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A New Reality for Art: The Future of Virtual Art Production and Consumption

The current cultural moment is seeing many museums explore online and virtual venues in a way that they haven’t before. While many museums have developed online content to some extent in past years, the remote availability and online existence of art has been made all the more urgent by necessary social distancing and physical isolation -- a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic. If every crisis is an opportunity in disguise, this one…

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Collaging With Acrylic Medium

Maybe it's time to collage!


Collage is a fantastic art form and a great way to change your approach to working with images. If you have some images that you can cut up, acrylic medium and a flat surface you can begin trying it out TODAY. It doesn't mean that you are going to be an overnight pro but its a great way to experiment with images and perhaps inspire your regular practice. Or who knows - maybe you'll be a collage genius!


Collage can be created very…

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Strengthen Your Vision of Art Success

text about doing your own thing 

There are so many artists out there.


That statement can have both a positive and a negative effect on you when you read it. The negative: feeling like you are lost in the masses of artists, not sure how to stand out or succeed when so many are in pursuit of a career in visual art. The positive: each of those people have differing ideas of what success means to them and your vision is unique to you. Many artists don't think about…

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Mike Gong's Surreal Marbles

Marble with a face design inside


Psychadelic little faces stare out from the glass spheres created by Mike Gong. How have I been ignorant to the fact that people make beautiful artwork inside marbles? These little guys are positively luminous and look as though they are about to let out a psychotic little giggle at any moment. I loved marbles as a kid, considered them a treasured object - not just a great schoolyard game. I would have been very unhappy to loose my…

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Finger Painting by Grown-up Artists

jJudith Ann Braun makes a finger painting


There is some special about using your hands to paint, kids know this. It's a different experience as there is literally nothing between the artist and their art. Creative energy must have an easier time travelling from artist to art in this scenario. Above we have a photo of artist Judith Ann Braun, her finger paintings are quite large in scale. Her finger-marks are dragged against the wall using wet charcoal as her paint.



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Wild Brushes For Experimental Painters

Brush with multiple brushes attached to it


Here's a collection of lovely and unusual brushes. I love the hand-made quality - slightly wonky and very wild. A part of me just thinks they are beautiful objects and could be hung on a wall but a BIGGER part of me wants to get them ultra painty and see what they can do!


Above we have - what I am calling - the multi-brush paint brush. This would be an amazing way to paint consecutive lines or stripes simultaneously. The first…

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Wonderful Worlds Carved into Wood by Martin Tomsky


Relief carving by Martin Tomsky


Artist Martin Tomsky carves delightful little worlds into pieces of wood. Well, technically they are made by layers of laser-cut wood. These odd little works create macabre dioramas of hell, feature woodland creatures and are peppered with skeletons and insects for good measure. To see more check the Etsy shop here: I love the way the artist chose to keep the art in the shape of a block of wood which conjures up…

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On Creating Versions & Variations

Self portraits by Shelley Stefan


Have you ever felt like you made something really wonderful - a drawing, painting, or project in any other medium and you like it so much that you have like this tremendous inner reluctance to move on to the next subject? Have you ever considered paying heed to that internal fixation and using it as a guide to more deeply explore your subject? My case in point is a recent art exhibit I viewed by artist Shelley Stefan. 


In the…

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Wine Not? Artists Painting With Wine

Christina LoCascio artwork painted with wine


In the art featured above artist Christina LoCascio used the unlikely medium of red wine. Which I thought was a strange choice until I searched around the internet and came to the stunning conclusion that this is a thing. People do this now. So I just had to post about it and spread the word, because who knows you might want to join the movement of painting with wine? It would certainly be fun to try it out.


Be warned that the…

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Get Digital With Ed Spence

Image of digital art by Ed Spence


The astoundingly meticulous work of Ed Spence shows a beautiful blend of hand-making and digital creation. The final digital image manipulates perceived dimensions in a way that I adore, flattening in one fell swoop. Take a look at the photos below to see the process the artist uses to create the final product. I never think about digital art being made in this way - starting with hand-made components. I find it an accessable way…

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Art And Toile de Jouy Wallpaper

Julie Morstad wallpaper illustration


There is just something about "toile". "Toile" is the common abbreviation for Toile de Jouy, a type of complex pattern that is common in decor and frequently wallpaper.  You'll often find that these patterns are monochromatic. The thing about toile, for me, is the contained narrative that can happens within each of the vignettes. Growing up there was a toile pattern in the kitchen before it was renovated and it always got my…

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Colour Obsession: Yves Klein, Pablo Picasso And The Colour Blue

Quote about the colour blue by Yves Klein


All colours have the power to seduce, they call from the paint box and bring magic to the canvas. I did at one time receive a threat from my painting instructor that he would remove all my tubes of blue paint if I didn't stop using it so much. I loved blue. At the time I just didn't see the point of other colours. Blue was everything. Which is why I relate so much to Yves Klein's quote about blue above. 


Yves Klein abandoned the…

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