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Studio Sunday: Peter Zimmerman

A photograph of Peter Zimmerman's studio in Germany


German artist Peter Zimmerman is best known for his paintings that use liquid epoxy resin as a medium. Pigmented and poured by the bucket onto canvases, the resin has the appearance of liquid sugar and Zimmerman’s finished works look like translucent candy or colored glass.


Zimmerman’s most recent exhibition as of this writing saw the artist flooding several rooms of the Museum für neue Kunst in Freiburg, Germany with his…

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Studio Sunday: Urs Fischer

A photo of Urs Fischer's studio in New York


Our Studio Sunday artist this week is Urs Fischer. Fischer works in a variety of media, including drawing, painting and sculpture. Given the variety in his practice, it’s no surprise that the artist’s studio, pictured here in Red Hook, New York, looks like such a busy, industrial workspace.


There’s really a lot going on in the studio space – shelves hold numerous pieces of equipment and huge quantities of supplies, while…

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Studio Sunday: Lui Shtini

A photo of Lui Shtini in his art studio


Studio Sunday artist Lui Shtini was born in Albania and now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. While the artist is fairly new to the scene, he has already garnered praise for his works that combine a heavy, textural sensibility with references to traditional Western art styles.  


Some of Shtini’s works are visible behind him in this photograph. This studio itself looks very well lit – there’s a big window on the…

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Studio Sunday: Lisa Yuskavage

A photo of painter Lisa Yuskavage in her studio


Lisa Yuskavage is this week’s Studio Sunday artist! Yuskavage is a figurative painter known for her use of techniques that emulate classical and romantic styles of painting, with mainly female figures that are cartoonish, physically exaggerated and overtly sexualized.


In this photo, the artist’s studio seems expansive, though with all the accoutrements of a painting studio. I like how gallery-like the opposite wall appears –…

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Studio Sunday: Carrie Mae Weems

A video still of Carrie Mae Weems in her studio


Today’s studio Sunday feature is Carrie Mae Weems. Weems is known for her multimedia work that explores sociopolitical themes of race, class and gender. The artist believes in creating powerful narrative pieces that provoke thought and discussion among viewers.


In the above photograph, Weems’ studio looks both inviting and studious. While photography is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind in discussions of her practice,…

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Studio Sunday: Lygia Clark

A photo of Lygia Clark working in her studio in the 1950's


Our studio Sunday feature this week is Brazilian artist Lygia Clark. This artist was known for paintings and installation art. She also helped pioneer the contemporary notion of interactive art, creating works that viewers were invited to play with and manipulate within a gallery space.


Clark’s Rio de Janeiro studio looks super lush in the above photo. I love the fur rug that she’s sitting on – it lends the studio space an…

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Studio Sunday: Alice Neel

A photograph of Alice Neel in her New York studio


Our Studio Sunday artist this week is Alice Neel! Neel was an American painter who became known for her portraits of friends, lovers and family members. Her portraiture was done in a loose, almost naïve style and was especially renowned for being slightly eerie, with off-kilter perspective and blank expressions that lent her figures an almost alien appearance.


In the above image, a few of Neel’s paintings are visible – I’d…

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Studio Sunday: Allen Jones

A photo of painting supplies in Allen Jones' studio


It’s Studio Sunday – let’s take a look inside the studio of sculptor and pop artist Allen Jones. Jones is mostly known for his sculptural works, though he spent much of his early career creating paintings. The artist’s best-known work features female mannequins, sometimes appropriated into furniture with a nod toward fetishization and objectification.


Jones’ studio, pictured here, is located in England. The building that…

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Studio Sunday: Angela Dufresne

A photo of a group of people visiting Angela Dufresne's studio


Today we’re featuring the studio of Angela Dufresne. The above photo captures a group of students during a studio visit with the artist. As faculty at the Rhode Island School of Design, I wonder if Dufresne doesn’t often entertain such groups in her studio.  


Based in New York, Dufresne is a painter whose works are representational and reference obtuse and mysterious narratives, though they tend not to reveal much about their…

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Studio Sunday: Tomory Dodge

A photograph of Tomory Dodge's studio

Happy Sunday! It’s a great day to check out the studio of painter Tomory Dodge. Dodge works primarily in abstraction, creating forms with heavy, thick brush marks that suggest the forms of windblown detritus and other objects and scenarios seen from afar. There is a great sense of movement in all of Dodge’s works. The artist was born in Denver, Colorado and now lives and works in Los Angeles.


Dodge’s studio looks like a pretty…

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Studio Sunday: Kehinde Wiley

A photo of Kehinde Wiley in his Beijing studio


This week’s Studio Sunday featured artist is Kehinde Wiley. Wiley was born in Los Angeles and now lives part-time in Beijing, having said that he likes to paint in China as it’s a place where he can be free of distractions. Wiley also has studios in New York and Senegal.


The studio in the above photo looks spacious but packed with paintings.  I really love the ornate table that Wiley seems to be using as a painting trolley or…

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Studio Sunday: Ugo Rondinone

A photo of Ugo Rondinone working in his studio


This week’s studio Sunday artist is Ugo Rondinone! Born in Switzerland, Rondinone came to New York in 1998 and lives and works there currently. The artist is known for his colourful mixed-media artworks that blur the line between reality and imagination.


Rondinone’s studio looks suitably fun and playful in this photo. The artist often works on a larger scale, creating sculptural installations in large, choppy or bulbous forms.…

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Studio Sunday: Piotr Kowalski

A photo of Piotr Kowalski working on a sculpture in his studio


Our Studio Sunday artist this week is Polish-born sculptor and conceptual artist Piotr Kowalski. Kowalski was born in Lviv, Ukraine in 1927, at which point the city was still part of Poland. The artist fled the violence of WWII and lived in Brazil for a short time before studying architecture at MIT from 1947 to 1952.


The above photo, taken in the late 1960’s, depicts Kowalski in the process of creating his 1967 work Cube V.…

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Studio Sunday: Robert Rauschenberg

A photograph of Robert Rauschenberg working in his studio


This Sunday let’s visit the studio of Robert Rauschenberg at the height of the artist’s career. Rauschenberg was a well-known American artist who produced work around the abstract expressionism movement and contributed to the later pop-art movement.


Rauschenberg’s studio looks crowded in this photo as it’s stuffed with art objects, possible works in progress and other unique pieces. Around the time the photograph was…

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Studio Sunday: Robert Ryman

A photo of Robert Ryman at work in his studio


This Studio Sunday let’s take a look inside the workshop of painter and conceptual artist Robert Ryman. Ryman is known for his white-on-white paintings that force the viewer to pay attention to composition, material and lighting rather than colour or subject.


Ryman’s studio almost seems to mimic the look of his paintings in the above image! The artist seems to be working on a fairly large work, while two similarly sized white…

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