and the sculptural objects that carry over into the viewer’s relationship to the work. 

A sculpture consisting of a sculpted ring with an organic aestheticCommissioned work


This appreciation for texture and physicality really shines through in all of the artist’s sculptures. As a…

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The Oil Paint and Watercolour Portfolio of Yvonne Shaffer

A painting of people in canoes in a riverPerfect Day, oil on canvas

Yvonne Shaffer is a painter who creates works in traditional two-dimensional canvas format, as well as on theatrical sets. The artist works primarily in oil paint and watercolour, playing to the advantages of each medium. 

An abstract oil painting with elongated forms in blue and whiteFanfare, oil on canvas


I really like the texture and atmosphere of Yvonne’s paintings -- in landscapes, the artist captures just the right amount of detail -- though the scenes are…

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Plein Air and Studio-Based Art by Edward Bear Miller

A painting of an earthy mountain rangeOlana View, oil on panel

Edward Bear Miller is based in Tarrytown, New York, where he maintains a painting practice that is equal parts plein air and studio-based. The artist’s portfolio includes lush landscape paintings as well as portraiture and political artwork. 

A painting of men in suits standing in a conference roomTeam Players, oil on panel


Edward paints in a loose, gestural style that emphasizes the texture and materiality of the paint itself as much as the image created by the…

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Earthy Colour Palette: Art and Jewelry by Tina Tavolacci

A close-up photo of an enamel pendant necklaceEnamel necklace

Tina Tavolacci is a Michigan-based artist who works in paint, mixed media, and jewelry-making. The artist’s works combine a rich, earthy colour palette with enameled jewel tones for striking works both wearable and wall-hanging. 

A bangle made from metal and enamelEnamel bangle


It’s really fun to browse through Tina’s jewelry galleries and see the artist’s creative range. Many of Tina’s works have an interesting balance of natural and…

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