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Try These 3 Tips on Your Twitter

detailed photograph of a keyboard showing a bird on a key that says tweet

Keeping up to date with trends in technology might not sound like super fun times but having access to free promotion for your art career - who can turn that down? If you are new to Twitter then you can check out this previous introduction article: Twitter Tips For Artists


Did everyone see that reply? Replying with the "@".

When you are reading a Tweet you might notice that there is a handy reply function so you can instantly reply…

Engage Your Community With Your Art

drawing of a woman on a wooden table with many pencils and pens sitting in jars in the background

How do you engage your community with your art? Outside of the gallery setting you may need to get creative with your approach but the reward will be that you can engage people who wouldn't go to gallery exhibition because they don't have time or aren't comfortable at that type of event. I was fortunate enough to be invited to hold an event at a local arts and crafts shop that sell a wonderful array of illustrated books that are…

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