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Studio Sunday: Hans Hartung

A photo of the studio interior of Hans Hartung


Hans Hartung was a German-French abstract painter who was best known for large canvases composed of dynamic abstract lines and splatters that he painted with an airbrush tool. Hartung shared this studio space and property in Antibes, France with his wife and fellow artist Ava Bergman.


Hartung’s studio has the most natural light I’ve ever seen in a studio space. With tall ceilings and an entire glass window wall, the space…

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Studio Sunday: Mari Andrews

A photo of Mari Andrews' sculpture studio


It’s studio Sunday, and we’re looking inside the studio space of Mari Andrews. Andrews is an American sculptor known for her wall-hanging sculptures that incorporate traditional construction materials as well as natural objects and detritus.


Given how well Andrews’ practice lends itself to experimentation, it’s no surprise that one wall of her studio is completely covered in these strange, intriguing sculptural objects.…

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Studio Sunday: Claire Basler

A photograph of Clare Basler's art studio


Claire Basler is a French painter known for her flowy, magically realistic paintings of flowers and foliage. The artist is located in Paris, where she lives in a formerly abandoned chateau that’s been converted into a home and art studio.


The artist’s studio is charmingly filled with living plants. They seem to serve as a reference and inspiration, as well as a simple way of cheering up the space. Basler reportedly creates the…

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Studio Sunday: Paul Cezanne

A photo of Paul Cezanne's preserved studio


On today’s studio Sunday let’s look inside the former workspace of famed French artist Paul Cezanne. During his lifetime, Cezanne was known for his post-impressionistic paintings of 19th-century life in France as well as still-lifes. Cezanne’s former studio, built at the artist’s request on an isolated hill just outside of Aix-en-Provence, France, is now preserved as a museum exhibit dedicated to the artist.


While it’s…

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Studio Sunday: Hassan Sharif

A photograph of the late Hassan Sharif in his studio


Hassan Sharif lived and worked in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, though his work is featured in collections throughout the Middle East and Europe. After getting a brief start in artwork as a political cartoonist, Sharif began formal art studies in 1979 and soon abandoned these cartoons in favor of process-oriented abstract art.


Sharif’s studio looks bright in this photograph, packed with studies of different styles and materials.…

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Studio Sunday: Salvador Dali

A photograph of Salvador Dali in his studio in the 1950s


This week’s Studio Sunday artist is Salvador Dali. Renowned for his beautiful works of surrealism, Dali was famous for being both a talented artist and a strange character. The artist was born in Spain and lived there for most of his life, setting up a studio in a fishing house in Portlligat, Catalonia, where he created many of his most famous works.


This fishing-house studio is pictured above – here it looks quite modest –…

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Studio Sunday: Cindy Sherman

A photograph of the interior of Cindy Sherman's studio


Cindy Sherman is a New York-based artist who, since the mid-1970s, has been crafting self-portraits in which she dons elaborate costumes to assume numerous alternate identities, both of anonymous characters and well-known public figures.


Sherman has continued to make these photographs for the past several decades, and her art space now reflects her expertise, like a spacious backstage area for some sort of modern theatre. I really…

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Studio Sunday: Korakrit Arunanondchai

A photo of Korakrit Arunanondchai working in his studio


Originally from Bangkok, Thailand, Korakrit Arunanondchai creates multidisciplinary work, often incorporating fashion, painting and video installations all at the same time. The young artist currently works out of a studio in New York.


In the above photo, Arunanondchai’s studio appears small and simple. The works on the wall may be some of the artist’s “denim paintings” – that is, sheets of denim that are treated with…

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Studio Sunday: Laurie Lipton

A photograph of Laurie Lipton at work in her studio


Laurie Lipton is an artist who draws gigantic, photorealistic figurative images of various scenes, often combining various themes and subjects to create surreal images. Lipton’s practice serves as something of a protest against the art school notion that figurative art is dead, and that abstraction should be held as more important.


The artist’s studio, as pictured above, looks incredibly slick and clean. The wood floors have a…

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Studio Sunday: David Nash

A photo of David Nash sitting among sculptures in his studio


David Nash is an English artist who is best known for his wood sculptures, and natural artworks which he creates by manipulating and sculpting living trees. The artist tends to carve his works roughly with a chainsaw, as well as occasionally charring the wood for a rustic, blackened effect.


Nash’s studio looks like a strange forest from a fantasy or sci-fi novel. The space is filled with trees or large chunks of wood in various…

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Studio Sunday: Christopher Wool


A photo of Christopher Wool's art studio


Christopher Wool is this week’s Studio Sunday featured artist. Wool was born in Boston in 1955 and later moved to New York. An art school dropout, Wool’s formal education centered on painting before he became more interested in underground music and film.


Pictured above is Wool’s studio space in Marfa, Texas. The artist currently divides his time between Marfa and New York. The studio has the appearance of a warehouse –…

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Studio Sunday: David Lynch

A photo of David Lynch painting in his studio


While perhaps best known as a filmmaker, David Lynch is also a visual artist, and was originally trained as a painter and continues painting alongside his film work. As an artist, Lynch is known for his dark, murky-colored paintings that address dreams and subconscious thoughts in an off-kilter, abstracted way.


The above photo of Lynch’s studio makes the space seem suitable to the aesthetic that he’s cultivated over his…

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Studio Sunday: Yue Minjun

A photo of Yue Minjun in his art studio


Chinese painter Yue Minjun is widely celebrated for his paintings that always feature human figures made in his own image, with faces frozen in laughter so intense that it becomes almost sarcastic. While the artist has been grouped in with the “cynical realism” movement in China, he personally rejects this label.


Yue’s studio must be a happy, if slightly manic place to be – I really love seeing the artist pictured here as…

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Studio Sunday: Keith Haring

A photo of Keith Haring in his studio


This Studio Sunday we’re looking at artist Keith Haring. Haring rose to prominence mainly in the late 70s and early 80s, becoming well-known for his brightly-coloured, reductive artworks that dealt with almost incongruously serious issues both social and political.


I love the floors in Haring’s studio – I have to wonder if the space came like that when he first moved into it, or if he got the floors put in once he was…

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Studio Sunday: Nara Yoshitomo

A photograph of the studio of Nara Yoshimoto


Yoshitomo Nara lives and works in Tokyo, Japan, though his work has been exhibited and collected internationally. Nara is known for his simple drawings of childlike figures, influenced by vintage Japanese animation and comic books, as well as the American influence on the country during the artist’s childhood in the 1960s.


Nara’s studio pictured above has the look of an artistic child’s bedroom. With works spread across the…

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