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Studio Sunday: Erwin Wurm

A photo of Erwin Wurm with an assistant in his studio


Today’s studio Sunday artist is Erwin Wurm. Born in Austria, Wurm still lives and works in Austria between the cities of Vienna and Limberg. Wurm is best known for sculptural and installation works that take familiar objects and spaces and distort them into bizarre facsimiles that are at once humorous and disturbing.


Pictured above, Wurm’s home studio in Limberg is where the artist creates his sculptural works (and perhaps…

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Studio Sunday: Norman Rockwell

A photo of Norman Rockwell at work in his studio


Today’s studio Sunday artist is Norman Rockwell. Rockwell was an American author, illustrator and painter who was active throughout the beginning of the 20th century. Rockwell became known for his paintings and illustrations of American life, and his name and style have become synonymous with the aesthetics of vintage Americana.


Rockwell’s studio looks charmingly neat and tidy in the above photo. The wood floors in particular…

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Studio Sunday: Samara Golden

A photo of Samara Golden working in her studio


Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Samara Golden has lived throughout the United States, and currently lives in Los Angeles, California, where she works in a studio space in the artistic neighbourhood of Boyle Heights. The artist is known for room installation works that address isolation and long-distance communication.


Golden’s studio looks packed, and softly lit in this photo. It has the home-studio aesthetic of lamp light, large…

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Studio Sunday: Pat Stier

A photo of Pat Stier painting in her studio


Studio Sunday artist Pat Stier was born in Newark, New Jersey in 1940 and now lives and works in New York. The artist is known for painting and printmaking in an abstract expressionist style. Her works are often monochromatic, and utilize splashing and dripping techniques to layer paint and other materials onto canvases.


Stier’s studio looks cool and well lit in this photo. I enjoy that in this photo (which is actually a video…

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Studio Sunday: Michael Sailstorfer

A photo of Michael Sailstorfer's studio space


This week’s Studio Sunday looks at Michael Sailstorfer. Based in Germany, Sailstorfer is known for sculptural installations that take recognizable objects as a starting point, then edits them into strange new constructions. The artist often uses machines or mechanical components in his work.


Sailstorfer’s studio is bright and large in this image. It looks like it has multiple rooms, as well -- or at least the pictured archway…

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Studio Sunday: Lucio Fontana

A photo of Lucio Fontana's art studio


Lucio Fontana was born in Argentina to Italian parents, and lived alternately in Italy and Argentina throughout his life and career. The artist was known for founding Spatialism, a largely Italian-centered art movement which focused on bringing light, color, and even sound into the “real” world, effectively escaping the bounds of the traditional canvas.


Fontana’s studio, pictured above, looks like quite the place! It looks…

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Studio Sunday: Charles Beck

A photograph of Charles Beck in his studio


Today’s Studio Sunday artist is Charles Beck. Born in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, Beck made a name for himself as a woodcut print artist and painter in the 1950’s. Beck’s works are known for their simplicity and subdued color schemes – the artist sometimes created paintings on location in the Minnesota wilderness, and his subject matter often reflected that landscape.


Beck’s studio is cozy and packed with art supplies, wood…

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Studio Sunday: Kerry James Marshall

A photo of Kerry James Marshall in his studio space


Today’s Studio Sunday artist is Kerry James Marshall. Marshall was born in Birmingham, Alabama, and grew up in South Central Los Angeles. The artist is known for paintings that address themes of racism and civil rights in America, with stark, black figures often featuring prominently.


Marshall’s studio in the above image looks busy and rather bright – a classic contemporary painting studio. The artist is pictured sitting…

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Studio Sunday: Robin Kang

A photo of Robin Kang in her studio space


Studio Sunday artist Robin Kang is a sculptor and textile artist based in New York. Kang uses traditional textile techniques like weaving, sewing and quilting to produce art objects that combine futuristic patterning and aesthetics with time-honored techniques of production. The artist is originally from Kerrville, Texas, and now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.


Kang’s Brooklyn studio looks cozy and businesslike. Being a…

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Studio Sunday: Liz Ainslie

A black and white photo of Liz Ainslie in her studio


Liz Ainslie is a painter who works out of a studio in Bushwick, New York. The artist’s current practice revolves around abstract oil paintings, in which imperfect geometric shapes fit together snugly, creating an overall impression of landscape or structure using only subdued colors and heavy, individually clear brush marks.


I love how warm and inviting Ainslie’s studio looks – the wood floors and brick wall add to the loft…

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Studio Sunday: Eugene Von Bruenchenhein

A photo of the interior of Eugene Von Bruenchenhein's art studio

Eugene Von Bruenchenhein was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1910, and lived and worked there for his entire artistic career, producing a huge amount of paintings, sculptures, and other mixed media works over the course of 50 years.


The artist worked as a florist and a baker for a time, before moving into a house with his wife in the late 1930’s and beginning to devote the majority of his time to artistic production. The house…

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Studio Sunday: John Houck

A photo of Jonn Houck's home studio


Studio Sunday artist John Houck is a painter who combines photographic imagery with the aesthetics of digital intervention and composition, creating works that toe the line between documentarian and uncanny. Based in Los Angeles, Houck creates his works in a home studio.


Houck’s space looks bright, relatively clean, and highly professional in the above photo. It looks like the artist has a few different tables in use, at least…

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Studio Sunday: Louise Nevelson

A photograph of Louise Nevelson's art website

Our Studio Sunday artist this week is Louise Nevelson. Born in 1899 in what is now Russia, Nevelson moved to American with her family at the turn of the 20th century and, based in New York, became known for her monochromatic abstract sculptures.


Nevelson’s best-known works are abstract assemblages composed of many smaller, three-dimensional blocks and pieces, giving them an almost puzzle-like aesthetic. Assembled on a horizontal…

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Studio Sunday: Sandro Chia

A photo of Sandro Chia working on a painting in his studio


Italian painter and sculptor Sandro Chia is our Studio Sunday artist this week. Chia graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, Italy in 1969 and later spent some time living in New York. He now divides his time between Miami and Rome.


Chia is known as a proponent of the Italian Transavanguardia movement, a painting trend that emphasizes saturated colors and figurative subject matter. And what an incredible array of…

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Studio Sunday: Maya Lin

A photo of Maya Lin at work in her home studio


Today’s Studio artist is Maya Lin. Lin is an American sculptor and architect known for her work with historic memorials, monuments, and land art. The artist often takes inspiration from natural forms and geological features, creating works that intervene with the landscape to emphasize certain ideas, rather than standing apart from it.


Lin’s studio space is cleaner and more library-like than traditional painting and sculpture…

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