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Curated Collection: Negative Space

A painting of what appears to be a clump of black feathers on a beige backgroundBlack Hybrid III, oil on birch panel, Robert Porazinski

It’s time for another Curated Collection! This month’s theme is Negative Space. Negative space is the space in an artwork, be that in a painting, photograph, or even a sculpture that is not used – basically, the opposite of the image. Negative space may not seem important at first, but it can really set the tone for a picture, and determine whether or not an image has…

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Curated Collection: Industrial Design

An electrical outlet attached to the bottom of a car seatArconas In-Power Flex, Joel Yatscoff

This month’s Curated Collection looks at some of the amazing examples of industrial and product design that we have in our Artist Run Website community, and throughout the wider contemporary art and design community. Design is a vast and ever changing field, and designers may create plans and models that fill many different needs. One of the most well known “types” of design that you might hear…

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Curated Collection: Film and Video Art

A video still of a dnace performanceStudio Work, Tanya Lukin-Linklater (Still)

This month’s Curated Collection is all about film and video art. Artists began using film as a medium at the time that it was invented – it exploded as a form of experimental art in the 60’s and has been growing and evolving ever since. Now, with the merit of digital technology, there is even more that you can do with video!


Cube, John Douglas


Ever is Over All, Pipilotti Rist…


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Curated Collection: Print Media

A printed and drawn image of brids landing on a wood plankReclaimed Tree with Nuthatches, intaglio printed woodgrain with ink drawing, Nicole Richards

This month for our Curated Collection, I’ve put together a set of artworks that are example of printmaking. Printmaking is such an immensely varied medium, allowing you to get a myriad of different results and types of imagery, depending on what technique you use. Some of the most well-known and commonly practiced types of printmaking are…

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Curated Art Collection: Black, White and Grey

A black and white photo of a beach with barnacle-covered poles in the waterThe Beauty of Cooden Beach 4, Susan G Mackey

Today’s Curated Collection focuses on colourless art pieces, or work that use only black, white and grey. The works that I’ve put together, by Craig Brumwell, Susan G Mackey, Robert Schroeder, Mark Rothko, Rodney Graham and Bridget Riley, are in various mediums, including drawing, painting and photography. I enjoy the way that removing the colour from a piece opens it up to greater…

Curated Collection: Geometry

A sculpture made from a small statue with a turquoise pyramid for a headJe te porterais Marie, wax, glitters, pigments, plaster, found object, Magali Hebert-Huot

This month I’ve curated a collection of art that incorporates geometry. While it may often be said that art and mathematics are two very different disciplines, the intersections between the two, and the use of geometry in art, goes way back to Leonardo Da Vinci’s time, and even before that. Geometry was traditionally a part of art in that it…

Curated Collection: Installation Art


sculpture of a carRamble On, Myfanwy MacLeod

art installation of polished railway tracks on a cement floorRail Installation, Craig Brumwell


For this curated collection I’ve brought together some interesting works of installation art. Installation art occupies the space between, painting, sculpture, and other artistic media, often incorporating elements of many different artistic practices. One installation may include sculptural elements as well as film and two-dimensional imagery.


I find installation…

Curated Art Collection: Text Art

text collage of the word wasAmended: Snicket, Lemony, "A Series of Unfortunate Events: A Bad Beginning" HarperCollins: New York, 1999, mixed media. Emma Lehto

In this month’s Curated Collection, I have brought together a selection of text-art. The works in this collection will sometimes incorporate text into an art piece such as a painting, or use text as their primary medium. The works in this collection are by Emma Lehto, Jeffery Newman, Judy Southerland,…

Curated Art Collection: Three-Dimensional Art

twelve ceramic sculptures shaped like bottles with color patterns on themeHeather Dahl


In this collection of works, I decided to focus on Three-dimensional art - that is, sculptural works, pottery, and other art that goes beyond the canvas, paper, or mural wall. Some of the artists featured in this collection produce furniture and other functional objects such as vases, bowls , and dishes, as well as abstract and figurative scultptural work. These interesting, tactile artworks can easily be present in a…

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Curated Art Collection: Strange Nature

purple tree painting using watercolour techniqueJanuary Morning, watercolour and gesso on paper, Agnes Friedlander

Today I have put togther a collection of artworks by various artists, all depicting nature in a way that is strange, bizarre, or just slightly off-kilter. Sometimes the image is an almost recognizable landscape, simply rendered in an interesting, unusual style, and other times the image leans closer to being more completely abstract.These paintings, drawings, and mixed…

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Curated Art Collection: Line

painting of lines

View more of Erin Mackeen's painting portfolio here.


Each week we present a collection of artwork from a variety of artists curated around a common theme. This week the theme is Line.  As in the mark that continues, revelling in it's journey across a canvas or page. I chose this theme while wondering the following: Do artists who work with an emphasis on line might possibly experience artmaking in a very particular way due to their…

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Curated Art Collection: Cold As Ice

abstract painting of white mountain tops and a geometric cube"Safe Keeping" Ricky Allman


Cozy-up with a cup of hot coco! Here it is - the long-awaited Curated Art Collection for this month. The theme is Cold As Ice and we are taking a look at some work that might make you shiver. I chose this theme because I  have a bit of an obsession with icebergs and have even included one of my own pieces in this collection.The work in this collection is from the following artists: Ricky AllmanLinda…

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Curated Art Collection: She-Magic

Woman with pink wig, glitter eye mask and a spider brooch in her mouthPhotograph by Ali King.

Every month we present a curated collection of artwork. This week's Curated Art Collection is all on the theme of She-Magic.  As in the sparkle in an unusual action and the serious mystery captured in a moment's expressions and postures. What are they doing? What are they thinking? I love when a piece of art catches me by surprise and I can't help considering the figure's enigmatic expression.  Featuring art…

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Curated Art Collection: Religious

Photo of people walking up hill with collage of JesusView more of Sean Bernhardt's collage portfolio here.


Each week we present a collection of artwork from a variety of artists curated around a common theme. This week the theme is Religious.  As in the spiritual, the devout and the sacred. Religious imagery has always been present throughout art history whether terrifying, reverent or lighterhearted. I wanted to present to you a little of each with this collection around the idea of…

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Curated Art Collection: Electricity

Image of purple strokes of lightView more of Sonya Stefan's photography portfolio here.


Each week we present a collection of artwork from a variety of artists curated around a common theme. This week the theme is Electricity.  As in sparks and luminous forms. I wanted to show you a romantic slant on electricity that darling energy that we control with a light-switch. Here are some carefully selected artworks curated around the idea of electricity.

Image of art installation with various objectsView more of…

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