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Headlines: Expanding Museums and Shrinking Studio Space

1) LGBTQ Museum Doubles in Size

A photo of the interior of the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art



The Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, the first art museum in the United States completely devoted to art by LGBTQ artists, happily announced on September 16th that it would be expanding to nearly double its current size. The museum currently occupies roughly 3300 square feet in SoHo, New York, and has ambitions of expanding even further over the next decade.


2) Portals Allows Visitors…

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Headlines: Protests, Picasso and Writing on Walls

1) Lyon Biennale Artists Edit Their Own Write-Ups


A photo of an edited write-up at the Lyon Biennale


A number of artists are apparently quite dissatisfied with the explanatory wall write-ups that are accompanying their works at the Lyon Biennale. Some of the corrections, mostly made in pen or marker, really get straight to the point about the problem with art press releases and museum copy – for example, Guan Xiao crossing out the word “painstakingly” as a descriptor of her…

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Headlines: Giant Art; Videogames; Reality TV

1) Artists Create A Synthetic Beach Inside a Museum


An installation by Brooklyn design firm Snarkitechture, titled THE BEACH, is turning over 10,000 square feet of the National Building Museum in Washington DC into a fake, ultra-modern beach. Guests to the museum are encouraged to lounge around and interact with the multifaceted art piece which includes lawn chairs, a snack bar and a ball-pit “ocean.” 


2) Norway Mural is…

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Headlines: Polaroids, Pigs and Destructive Kids

1) Air Artists Auctions Infamous Rock n' Roll Props


A 2011 photo of Algie, Pink Floyd's inflatable pig


The UK-based company Air Artists, frequent creator of props for big-name rock bands, is selling 30 years worth of its works at auction in September. Among the items up for sale are props used by bands including Pink Floyd, the Rolling Stones, AC/DC and Bon Jovi. No estimated prices are available due to the "unusual" nature of the items. 


2) You Can Make Up Background Stories…

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Headlines: Crowdfunding, Art Theft and Banksy

1) WildLife Digitized in Macauly Library


The logo for the Cornell Library of Ornithology

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Macaulay Library is following the trend of creating digitially accessible libraries of information by beginning the process of digitizing its library of nature sounds. Just as Matt Parker's Imitation Archive project preserved the sounds of ancient computers, perhaps this project will immortalize the sounds of birds and other wildlife that hover on the brink…

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Headlines: Billionaires, Cats, and Very Old Books

A digitized page from the 17th century Chinese Manual of Calligraphy and Painting


1) Digitization Saves 17th Century Chinese Illustrations


The world’s oldest multi-coloured printed book has been digitized for the Cambridge University Library. The 17th century manual of calligraphy and painting by Chinese author Shi zhu zhai shu hua pu was so delicate that opening the book was strictly forbidden until the digitization process began. Now available for viewing on Cambridge University’s digital library site,…

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Headlines: Sound Art, Ai Weiwei and Instagram

The album cover for Matt Parker's the Imitation Archive


1) Historic Computers get Rebooted as Sound Art


If you haven’t already come across it, sound artist Matt Parker has created an ambient electronic album entirely from recordings of the functional sounds of very old computers. The computers are housed in the National Museum of Computing in Bletchley Park. The album, titled The Imitation Archive, is available for download by donation on Bandcamp.


2) Ai Weiwei Flies the Coop…


A photo of Ai Weiwei taking a photo of himself at an airport

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3 Great Websites to Bookmark For Art News

Hyperallergic website



Do you keep up to date with all of the art news that is constantly beaming out of the art world? I'm a busy gal but here are a few websites that I like to read for up to date art news. Here are three of my preferred art news websites. You can easily bookmark them - follow them on Facebook/Twitter etcetera so you can be regularly updated.


#1. Hyperallergic 

(see image above)

I like this Brooklyn-based art news website because…

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