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Tranquil Ambiance: Art by Laura Spring

An abstract acrylic painting of a wintery blue gradientWhite Nights 2, acrylic on canvas

Laura Spring draws on a background in architecture and ceramics in her art practice, creating paintings that convey a tranquil ambiance through simple color schemes and negative space. Each of Laura’s works showcases not only the artist’s hand, but the texture and material of the paints and the canvas.

A painting of an icy ocean sceneBaltic Bereeze, acrylic on canvas


I’m really taken by the works in Laura’s Blues gallery.…

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Fleeting Suggestions: Art by Emil Harkó

A black and white oil painting of a colorless formUntitled, oil on linen

Emil Harkó is an abstract artist who works with hazy forms and fleeting suggestions. Emil tends to work on a small scale with very cohesive color palettes.


An abstract oil painting with a three dimensional appearanceUntitled, oil on linen


I’m really intrigued by the appearances of Emil’s most recent paintings on his website. The artist’s use of lighting and volumes creates the impression of marble sculptures in darkened rooms. The way Emil’s works suggest…

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Acrylic Paint and Charcoal: Art by Addison Paige

An abstract painting made with acrylic paint and charcoal om canvas

Gone Up In a Cloud of Colorful Noise, acrylic and charcoal on canvas

Abstract artist Addison Paige combines acrylic paint and charcoal in her works, creating art objects that seem simultaneously to exist in the worlds of drawing and painting. Wide ranging colors and a sense of the artist’s hand lend an exploratory mood to these works.


an abstract painting with leave shapes drawn in charcoalA Bold Garden Faces The Wind, acrylic and charcoal on canvas

There’s a sense of urgency in many…

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Painting on Water: Art by Kim Keever

An artwork made by dropping paint into waterAbstract 29039

Kim Keever is a former NASA intern who turned to art in a wildly innovative fashion by painting on water. Using a 200-gallon fish tank as the starting point for each work, Keever submerges paint pigments and other materials into the tank, captures the unique interactions between water and art materials with a camera.

An artwork by Kim Keever depicting eroding mountainsEroding Mountains 8286


Looking at these works, it’s clear that Keever has a good working knowledge of…

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Geometric Precision: Painting by Tom Hackney

A geometric abstract painting of a chess matchChess Painting No. 71 (Marcel Duchamp vs. E.H. Smith Hyeres, 1928), gesso on linen with oak frame

Tom Hackney employs geometric precision on both two-dimensional and three-dimensional surfaces, creating works that seem to jump off the walls – sometimes literally. The relatively subdued colour choices that are favored by the artist seem to add to the sharpness of his lines.


An abstract painting with many pixels of colour4096 Hours of Daylight, oil on aluminum panel

In his most…

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Smooth, Fluid Abstract Artworks by Nathalie Gribinski

A detailed abstract artwork with many apparent figuresLa dinde éffarouchée


Today we’re featuring the art portfolio of Nathatlie Gribinski! Nathatlie earned a law degree in Paris, France, before moving to Chicago where she studied graphic design. She currently splits her time between graphic design and fine art, creating smooth, fluid abstract artworks when she isn’t focusing on logos and brochures.


A screen capture of Nathalie Gribinski's art websiteNathatlie's Sea Bubbles gallery

In Nathalie’s recent series’ Tourlicoulis,…

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Scientific Discipline Meets Pure Creativity: Art by Bruce Meberg

An abstract painting with a blue and white sunburst on a red backgroundMaelstrom, acrylic on canvas

Bruce Meberg is a New York-based abstract painter. With an educational background in science and a great love for jazz music, the artist’s creations exist where scientific discipline meets pure creativity.

An abstract painting with a blue structure set against a pale yellow backgroundMolecular, acrylic and texture on canvas

With series titles such as Astral/Quantum and Signs of Life, the scientific and speculative influence in Bruce’s work is clear. The paintings themselves are…

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Studio Sunday: Jackson Pollock

A photo of Jackson Pollock working in his studio



Famed American abstract-expressionist painter Jackson Pollock worked in a predictable paint-splattered home studio in East Hampton on Long Island, New York. Pollock and his wife, Lee Krasner, moved to the house in 1945. After Krasner’s death in the 1980’s, the house was converted into an art museum and educational space at the request of the artist.


The studio inside Pollock’s home is rather Spartan – the wood paneled…

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Complex Geometric Artworks by Lili Phelouzat

A geometric painting composed of flat planes of colourThe Gates Of The Unconscious: Piece 4, acrylic and india ink on canvas

Today let’s look at the artwork of Lili Phelouzat. Lili was born in the Auvergne region of France and moved to London after finishing her studies in art history. As a painter, Lili creates complex geometric artworks that seem to exist simultaneously as architectural models and drawings of a parallel universe.


A geometric abstract painting with yellow, blue and pink tonesThe Gates Of The Unconscious: Piece 10, acrylic and…

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Blocky, Colourful Abstractions by Jeanie Gebhart

An abstracted painting of a flower on a green backgroundFlowers in the Corner, oil 

Jeanie Gebhart is our featured artist today! Jeanie is an abstract painter, represented by galleries in Colorado and Wyoming. The artist creates blocky, colourful abstractions using palette knives and oil paint.


An orange and blue abstraction of a window with flower potsFlower Pot and Window, oil

The last time we featured her palette knife paintings, Jeanie was frequently working in one highly saturated colour over her entire work surface, with small details…

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Movement and Light: Paintings by Donna Bruni

An abstract painting with red, yellow and grey tonesDays in October 1, oil paint and tinted gesso on canvas

Donna Bruni is an abstract painter and our featured artist for the day! Donna’s abstract paintings express movement and light patterns from various locales, and from places that exist only in the artist’s mind.


An abstract painting composed of a textured light pink canvasUncovering Beauty, oil and tinted gesso on custom canvas

The artist often uses milder pastel colours in her works, creating paintings that are like fragments of…

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Complex, Obsessive Abstracts by Leif Timber

An abstract painting composed primarily of blues and redsFreedom of Violence, oil on canvas

Today’s featured artist is Leif Timber. Leif is a painter who specializes in complex, obsessive abstracts.


Leif’s paintings use varied splashes of colour and texture, sometimes combining to form figures, frequently of women, and other times remaining utterly abstract. The element of obsession that runs through Leif’s body of work presents itself in a number of ways – whether through the…

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Growth and Change: Art by Bill Hayner

A mixed-media painting with strange growths on a green backgroundThirty-sixth Month, First Day, mixed media on birch wood panel

Today we’re featuring the artwork of Bill Hayner. This artist’s bizarre, bulbous abstractions have a clear organic quality to them, inspired by the growth and change of life forms. The backgrounds of Bill’s paintings vary, often using bright, monochromatic colours, but the positive shapes are all quite similar, fitting in with an overarching series and an obsession with…

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Frescos in Mixed Media by Nella Lush

An abstracted painting of a figure in oil and enncausticFeeling Blessed @ Cortile, P-Town, oil, cold wax, marble, oil sticks on canvas

Nella Lush is our featured artist today! Nella creates abstracted paintings and frescos in mixed media and encaustic. Her paintings, layered thickly with various media, are reminiscent of ancient and weathered wall-based artworks.


A main page screen capture of Nella Lush's art website

Nella's art website front page


In her paintings and frescos, flowers and scenery are slightly blurred at the edges, obscured…

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Conceptual But Friendly Paintings by Erin MacKeen

A bright yellow abstract painting on raw canvasThat Thing They Say About Time, acrylic on raw canvas

Today let’s take a look at the artwork of Erin MacKeen. Erin is a geometric abstract painter creating conceptual but friendly paintings that focus on bright colours, shapes, and lines.


An acrylic painting on raw canvas with geometric shapes and neutral tonesPaul's Silver Square, acrylic on raw canvas

Erin’s recent works are bright and playful, focusing on large, central shapes. Frequently working from a single block of colour as the focus, the…

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