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Fanciful Custom Hats by Fifilabelle

A photo of a model wearing a floral garland hatFloral garland

Fifilabelle founder Fiona Menzies designs and creates fanciful custom hats. Currently based in London, England, Fiona creates her hat designs on a commission basis, helping customers put the finishing touches on formal outfits of all varieties.

A hat designed for a young girlA little girl's hydreangea hat


I love the variety of designs to browse through on the Fifilabelle website. Fiona’s designs range from simple and elegant to more whimsical, and…

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Vast Abstract Cosmos: Art by Nancy Ungar

A digital artwork with human figurative elementsThe God Spot

Nancy Ungar creates psychedelic artworks in both digital and traditional media. The artist combines abstract forms with frenetic line art and overlapping planes of texture and color to build up a vast abstract cosmos in each work.

An abstract digital artwork with a repeating patternMedusa's Domain


The works in Nancy’s current portfolio are all complex and layered, and seem designed to pull the viewer in for a deeper look. It’s quite fascinating to explore the abstract…

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Studio Sunday: Nicole Eisenman

A photo of Nicole Eisenman in her studio with Grace Dunham


Nicole Eisenman is a painter who currently lives and works in New York. Though she was born in Verdun, France, while her father was stationed there as an army psychiatrist, Eisenman grew up in New York and attended the Rhode Island School of Design in the 1980s. Eisenman is best known for her loose figurative paintings that address a range of relatable themes of modern life.


Eisenman’s studio in Brooklyn looks delightfully…

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Headlines: 798, Rembrandt, Gun Share

1) Writer and Critic Tom Wolfe Dies at 88

A photo of the late Tom Wolfe speaking at the White House


Writer and cultural critic Tom Wolfe passed away this week at the age of 88. Wolfe was known for his works of both fiction and journalism that explored subcultures, trends, and socioeconomic groups in 20th century America. In particular, the writer was known throughout the art world for his 1975 book The Painted World, in which he argued that the state of art criticism at the time was such…

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Curving Abstract Forms: Sculpture by Larry Scaturro

An abstracted sculpture of a horse's headHorse, walnut

Sculptor Larry Scaturro uses wood to create his artworks, which often take the form of curving abstract forms that seem to reference the human figure. The artist’s abstracts sit alongside highly detailed, realistic figurative sculptures with emphasize this connection within his portfolio.

A walnut relief of a human figureDimples 2, walnut


I really enjoy the way that Larry utilizes the human body in his figurative sculptures. These often take the form…

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Natural Colors and Grains: Woodwork by Ken Vick

A walnut rocking chairChair #2 The Survivor, walnut and American cherry wood

Woodworker Ken Vick creates a wide range of custom furniture, specializing in rocking chairs. The artist’s pieces have a sturdy, masculine feel to them, and emphasize the natural colors and grains of the wood.

A handmade heritage baby cradleHeritage Baby Cradle, mahogany with ebony plugs


In our previous feature of Ken’s custom, handmade furniture, we looked at some of the artist’s specialized projects,…

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Glass Artefacts: Art by Claudia Whitten

A kiln-formed glass plate with a fractal patternKiln-formed glass, Fractal Series, Tea

Artist and glass worker Claudia Whitten produces powerful glass artefacts. Claudia embraces the smooth formal aspects of the material itself while exploring the myriad ways in which the color and pattern can be altered and designed.

A kiln formed glass artwork designed as a wall-hangingWall-Hanging, Fractal Series, Kiln-formed glass


I really appreciate the works in Claudia’s recent Fractal Series – with these works, the artist seems to utilize…

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Delicate but Realistic Portraits by Shannon Coyle

A graphite portrait of a boy in hockey gearNicholas, graphite

Shannon Coyle is a figurative artist specializing in graphite drawings of pets and children. Currently based on The Bay of Islands in Newfoundland and Labrador, Shannon draws on artistic training in drawing and painting to craft delicate but realistic portraits.

A graphite portrait of a fluffy dogMoses, graphite

As we noted in our previous feature of Shannon’s graphite portraiture, the artist tends to work with a very soft touch, relying on blending…

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Real and Mythical: Art by Sue Ellen Brown

A painting of the Scorpio sign from the zodiacScorpio, archival Giclee print

Sue Ellen Brown is an artist from Texas who specializes in realistic, detailed renderings of subjects both real and mythical. The artist has lent her talents to numerous publications ranging from children’s books to strategy card games to magazines and marketing materials.

A painting of a pearl pendantThe Pearl Medallion, Premier Giclee prints on archival stock


I really enjoy the fantasy subject matter that frequently features in…

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Studio Sunday: Vija Clemins

A photo of Vija Clemins working in her studio


This week for Studio Sunday we’re looking at the work space of Vija Clemins. Clemins was born in Riga, Latvia, in 1938 but was relocated to the United States as a refugee at the age of 10, following the events of World War II. As an artist, Clemins has experimented with many mediums and techniques but is perhaps best known for her monochromatic drawings that mimic natural textures.


Clemins’ studio looks fantastically bright…

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Ethereal and Performative: Art by Susan McKenzie

A photograph of a dancer in mid-movementDuet by choreographer Connie Moker Wernikowski. Dancers: Carleigh MacDonald, Natasha Molnar-Fluter. Photo: Tien Johnson

Susan McKenzie is an artist, teacher, dancer, and choreographer based in North Vancouver, BC. Susan’s works are often ethereal and performative, blending dance with other conceptual ideas. The artist often takes a collaborative approach to work and life, and sits on the board of directors of Vancouver’s Southeast…

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Headlines: Frieze, Frida Kahlo, Fat

1) Gallery Discontent Grows Around Frieze

A painting by Anton Kern at Frieze New York


This year it seems that artists, collectors, galleries, and the media are paying increased attention to the ways in which Frieze art fair might actually be a detriment. While concerns about how the fair actually benefits artists and galleries have been ongoing for years, according to one dealer, Cristin Tierney, more and more art professionals are realizing that speaking out is the best way…

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Glass Pet Portraits: Art by Evi Cundiff

A stained glass artwork depicting a running dogBeach Boy

Evi Cundiff is a stained glass artist based in Vermont. While Evi works with a wide range of subject matter, the artist’s current practice emphasizes glass pet portraits, with Evi working on a personal and commissioned basis.

A stained glass artwork of a squidPortrait of a Squid


I really appreciate the range of colors in each of Evi’s stained glass works – the artist seems to keep her eyes open for what color scheme will best represent each subject. In…

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Abstract Paradise: Art by Matthieu Venot

A photo of a building in the sunUntitled I (Montpellier), photographic print

Photographer Matthieu Venot captures views of an abstract paradise. The artist takes a minimalist approach to photography, seeking out the color and geometry of an architectural features and focusing in until the shapes take on new meaning.

A photograph of an apartment building with minimalist compositionUntitled III (BRUT), photographic print


I love Venot’s recent series of building portraits. In each of these photographs, a single apartment tower…

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TV, Film, and Commercials: Acting by Mo Davis

A headshot of actor Mo DavisUntitled (headshot)

Mo Davis is an actress who has worked in TV, film, and commercials. In her various roles, Mo showcases a broad range of personas, and has a great ability to blend into a character, finding a unique voice with each.


Acting clip


In her acting clips, Mo’s artistic range can clearly be seen. She plays characters that range from quirky oddballs to hard-edged professionals, in various situations. With only minor…

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