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Headlines: New Year's Round-Up

1) Artists, Writers and Curators Discuss The Best and Worst Exhibitions of the Year

A photo of Natasha Dhilon at an arts rallyNatasha Dhilon

This January 1st, let’s take a look back at some of the best (and worst) art and design work that came out in 2015. On Hyperallergic, artistic “luminaries” talk about their favourite and least favourite art exhibitions of the year. On the whole, the piece provides a fascinating showcase of what contemporary artists from all over the…

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Headlines: Political Correctness, Tax Evasion and Women

1) Rijksmuseum Aims for a Neutral Perspective

A photo of the painting "Girl Holding a Fan" by Simon Maris



The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is campaigning for a more progressive image with the removal of racist and otherwise offensive terms from the titles and descriptions of artworks in its online library. The project is being called the “Adjustment of Colonial Terminology” and the museum hopes that removal of unnecessary “colonial” terms in its library will update the collection to a…

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Headlines: Appropriation, Public Art and Gifts

1) UK: Photos of Public Domain Artworks Also Public Domain

A Lorenzo Lotto painting considered public domain on Wikimedia

For any aspiring appropriation artists who are reading this, the UK Intellectual Property Office has affirmed that high-quality photographs of public domain artworks are themselves considered public domain and therefore fair use. The announcement asserts that simply making a copy of an existing work does not make it a new, original work. An original work must be considered the…

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Headlines: Icebergs, Art Basel and Image Copyrights

1) Climate Change Art As Spectacle 

Olafur Eliasson and Minik Rosing's Ice Watch installation


Where last week we reported on a number of artworks that were installed in Paris as part of the COP 21 conference on climate change, we didn’t look particularly closely at any one work. Here’s some recommended reading from Hyperallergic in which Joseph Nechvatal picks apart the logistics of Olafur Eliasson and Minik Rosing's Ice Watch installation, noting the extravagant climate costs that…

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Headlines: Climate Change, AIDS and Art

1) Artists Offer Their Two Cents at Climate Change Conference

A chunk of ice being loaded into a shipping crate for Olafur Eliasson's Ice Watch



As the UN climate change conference in Paris, France gets under way, artists are offering their own thoughts on the issue. Olafur Eliasson and Sheperd Fairey both have public installations addressing climate issues. The artist’s collective Brandalism has created a series of mock advertisements installed on bus shelters. The activist group Avaaz has reacted the…

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Headlines: Thanksgiving, Museums and 3-D Art

1) Happy Thanksgiving from Hannah Rothstein


A thanksgiving-themed take on Keith Haring's artwork by Hannah RothsteinKeith Haring, Hannah Rothstein

In time for American Thanksgiving, artist Hannah Rothstein has created a series of thanksgiving plates served in the style of well-known artists. Each artwork depicts a clean white plate laden with various thanksgiving-themed foodstuffs that echo famous artworks with careful placement. Keith Haring, for example, is represented with a figure made of corn…

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Headlines: France, Malevich and New York

1) Grab a Free Short Story to Fill the Time


A photo of a short story vending machine from Short Edition in France


French publishing company Short Edition has installed eight short-story vending machines in public locations throughout the city of Grenoble, France. The idea is to encourage people to kill time by reading short literature, rather than constantly checking their phones. Each vending machine dispenses stories in one-minute, three-minute and five-minute length options. The stories are free,…

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Headlines: Performance, Painting and Payments

1) Marina Abramovich Sued by Former Collaborator

A photo of performance artist Ulay
Performance artist
Ulay is suing his former partner and longtime collaborator Marina Abramovich. Ulay, (real name Frank Uwe Laysiepen) worked with Abramovich from 1976 through 1988 and together created some of the duo’s most well-known works. He claims that Abramovich has withheld payments that she owed to him for the past 16 years, and is additionally accusing the well-known performance…

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Headlines: Batman, Grunge and Propaganda

1) Artists Get Creative with Batman Covers

A Batman cover illustration by Chris WareIllustration of Batman by Chris Ware 

Artists and illustrators including Art Spiegelman, Alison Bechdel, Chris Ware and Stephen Doyle have all provided custom visions of characters from Batman comics for an exhibit at the Museum of American Illustration and Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art at the Society of Illustrators. The covers are for DC Comics’ 6-issue Black and White series, the first…

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Headlines: Cats, Lego and Halloween

1) A Collection of Cat Art Goes to Auction

Iwao Akiyama's "Two Cats"Iwao Akiyama, Two Cats

The art collection of German-born New York art collector Marianne C. Gourary went to auction yesterday through Bloomsbury auction house in London. The collector was most known for her great affinity for felines, and fittingly, most of the artwork is centered on cats. Featuring numerous cat-related book illustrations, paintings and even literature from the last four…

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Headlines: Politics, Feminism and Apps

1) Trudeau Promises More Arts Funding for Canada

A photo of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau


Now that the elections are over, Hyperallergic has put together a simplified outline of Canadian prime-minister Justin Trudeau’s grand scheme for supporting the arts. The prime minister, a former literature student at McGill University, stated during his campaign that he hoped to increase funding for the arts in the country – or at the very least, undo some of the cuts that the…

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Headlines: DNA, Gargoyles and Renoir

1) Ai Weiwei to Publish First Memoir


A photo of Ai Weiwei



Chinese artist and political activist Ai Weiwei has reportedly signed a book deal for his first memoir, to be published in 2017. The memoir will apparently double as a cultural history of China over the past century, through the lens of Ai’s personal experiences as well as the life story of his father. Both the younger and the senior Ai are known for “revolutionary activities,” and…

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Headlines: Airport Art, Dinosaurs and Theme Parks

1) Public Art in San Francisco Airport Includes Yayoi Kusama


A photo of Yayoi Kusama's "High Heels for Going to Heaven"

Artworks by Yayoi Kusama and Val Britton are now on display at the San Francisco airport. The works have been incorporated into the airport as part of the city’s art mandate – that is, commercial property developments in San Francisco must spend two percent of the total building cost on art. While KQED notes that none of the artworks get outside the envelope of…

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Headlines: Art, Politics and a Disobedient Camera


1) San Francisco Artists Protest Gentrification

A photo of several artists protesting the Google bus in April 2014


Last week we saw that an arts group in Berlin are protesting for more affordable studio space in the city. It would seem the lack of affordable space for artists is becoming a worldwode trend. This week, artists living in San Francisco, CA protest the gentrification of the city that's pushing out the artists and performers that it has previously been so well known for. 


2) Bernie…

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Headlines: Dialogues in Photography, Copyright and Typecasting

1) The Magna Carta Visits New York for a Week

The Magna Carta on display at the New York Historical Society



This week only, the Magna Carta is on view in New York during a visit from England. Nearly eight centuries old, the document is being shown at the New York Historical Society beside several American manuscripts that may have been indirectly influenced by the Magna Carta. The document is notable as the first instance of all people, including royalty, being viewed as equal subjects under…

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