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The Art Portfolio of Self-Taught Painter Jorge Puron

A painting with coloured and textured bands curving across itAlquimia #1, acrylic on canvas

Jorge Puron is a self-taught painter originally from Piedras Negras, Mexico, who currently lives and works in Texas. In his recent artistic works, Jorge blends flat-coloured, geometric abstraction with portrait painting and textured layering techniques. 

A painting of an abstracted landscape with deep jewel tonesPaisaje Cosmico #2, acrylic on canvas

I’m really enjoying browsing through Jorge’s recent series Cosmic Alchemy Landscapes and Hard Edge Figuration.…

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The Prolific Artistic Portfolio of Jeanne Kollée

A palette knife painting with a dark, heavy colour schemeThe Last Eve of Berlin - May 02 1945, oil on canvas

Jeanne Kollée is a painter and mixed media artist working primarily in oil. In her prolific artistic practice, Jeanne creates works ranging from delicate, smudgy florals to hard-edged abstractions painted with a palette knife. 

A painting of a barren landscapeEpoch - 2035, oil on canvas


I really like the way Jeanne uses colour in her artworks. The artist’s series Unter Dem Messer (Under the Knife) features…

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The Art Portfolio of Mexican Painter Carmen Estrada

A painting of the foothills of the Sierra MadreFoothills of the Sierra Madre

Carmen Estrada is a prolific Mexican painter whose practice encompasses a variety of styles and subjects. The artist frequently pays homage to her hometown of Mazatlán and the local culture through paintings that celebrate traditional styles as well as noted Mexican artists. 

A painting of a horseman in an abstracted styleHorseman


Carmen switches easily between various styles of painting, sometimes creating works in the style of famous Mexican…

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Fantastic Favourites: Peter Borkowicz, Sean Sweeney, Jason Shanaman

Today we’re featuring the work of Peter Brokowicz, Sean Sweeney, and Jason Shanaman -- three artists working in three-dimensional media, from traditional woodwork to abstract sculpture to detailed, realistic modelling.


Peter Borkowicz

A custom furniture piece made from different shades of woodArt Deco furniture piece


Peter Borkowicz is a woodworker who creates custom wood furniture. The artist’s creations are sometimes sleek and modern, and other times emulate art deco and early 19th…

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Lush and Layered Textures: Art by Edward Bock

A mixed media artwork depicting an abstracted jukeboxJukebox, acrylic and charcoal on wood panel

Edward Bock works in mixed media, creating colourful works in two dimensions that express thick, lush, and layered textures. Edward uses a bright and saturated colour palette in the majority of his works, blending cool green tones with warm reds and oranges for a geological, planetary effect.

A painting with blue and green coloursCapricornus II, acrylic on canvas


In his abstract paintings, Edward takes a particularly wild and…

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Variations in the Land: The Photography of William Kent

A photo of Painted Hills, OregonPainted Cove from Parking Lot

Photographer William Kent captures images of landscapes both wild and urban all along the Pacific coast of the United States and Canada. The artist’s portfolio is packed with images that celebrate saturated colour and the incredible variations in the land of just a small part of the world. 

A photograph of spindly, leafless trees in NewfoundlandThe Arches Treeline


I really like the way that William emphasizes colour in his photographs. Whether he’s…

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Fantastic Favourites: Joel Yatscoff, Kenn Raaf, Robert Milling

Today we’re taking a look at the art portfolios of three artists working in varied media and disciplines, from industrial design to sculpture restoration. Today's features artists are Joel Yatscoff, Kenn Raaf, and Robert Milling.


Joel Yatscoff

A packaging design for a medicinal marijuana welcome kitVan der Pop/ Weed MD Welcome Kit (Design for Hiku Brands Inc.)


Joel Yatscoff is an industrial designer. The artist’s body of work encompasses original designs for a variety of products,…

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Colour and Scale: The Art Portfolio of Ronald George Straight

A painting with a surreal composition made up of paper airplanes and wood pillarsThe Greys, oil on canvas

Ronald George Straight is an artist originally from Winnipeg, who has lived in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and BC. In his paintings, Ronald captures the colour and scale of the prairie landscape, including wildlife and slice-of-life details. 

A painting of a bird flying over a wetland landscapeWetlands, oil on canvas


I really enjoy the way Ronald employs colour in his oil on canvas works. Looking at the artist’s portfolio as a whole, it seems that orange and…

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The Art Portfolio of Watercolour Painter Jane Crosby

A painting of an oregano plantOregano "Kent Beauty", watercolour on cold-pressed paper

Jane Crosby is a watercolour painter with a love for plants and florals. The artist’s painting style is realistic, and Jane showcases an impressive skill with her medium, producing delicate, controlled works with an emphasis on detail. 

A painting of a teacup and pearls atop a thick bookBook and Pearls Wabi Sabi, watercolour on hot pressed paper


As we’ve talked about in previous features of Jane’s art portfolio, the…

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On Unceded Lands: The Art Portfolio of Sonny Assu

A mixed media artwork combining a traditional First Nations art style with a modern aestheticLandlines #4, acrylic ink on Stonehenge Archival Paper

Sonny Assu is an interdisciplinary artist of Liǥwildax̱w/Kwakwaka’wakw heritage, hailing from southern British Columbia. In his practice, the artist addresses and reconciles that heritage with his suburban Canadian upbringing and experiences of life in a colonial state on unceded lands

An art piece consisting of an arcade console and an original videoBroken Treaties, Maple, copper leaf, paint (video: Clayfighter by Brendon Tang)



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The Acrylic on Canvas Portfolio of Jennifer Sparacino

A painting of a coyote in bright coloursCoyote Sunset, acrylic on canvas

Jennifer Sparacino works primarily in acrylic on canvas. Jennifer’s current practice is quite prolific, with the artist often taking a single subject as the inspiration for multiple successive works, producing multiple series of paintings that showcase that subject from a variety of viewpoints. 

A painting of an owl against a forest backgroundPerch of One's Own, acrylic on canvas


The artist’s recent Wildlife 2020 paintings take bears, wolves,…

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Landscapes from Other Worlds: Photographyby Richard R. Ashby

A photo of blue sky streaked with cloudsUntitled

Richard R. Ashby is a photographer who takes a creative approach to his medium, pushing the envelope of photographic composition with abstracted works and shots of flowers and minerals that are close-up so as to suggest landscapes from other worlds

A close-up photo of an agate geodegeode -- agate


I find the artist’s series of Rock and Mineral Abstracts especially fascinating -- in these works, Richard photographs slices of rocks and minerals so that the…

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Strking Figures: The Art Portfolio of Allyson Malek

A painting of circles on a grey backgroundMellow Moments, acrylic on canvas

Allyson Malek works primarily in acrylic paint, creating abstracted works that emphasize bright and energetic colour schemes. The artist’s works tend to focus on simple, striking figures painted on heavily textured grounds. 

A painting with bars of bright, saturated colourSerape, acrylic on canvas


Bright dots and coloured spheres are a common motif in Allyson’s artworks, as are stacked geometric compositions that could be likened to the work…

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Elements of the Natural: Art by Nicole Richards

A mixed media artwork depicting narwhals from an arial viewNavigating Icebergs

Nicole Richards is an artist trained in printmaking who works in print and other media. In her current portfolio, Nicole uses her artwork as a way of expressing the sense of awe she feels when confronted with elements of the natural world. 

A painting of a hedgehog at a small front doorAnyone at home?


As her inspiration might suggest, Nicole’s subject matter is frequently fauna -- birds and small animals factor into a large portion of her works. I like…

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Industrial Architecture: Illustrative Art by Susan Gransby

A reduction linocut print of a scene in VancouverTom's House, Granville Island, reduction linocut

Susan Gransby is currently based in Burnaby, BC, where she produces works in printmaking, illustration, and other mixed media. The artist often takes industrial architecture as subject matter, breaking down complex layers of engineered structure into sparing geometrically inclined images. 

A mixed media artwork with imagery of shipping containers and cranesTerminal, mixed media


I like the way Susan takes urban, industrial structures and pares them down…

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