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Studio Sunday: Chuck Webster

A photograph of the interior of Chuck Webster's studio


Chuck Webster is a New York-based artist who is known for his works of soft abstraction showing lone geometric figures on abstract, materially-focused backgrounds. Throughout his artistic career, Webster has made a point of experimenting with creating his paintings on different grounds and in different sizes, though his style remains highly distinct and recognizable.


As seen in the photo above, Webster’s studio looks like a…

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Studio Sunday: Alan Lee

A photo of Alan Lee in his drawing studio


Our Studio Sunday artist this week is Alan Lee. Lee is a British artist who creates book illustrations as well as concept designs for movies. Working most often in watercolor and pencil, Lee is best known for his fantasy illustrations including those in editions of classics like The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.


Lee’s studio looks like the perfect cozy illustration studio. It reminds me a little bit of the studio of Art…

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Studio Sunday: Jennifer Beinhacker

A photograph of the interior of Jennifer Beinhacker's art studio



Studio Sunday artist Jennifer Beinhacker is based in Brooklyn, New York, where she creates art in a modest attic studio. The artist‘s work often takes the form of busy, colorful mixed media works, serving as representations of her artist’s thoughts and feelings.


Beinhacker’s studio space has a cozy-yet-modern feel to it.  The white walls and bright lighting are quite homey. I rather like the slanted ceiling that tapers…

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Studio Sunday: Fia Cielen

An interior photo of Fia Cielen's studio space.


This week on Studio Sunday, let’s take a look inside the studio of Fia Cielen. Cielen, a Belgian artist, works in this beautiful studio space in Antwerp. Known for her drawings, sculptures and installations, the artist creates works that are surreal and difficult to unpack, showcasing a mysterious world with slightly sinister undertones.  


Cielen’s studio is the picture of modern comfort and aesthetics. Her desk appears quite…

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Studio Sunday: Lara Schnitger

A photo of Lara Schnitger in her Los Angeles studio


Lara Schnitger was born in the Netherlands and has traveled throughout the world exhibiting her work. She is best known for sculptures made from fabrics, including found textiles. Schnitger currently divides her time between Los Angeles and Amsterdam. The studio pictured above is the artist’s Los Angeles space.


Schnitger’s studio is quite big, and here has a definitely warehouse-type aesthetic, with bare white walls and a high…

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Studio Sunday: Polly Morgan

A photo of Polly Morgan at work in her studio


This Sunday, let’s take a look inside the home studio of Polly Morgan. Morgan is a sculptor based in London. Taxidermy animals form the basis of Morgan’s sculptures, which tend to have a surreal yet allegorical sense about them.


Morgan’s studio might seem a little unnerving to some. As much of her work revolves around the medium of taxidermy, her studio is at any given time, full of animal remains. Morgan has a number of…

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Studio Sunday: Barnett Newman

A photograph of Barnett Newman in his studio


This Sunday, let’s step inside the studio of Barnett Newman. Newman is best known as a major artist of the American abstract expressionism movement, and one of the first artists to delve into color fields as a style of painting. Newman’s works are mostly vast in size, with the entire canvas often covered in a single color of paint, occasionally broken up by vertical lines that the artist called “zips.”


I really enjoy this…

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Studio Sunday: General Idea

A photograph of General Idea's Toronto studio space


This Sunday, let’s look inside the studio and meeting space of Canadian art collective General Idea. General Idea comprised three artists: Felix Partz, Jorge Zontal and A.A. Bronson. They were active as a collective between 1968 and 1993, working in Toronto and New York.


Artistically, General Idea were highly conceptual, using formats like postcards, stamps, posters, balloons, often associated with advertising and popular media,…

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Studio Sunday: Jeanne Mammen

An image of Jeanne Mammen's home studio


Jeanne Mammen, our Studio Sunday artist this week, was a German artist who was active during the Weimar period of the early-20th century, which was marked by the production of slightly surreal and grotesque figurative painting and drawing. Mammen’s work often featured female figures and imagery of everyday life in Berlin.


Mammen’s work was denounced by Nazi’s during the Second World War, leading the artist to stop exhibiting…

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Studio Sunday: Francesco Climente

A photo of Francesco Climente in his New York studio


Our Studio Sunday artist this week is Francesco Climente. Climente was born in Naples, Italy, in 1952 and has spent much of his career working in both New York and Varanasi, India. His artwork tends to be introspective, exploring the artist’s own evolving sense of self and encouraging viewers to do the same.


The studio pictured above is expansive, and surprisingly sparse. Given Climente’s vast range of influences I might have…

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Studio Sunday: Henri Matisse

A photo of Henri Matisse's studio


This week’s Studio Sunday artist is Henri Matisse. Matisse was a French artist, known in his earlier years as a highly experimental painter and later upheld as one of the forefathers of modern art. The artist spent most of his life living and working in the city of Nice.


Matisse’s studio space here has a lovely, homey feeling to it. The photo is completed with the artist’s wheelchair, right where it probably would have sat…

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Studio Sunday: Philip Guston

A photo of Phillip Guston's art studio


Philip Guston was an American painter who was one of the leaders in the move from abstract expressionism into neo-expressionism. Guston’s works were, fittingly, often loosely figurative and borrowed imagery and stylistic mannerisms from the cartoons and pop-art of the 1960’s.  


Guston’s studio looks rather stark in these photos. Perhaps it’s just the nature of the black and white images, but the space seems to be kept…

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Studio Sunday: Andy Goldsworthy

A photo of Andy Goldsworthy working on a large clay ball


Studio Sunday artist Andy Goldsworthy is known for his site-specific works of land art. Goldsworthy currently lives and works in Scotland, often working outdoors in the environment that he is opting to manipulate for a given art piece.


Goldsworthy is pictured here working on a specific project with a number of assistants. The project, called the Alderney Stones project, encompasses a number of artworks that take the form of giant…

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Studio Sunday: Deborah Kass

A photo of Deborah Kass' art studio


Our Studio Sunday feature this week is Deborah Kass. Kass is a contemporary American artist who utilizes mixed media and appropriative imagery to explore pop art, art history and identity.


Kass’ studio looks beautiful in this photo – well lit, and clean with nice wood flooring. I like the way that the artist’s works fit into the space, as well. At first glance, this studio space almost looks like just a living room in…

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Studio Sunday: Rob Pruitt

A photo of Rob Pruitt in his studio


This week, let’s take a look inside the studio of Rob Pruitt. Pruitt works across a wide variety of media, to the point where he isn’t particularly associated with one artistic material. The artist currently lives and works in New York City, and has had his work shown locally and internationally.


Rob Pruitt’s studio looks very efficient, and is lit more like a warehouse or factory than an artist’s studio. Naturally the…

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