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Headlines: Glasgow, Salvator Mundi, Shell

1) Glasgow School of Art Still Gutted Months After Fire

A photo of the 2018 fire at the Glasgow School of Art


Local residents are still displaced and undergraduate students are facing an uncertain start to the semester a few months after a large fire did significant damage to the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. The fire, which originated in the school’s Mackintosh building, caused extensive destruction, casting debris and flames over a space of several blocks. With the start of the…

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Headlines: Descent Into Limbo, Art Institutes, Masterworks

1) Man Falls into Anish Kapoor Artwork

A photo of Anish Kapoor's Descent into Limbo


An Italian man has been making headlines around the world since falling into an Anish Kapoor artwork on August 13th. The work, the aptly named Descent Into Limbo, which takes the form of a dark, circular hole, was installed on the floor of Serralves art museum in Portugal. The work was originally created in 1992, and whether or not the pit is real or merely an illusion has been the subject of…

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Headlines: Puryear, Casanova, Looted Artefacts

1) Martin Puryear Will Represent USA in Venice Biennale

Bling Bling by Martin Puryear


After an anxious wait, Martin Puryear has been announced as this year’s Venice Biennale representative for the United States.The U.S. Pavilion in Venice will be curated by Brooke Kamin Rapaport, current deputy director and senior curator of the Madison Square Park Conservancy in New York. Rapaport has worked with Puryear in the past -- in 2016, the artist’s large-scale…

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Headlines: Studio Demolition, Art Beds, McMansion Hell

1) Crews Demolish Ai Weiwei's Studio Without Warning

A photo from Ai Weiwei's Instagram of demolition crews at his studio


On Friday of last week, Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei announced that his studio was being demolished. According to one of Ai’s assistants, Ai’s rental contract for the space had recently expired, and the artist and his staff were in the process of removing artworks from the studio building when demolition teams began knocking in the windows. While Ai had been aware of…

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Headlines: Photography, Pizza, Sandwiches

1) Photography Versus "Fake News"

A screen capture of a U.S. press meeting


Conscientious Photography Magazine delves into the nature of “fake news” and how photographers can use their medium to help to combat the rising tide of untruth.The solution, the author writes, is not necessarily so simple as presenting untouched photographs of events. The idea presented in the article is that photography relies just as much on narrative, composition, and context to create a…

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Headlines: Biennale, Write on Art, Looted Sculpture

1) U.S. Late in Announcing its Venice Biennale Artist for 2019

A photo of Joan Jonas' work representing the United States in the 56th Venice Biennale


As of last weekend, the U.S. state department was still 3 months late in announcing the country’s artist for this year’s Venice Biennale (which, as we reported last week, has taken on the ostentatious title “May You Live in Interesting Times”). Normally, countries can announce their artists more than a year in advance of the exhibition, in order to give the artist…

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Headlines: NEA, Texas, Memorial

1) Proposed Cuts to NEA Voted Down

The Capitol building in Washington, DC


In Washington, DC, the U.S. House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly against a proposed amendment that would have cut funding to the National Endowment for the Arts by 15 percent. In what is being hailed as a victory for arts advocated in the United States, 297 representatives voted against the amendment, while only 117 voted for it. The Amendment was proposed by the republican representative…

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Headlines: Canwood, Hirshhorn, North Korean Artists

1) 1960s Art by Native American Schoolchildren gets First Exhibit

One of the drawings from the Chinle Boarding School


A small collection of artwork made by students at the Chinle Boarding School in Many Farms, Arizona, will be returning home to be exhibited for the first time ever. The artworks, produced by Native American students at the boarding school in the 1960’s, were discovered at a garage sale in Shreveport, Louisiana almost 20 years ago. Antiques dealer Ray Stevenson, who…

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Headlines: Haring, Botched Restoration, Emoji

1) Restoration of St. George Effigy Draws Mockery

A side-by-side comparison of an original and restored effigy of St. George


A chapel in the town of Estella, Spain, has become the home of the second coming of Ecce Homo Monkey Christ, or “Beast Jesus,” if you prefer. A wooden statue of St. George, in armor and portrayed battling a dragon, has been rendered somewhat more cartoonish with an inexpert paint job. According to reports, the parish authorities of the Church of St. Michael may have commissioned a…

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Headlines: Lawsuits, Missing Painting, Street Artists

1) Gagosian Moves to Throw Out Tanabaum Lawsuit

An image of a Jeff Koons Balloon Dog sculpture


A follow-up to the lawsuit between art collector Steven Tananbaum and the studio of Jeff Koons: on Wednesday night, Gagosian Gallery (Koons’ representative) filed a motion to have Tananbaum’s claim dismissed. Filed with the New York Supreme Court, Gagosian’s motion claims that Tananbaum’s complaint was “overwrought,” and that the collector was essentially, being overly…

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Headlines: Net Neutrality, Basel, Queer Biennale

1) What Does The End of Net Neutrality Mean for Artists?

A meme featuring FCC chair Ajit Pai


Earlier this week, net neutrality was repealed in the United States, and in the wake of the FCC’s decision many are wondering how the new internet will affect independent creators. The repeal of net neutrality means that internet service providers will now be legally allowed to slow down service to certain websites, or block certain websites from being access unless users pay…

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Headlines: Cryptocurrency, Jesus, Sunflowers

1) Auction Houses Improving Diversty in Preview Photos

A photo of a Christie's auction house employee looking at a painting up for sale


Change is coming to the outdated stock photographs that are often used by art auction houses to preview lots for sale. Photographs of works for sale often use young, female models to help viewers better observe the size and presence of an artwork. While these photos are often taken by press agencies and auction houses don’t necessarily have a say in who is pictured with the…

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Headlines: Vodka, Momacha, Majestic Splendor

1) Russian Gallery to Stop Alcohol Sales After Intoxicated Attack on Painting

Two women view a screen at a media conference about the damaged Russian painting


The prominent Russian State Tretyakov Gallery says that it may change its policies toward on-site alcohol sales, after a drunk guest, wielding a metal pole, damaged a painting. The painting, a 19th-century masterpiece by Ilya Rapin depicting Czar Ivan the Terrible holding his mortally wounded son in the 1500s, was struck by a security pole several times on…

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Headlines: Rothko Chapel, Indiana, LOVE

1) Rothko Chapel Vandalized With White Suprematist Messages

The Broken Obelisk at Rothko Chapel in Houston


The Rothko Chapel in Houston, Texas, was vandalized last Friday in an apparent hate crime. According to reports, at some time late Friday evening an unknown vandal splashed white paint at multiple locations across the grounds, and left leaflets reading “it’s okay to be white.” The paint was poured into the Chapel’s reflecting pool -- close to The Broken Obelisk, a…

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Headlines: 798, Rembrandt, Gun Share

1) Writer and Critic Tom Wolfe Dies at 88

A photo of the late Tom Wolfe speaking at the White House


Writer and cultural critic Tom Wolfe passed away this week at the age of 88. Wolfe was known for his works of both fiction and journalism that explored subcultures, trends, and socioeconomic groups in 20th century America. In particular, the writer was known throughout the art world for his 1975 book The Painted World, in which he argued that the state of art criticism at the time was such…

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