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Headlines: New Year's Round-Up

1) Artists, Writers and Curators Discuss The Best and Worst Exhibitions of the Year

A photo of Natasha Dhilon at an arts rallyNatasha Dhilon

This January 1st, let’s take a look back at some of the best (and worst) art and design work that came out in 2015. On Hyperallergic, artistic “luminaries” talk about their favourite and least favourite art exhibitions of the year. On the whole, the piece provides a fascinating showcase of what contemporary artists from all over the…

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"Putting Yourself Out There" With Ease: Gallery Openings and Studio Visits

detailed photograph of a rope net

Artwork by Connie Sabo


You want to be connected to your local art community, artists and dealers. Artists help you keep your ear to the ground, give you grass-roots support that is unparalleled and introduce you to new ideas. Arts organizers, buyers, fans and administrators are some of your greatest assets for business connections. They understand the lay of the land and buy your work or facilitate sales. 


I propose that you take…

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Pop-Up Art Shows: the DIY Approach


photo of an art gallery


Have you ever thought about having your own art show? Over the years "Pop-up" Art shows have been gaining popularity and momentum. All you need is a temporary space and someone present to "gallery sit" your exhibition....most of us have experience in many of the other aspects that we might normally rely on the gallery to provide but here are some things to consider to make your show a success.


Find A Space:

Secure a space for a…

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