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How You Can Benefit from Teaching Art

You might not want to be a full-time art teacher or professor, but there are plenty of opportunities for teaching art, either as a one-time deal, or on a part-time or occasional basis. While art can be a difficult thing to teach, it can also be fun and rewarding depending on the type of class you teach, the age group and level of skill of your students, and your own experience.


A few years ago while I was attending art school, I got a…

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Art School: Deciding if It's for You - and Making the Most of it.

What about the matter of art school? If you want to get into an artistic career, how can you be sure that going to art school will be beneficial to you and the way that you work? Or – if you have already gone through art school, how can you make your education continue to work for you?


A photograph of the exterior of Toronto's OCADU


Be a Self Starter.


Many other university programs lead directly into jobs, but there is a huge amount of options for what you can do with a…

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