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Studio Sunday: Huma Bhabha

A photo of Huma Bhabha sitting in her New York studio



Happy Sunday! Let’s take a look inside the New York studio of Huma Bhabha. Bhabha was born in Karachi, Pakistan and is best known as a sculptor, though she creates works in many different media including painting, pastel and collage. Her sculptures are often composed of traditional materials mixed with found objects, brought together into half-abstract human forms and strange, otherworldly inventions.


I really enjoy the brick…

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Studio Sunday: Art Spiegelman

A photo of Art Spiegelman's art studio


It’s studio Sunday! Let’s pay a visit to the studio of comic artist and graphic novelist Art Spiegelman. Speigelman has been working in the illustration and cartooning sphere for over four decades, getting his start drawing packaging and inserts for bubble gum wrappers. His semi-autobiographical graphic novel Maus, about the artist’s parents’ struggle to survive during the Holocaust, was released in 1991 to critical acclaim.…

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Studio Sunday: Alison Bechdel

A photo of Alison Bechdel at work in her studio



This Studio Sunday, let’s take a peek inside a studio that Alison Bechdel recently worked in. Bechdel is an American artist and comic book illustrator. She has written and illustrated both serial comics and graphic novels, including Fun Home and Are You My Mother? The artist’s subject matter is often autobiographical, looking at her relationship to her parents and her own struggles with growing up and coming out as a lesbian.…

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Studio Sunday: Jean Tinguely

A photo of Jean Tinguely's art studio


Our studio Sunday artist this week is Jean Tanguely. Tanguely was a Swiss painter and artist who became a part of the Dada movement after moving to France in 1952. He became well known for his artworks that critiqued the early beginnings of mass production following the industrial revolution. In particular, the artist created works that took the form of kinetic machines that served no real purpose, as well as several sculptures that…

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Studio Sunday: Chris Johanson

A photo of Chris Johanson at work in his studio


Our Studio Sunday artist this week is Chris Johanson. Johanson is based in California and known for his simplified, sketchy street art and painting style. He began his artistic career in his early twenties after moving to San Francisco, where he became a part of a larger group of young street artists.


The above image of Johanson’s studio depicts the space as a long, rather narrow room that has few windows but seems well lit all…

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Studio Sunday: Elizabeth Peyton

A close-up photo of Elizabeth Peyton's desk in her studio


It’s Studio Sunday! Let’s take a look inside the cute studio of Elizabeth Peyton. Peyton is an American artist, best known for painting portraits of friends and family members as well as celebrities and European royalty. Her small studio is located in New York.


The artist’s work desk is furnished with paintbrush holders, a tiny easel and a record player. Having a record player right next to one’s work desk like this seems…

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Studio Sunday: Anish Kapoor

A photo of Anish Kapoor standing in his studio with an assistant


It’s Studio Sunday again, and time to pay a visit to the studio of Anish Kapoor. Kapoor is a London-based artist perhaps most famous for his public sculpture Cloud Gate, currently installed in Millenium Park in Chicago. Many of Kapoor’s works are public sculptures, installed and exhibited in cities including Paris, London and New York. He’s known for making giant, soft-edged shapes that are a good definition for what many…

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Studio Sunday: Nam June Paik

A photo of Nail June Paik working in his video editing studio



This week’s Studio Sunday will take a look inside the multiple workspaces of Naim June Paik. Paik was born in Korea and moved to the United States as a young man to pursue his artistic career. The artist grew to fame in the 60’s and 70’s with his innovative work in the media of film, video and performance.


I love the look of Paik’s video editing studio in the above photo. The studio pictured here was in Paik’s home in…

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Studio Sunday: David Shrigley


A photo of David Shrigley in his home studio in Glasgow


This Sunday, let’s look at the studio of David Shrigley. Shrigley’s works are imbued with a surreal sense of humour, and though often drawn or sculpted in the style of a child’s comics they tend to explore philosophical and existential ideas and trains of thought.


The artist’s studio in, this photo, looks more like a home studio than the spaces of many other artists who create work in their homes. It’s not a…

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Studio Sunday: Azuma Makoto

A photo of the inside of Azuma Makoto's atelier/studio in Aoyama, Japan


Today on Studio Sunday let’s take a look inside the studio of Azuma Makoto. Makoto is a Japanese artist who works in the unusual medium of flowers, growing them, sometimes splicing them and otherwise affecting their development, and placing them in bizarre installations. Recent artworks by Makoto have seen gorgeous, lush flower arrangements frozen in blocks of ice and placed in a cold warehouse or rocketed into the upper levels of…

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Studio Sunday: Martin Creed

A photo of Martin Creed in his East London studio


It’s studio Sunday! Let’s visit the workplace of British artist Martin Creed. Creed is a multimedia artist whose works are often visually simple but conceptually deep. He won the Turner Prize in 2001 for Work No. 227: The Lights Going On and Off. The piece consisted of an empty room in a gallery in which the lights set to turn on and off every five seconds.


Creed’s studio in this photo looks tight and cluttered, but the…

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Studio Sunday: Yinka Shonibare

A photo of the interior of Yinka Shonibare's studio, with the artist and two assistants at work.


Today on studio Sunday we’re looking at the studio space of British artist Yinka Shonibare. Shonibare is a mixed media artist whose works often use brightly coloured pieces of fabric. Conceptually, the works explore themes such as colonialism, globalization and identity. Shonibare has a condition which paralyses one side of his body. For this reason he enlists the help of a number of assistants in the production of his artworks.…


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Studio Sunday: Kara Walker

A photo of Kara Walker working in the studio


Today’s Studio Sunday feature is Kara Walker. Walker was born in Stockton California. She attended the Rhode Island School of Design and the Atlanta College of Art.


The artist is known for her works that explore difficult concepts and issues surrounding race, sexuality, identity and the violence found therein. She most frequently does this through black paper silhouette cut-outs of human, animal and environmental figures. The…

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Studio Sunday: Wolfgang Tilmans

A photo of Wolfgang Tilmans in his studio


This week we’re looking at the studio space of photographer Wolfgang Tillmans. Tillmans was born in Germany and currently lives and works in London. He was awarded the Turner Prize in 2000.  


His studio, pictured here, looks quite expansive. It looks as though Tillmans is busy organizing some works on the floor. I like the little detail of the coffee cup and the pen near the artist’s feet – definitely a sign of some…

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Studio Sunday: Angela Bulloch

A photograph of the interior of Angela Bullock's studio


Our Studio Sunday artist this week is Angela Bulloch. Her work is interested in processes, rules and mathematics and frequently explores these ideas through the means of constructed electronic and mechanical systems. In her early works, Bulloch created “Drawing Machines,” which reacted to stimuli such as noise or movement in a gallery space to draw varying lines on the gallery wall. While the machines are in themselves works of…

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