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4 Amazing Art Portfolio Books

Presentation counts for so much when presenting your art portfolio to a prospective gallery or client. It used to be that presenting your portfolio meant lugging a big case that could carry a number of pieces of your original art but these days we are digital. This means that we want to show people high quality prints of our artwork. Sure you can send someone to your website to see your work but it's not the same experience as looking…

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Need An Archive For Your Artwork? I Thought So!

image about art with two buttons


Imagine having a database for your art and your clients that totaly sets you free and makes you feel like the ultimate art professional. I recently stumbled upon an interesting service that let's you do just that. It's not a social media platform but it's as easy to use as Facebook.

It's called Artwork Archive. If you think the name is straightforward and simple - it's a good indication of the easy service that they provide for…

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Is Your Art Organized Digitally?: Take The Quiz on Computer Clean-up For Artists

illustration of computer  with the words organize me on the screen


Things get out of hand with managing image files and then when you need to send a gallery a jpeg of an art piece they are interested in you can't seem to find it. We would all rather be at the studio, so we tend to stop drop and roll with the rest of the artist-life's tasks. 


It hard to say where you might fall with organizing your computer so here is a little quiz to help you shed some light on the situation.


1. The last…

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