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Headlines: Pools, Planes and Panama


1) Elmgreen and Dragset Install a Pool at Rockefeller Center


Van Gogh's Ear by Elmgreen and Dragset in New York


The artist duo Elmgreen and Dragset have installed a full-sized upright swimming pool in the plaza at New York’s Rockefeller Center. The pool, entitled Van Gogh’s Ear, is presented by Public Art Fund. Emlgreen and Dragset have carefully sculpted each aspect of the ear-shaped pool to the most realistic standards, making the finished product indistinguishable from a…

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Headlines: Painting, Rembrandt, and the Trump Tombstone

1) Wikimedia Sweden Sued for Copyright Infringement

A screen capture from Offentlig Konst


A website that mapped and featured photographs of public artworks in Sweden has been judged by a Swedish court to be in violation of copyright laws. Offentlig Konst is a website dedicated to showing tourists where to find popular art landmarks. It also offers high-quality photographs of each landmark, allowing site visitors free use of these images. The site’s owners, Wikimedia…

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Headlines: Narcissism, Trump's Tombstone and Zaha Hadid

1) Narcissistic Artists Perform Better at Auction, Study Suggests

An internet meme commenting on the narcissism of artists


A new study from Florida State University has suggested that artists who display the strongest narcissistic traits tend to be more commercially successful, reports Hyperallergic. The study measured the artist’s levels of narcissism by comparing the sizes of the signatures of the artists. Looking at 815 artworks from the Oxford Art Online database, the research team,…

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Headlines: Hong Kong, Witchcraft and Rocks

Designer Turns a Mondrian Painting into a Game of Pong

A still frame of MondriPong by Kristiana Hansen



It’s Friday! Why not enjoy a fun art-based diversion with this playable Pong game, modeled after the form of a Piet Mondrian painting. The artistic community website B3ta originally set out a challenge for creators to turn famous artworks into videogames. After a user submitted a .GIF fittingly titled “Pongdrian,” designer Kristiana Hansen decided to make the game a…

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Headlines: Art Books, Islamic Patterns and Framing

1) Art Books Resist Digitization

A photo of the exhibition catalogue for Philodendron


Though advances in technology have the potential to make print books a thing of the past, many still value the feeling of holding an actual book over the simplicity and ease of digital files. Art books are no exception, an idea which is explored in this New York Times article on the existence and future of art books and exhibition catalogues. It seems that these types of books are far easier to…

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Headlines: Women's Day, Iranian Artists and the Moscow Metro

1) Los Angeles Exhibition Showcases Kurt Cobain's Belongings

A photo by Geoff Moore of a sneaker owned by Kurt CobainEndorsement - Cobain's Converse #1, Geoff Moore

KM Fine Arts in Los Angeles is currently hosting an exhibition of large-scale photographic prints by Geoff Moore. Each of the photos depicts one of the many items collected from the estate of Kurt Cobain. The photos were all taken over the course of a single day, when the various treasures were moved from a vault to a studio space…

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Headlines: Kapoor, Coupland and Ryman

1) Anish Kapoor Gets Exclusive Art Rights to Vantablack

A photo of tinfoil with Vantablack applied to it


Anish Kapoor has exclusive rights to the blackest material known to humanity. Vantablack, or Vertically Aligned Nanotube Array black, absorbs 99.965% of visible light, far more than even the darkest pain pigments that you might currently be using.  Even when it is painted onto shiny, crinkled tinfoil, it creates the appearance of a uniform, matte black hole that goes on…

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Headlines: Asteroids, .GIFs, and The Met

An image of the new logo for the Metropolitan Museum of Art



People are still up in arms over the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s logo change. Amid insults and jokes by critics and everyday museumgoers alike, the New York institution released a statement about the new branding, which will go into effect on March 1st. The museum claims that its new logo reaches a wider possible audience than its old one, which comprised a stylized “M” amid geometric shapes. The new one does, admittedly,…

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Art News: Space Travel, The Internet, and Pharmacy

Deep Face by Douglas Coupland, 2015



This article in Wired covers Electronic Superhighway, an exhibition that recently opened at the Whitechapel Gallery in London. Inspired in part by the 1966 New York exhibition 9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering, in which artists teamed up with engineers to realize technically complex visions, the show at Whitechapel looks at the continued and evolving history of art using internet and computer technology. With artists including…

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Headlines: Van Gogh, Video Games and Viruses

Rent a Replica of Van Gogh’s Bedroom on AirBnb


A photo of the Chicago Art Institute's replica of Van Gogh's bedroom


If you wanted to be inside a Van Gogh painting, now’s your chance! The Art Institute of Chicago has created a life-sized replica of the room depicted in Van Gogh’s 1889 painting The Bedroom, and is letting visitors rent out the space for a very reasonable $10 per night. The AirBnB property is in an apartment building a short walk away from the AIC, where visitors can view the…

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Headlines: Hirst's Batcave, The T.RUMP Bus, and Hito Steyerl

1) Hirst to Construct Subterranean Batcave in London


A blueprint of Damien Hirst's proposed batcave under his London mansion



Damien Hirst is at it again, this time making headlines with a proposal to build a “batcave” under his mansion in London, England. While the artist’s plans for an underground lair have earned some derision from city officials, they have been nonetheless approved, and Hirst’s construction is set to go ahead in the near future. The subterranean expansion will reportedly…

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Headlines: James Turrell, Erwin Wurm and Le Corbusier

1) James Turrell Donates a Work to the Mattress Factory

A photo of James Turrell's Unseen Blue at the Mattress Factory



Installation artist James Turrell has donated a work to the Mattress Factory, a fine art museum in Pittsburgh. The artwork is estimated to be worth one million dollars and is the largest gift that the museum has received to date. Turrell is considered a long-time friend of the museum and its codirectors Barbara Luderowski and Michael Olijnyk. A completion date for the piece…

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Headlines: Jewelry, Art Theft and Classic Paintings

1) Tracey Emin Launches High-End Jewelry Line


A photo of a new gold necklace from Tracey Emin and Stephen Webster 

Young British Artist Tracey Emin has officially launched her first jewelry collection, with a number of pieces directly that seem to directly translate the artist’s works into a wearable medium.  The 50-piece collection, titled I Promise To Love You is a collaboration between Emin and designer Stephen Webster. The full collection, many pieces of which are modeled from Emin’s…

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Headlines: Guerilla Girls, David Bowie and Shadows

1) Guerilla Girls Appear on the Late Show



Noted feminist art collective the Guerilla Girls appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert Wednesday night, to discuss the ongoing battle for gender equality in the art world. The anonymous artists appeared on the show wearing their signature gorilla masks. Throughout the interview, the group continued to debunk notions that gender inequality and misogyny in art is a problem that’s…

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Headlines: Wigs, Christmas Trees and Slides

1) V&A Museum Releases Online Wig-Making Simulator

A Marie Antoinette wig made on the V&A museum's interactive game


The UK’s Victoria and Albert museum has released this addictive online game that allows players to create their own Marie Antoinette-style wigs. The interactive game offers a few interesting facts about the art of wig-making in 17th century France. Drag your mouse across the screen to sculpt your own creation atop the classical-style drawing of Antoinette.


2) Queens Artist…

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