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Headlines: Gold Theft, Denver, Heritage Caves

1) Arrests Made in Connection with Giant Coin Theft 

A photo of the Big Maple Leaf coin on display at the Bode Museum


German police brought in four suspects on Wednesday morning in connection with the theft of a giant gold coin in March. The coin, which was the size of a manhole cover and worth the equivalent of $3.9 million USD, was originally produced in Canada, and had been moved to the Bode Museum in Germany, home of one of the world’s largest coin collections. It was not recovered in…

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Headlines: Fire, Dali and Darkness

1) Owner of Destroyed Zoffany Painting may be Fully Remibursed by National Trust

An 18th-century painting by Johann Zoffany


The government of the U.K. is likely to pay a record-setting £4 million in insurance money to cover the value of a painting that was destroyed in a fire. The painting was Johann Zoffany’s “The Mathew Family at Felix Hall, Kelvedon, Essex.” Painted in the 1760’s, the work pictured a young George Mathew, the descendants of whom were its owners. It…

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Headlines: Skulptur, Empty, and Marijuana

1) Empty Gallery: A Pitch Black Art Space in Hong Kong

Guests viewing a Takashi Makino film at Empty Gallery in Hong Kong


A Hong Kong gallery is flipping the script as far as gallery design goes. Hong Kong’s recently-expanded Empty Gallery is a two-floor space with entirely black walls, floors, and even fixtures - the complete opposite of the pristine white cube that we’ve come to expect from gallery spaces. Founder Stephen Cheng believes that a pitch black space is the ideal conductor for art…

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Headlines: Chicago, Cedar, and Snapchat

1) Chicago Art Institute to Offer Free Admission to High Schoolers

An exterior photo of the Art Institute in Chicago


The Art Institute in Chicago is expanding its free admission program to include high-school aged teens. Currently, the Institute offers free admission to children up to 13 years of age. Thanks to a sizeable donation by Kansas-based philanthropists Glenn and Claire Swogger, teens aged 14 to 17 will also get into the museum for free, starting in the new year. The…

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Headlines: Ulay, the Dakota Pipeline and an NEA Report

1) Ulay Wins Court Case Against Marina Abramovich

A photograph of the artist Ulay


Ulay, the former collaborator and partner of Marina Abramovich, has won his legal case against the renowned performance artist, claiming that Abramovich had violated a contract concerning a number of joint works that she and Ulay and made together. According to Ulay, he and Abramovich had drawn a contract in 1999 entitling him to 20 percent of the net sales on all their prior…

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Headlines: Bowie, Pokemon Go and the Border Wall

1) David Bowie's Art Collection to be Auctioned in November

Works by Peter Lanyon and Frank Auerbach in David Bowie's private collection


David Bowie’s private art collection has been revealed to the public. The collection, which boasts over 300 individual works, features art by greats including Damien Hirst, Henry Moore and Marcel Duchamp. The works will be displayed at Sotheby’s in London before being auctioned in November, at which point they are expected to sell for a collective £10 million at least.…

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Headlines: Political Correctness, Tax Evasion and Women

1) Rijksmuseum Aims for a Neutral Perspective

A photo of the painting "Girl Holding a Fan" by Simon Maris



The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is campaigning for a more progressive image with the removal of racist and otherwise offensive terms from the titles and descriptions of artworks in its online library. The project is being called the “Adjustment of Colonial Terminology” and the museum hopes that removal of unnecessary “colonial” terms in its library will update the collection to a…

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Headlines: Expanding Museums and Shrinking Studio Space

1) LGBTQ Museum Doubles in Size

A photo of the interior of the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art



The Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, the first art museum in the United States completely devoted to art by LGBTQ artists, happily announced on September 16th that it would be expanding to nearly double its current size. The museum currently occupies roughly 3300 square feet in SoHo, New York, and has ambitions of expanding even further over the next decade.


2) Portals Allows Visitors…

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