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Studio Sunday: Christy Rupp

A photo of Christy Rupp in her studio in the 1980's.


It’s Studio Sunday, so let’s check out the studio of Christy Rupp! Rupp is an American artist who specializes in artworks dealing with themes of environmentalism and social activism.


The artist’s subject matter really comes to the forefront in this photo of her studio, taken in the 1980’s. The walls of the space are covered in what looks like sculptural salmon, appearing to swim upstream across her walls. Rupp was working…

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Studio Sunday: Jessica Abel

A photo of Jessica Abel in her studio


Comic book illustrator Jessica Abel is pictured above at an artist’s residency studio at La Maison des Auteurs in Angoulême, France. The artist creates fictional comic book series as well as non-fictional explorations of storytelling within a comic form. Abel is also active with workshops and creating systems through which other artists and storytellers can express their creative ideas.


It looks like Jessica has a pretty neat…

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Studio Sunday: Barbara Kruger

A photo of Barbara Kruger in her studio


Here’s a great photograph of Barbara Kruger in her work space for Studio Sunday. Kruger is an American artist best known for her photo and text collage works that she began producing in the late 80’s. The works tend to deal with political and social issues including the rights of women and minorities.


In this image, the artist’s studio looks somewhat stark, but very much like the classic New York art studio that I tend to…

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Studio Sunday: Ted Harrison

A photograph of Ted Harrison in his studio in 1993


Ted Harrison, this week’s Studio Sunday artist, is best known for his bright and colourful paintings of the Yukon and the Canadian Arctic. While it’s a landscape that most people tend to think of as white and barren, Harrison’s paintings are incredibly vibrant and showcase the deep blues of glacier ice, contrasted with the bright reds, yellows and greens of the sunsets and the northern lights.


In this photo taken in 1993,…

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Studio Sunday: Tom Thomson

A photo of Tom Thomson working at the Grip studio in Toronto


Today let’s take a look inside Tom Thomson’s studio! Thomson was a member of the Group of Seven, a collective of Canadian painters who were active in the early 20th century.


Thomson got his start working with some of the other members of the group at the Grip, a design studio in Toronto, Ontario. In the above photo, the artist is pictured creating some of his graphic design work at a desk in this studio. A few of his fellow…

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Studio Sunday: Jack Whitten

A photo of Jack Whitten in his studio


Alabama-born and New York-based painter Jack Whitten is our Studio artist this Sunday. Whitten is known for his gestural abstract paintings that are often classified as abstract expressionism. In the wake of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950’s, Whitten moved to New York in 1960 in an attempt to surround himself with more progressive ideals. He currently works out of his home studio above a pizza parlor in Queens.


I’d never…

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Studio Sunday: Jada Pinkett-Smith

A photo of Jada Pinkett Smith at work in her art studio


Our Studio Sunday artist for the week is Jada Pinkett-Smith. While she is best known as an actor, staring in films such as The Nutty Professor with Eddit Murphie, and the Matrix and Madagascar franchises. Pinkett-Smith also keeps up a studio practice, reportedly spending time each Saturday working on her paintings. According to news sources, her paintings are generally abstract, featuring large splashes of color. The one pictured in…

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Studio Sunday: Do Ho Suh

A photo of Do Ho Suh in his studio

This week, let’s check out the studio of Korean sculptor and installation artist Do Ho Suh. The son of a respected traditional Korean painter, Suh earned his bachelor’s degree in painting from Seoul National University, and later moved to New York to continue his education at RISD and Yale.


The artist’s sculptures tend to look in great detail at the nature of space and the way that people relate to it. His installations in…

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Studio Sunday: Barbara Hepworth

A photo of Dame Barbara Hepworth's studio


Take a look inside the workspace of English sculptor Dame Jocelyn Barbara Hepworth! Hepworth was an important figure in modernist sculpture in the mid 1900’s, and one of the few women who rose to prominence in the field. Her former home and studio was purchased by the Tate Britain in 1980, and today operates as the Barbara Hepworth Museum.


The studio, kept intact as it was when the artist was working in it, has a lovely rustic…

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Studio Sunday: Richard Hamilton

A photo of Richard Hamilton in his Oxfordshire studio


Happy Sunday! Pictured above is Richard Hamilton, sometimes known as the intellectual father of pop art. Working mainly in painting and collage, the artist was known for being forward-thinking in terms of aesthetics. His studio, in Oxfordshire, England, looks relatively small in this photo but given the scale of the artist’s works, it was probably just the perfect size.


The studio also looks quite clean, which is rare in the…

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Studio Sunday: Sir Terry Frost

A photo of Terry Frost sitting in his art studio


Let’s look inside the studio of Sir Terry Frost! Frost was an English abstract artist who lived and worked in Newlyn, Cornwall. The artist’s studio overlooked the coast, and in this photo it looks like a wonderful view – you can even see some people walking on the beach below. It would be wonderful to have a studio with such a large picture window, especially in the summer, both for the warm breeze and the amount of natural…

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Studio Sunday: Ellsworth Kelly

A photo of Ellsworth Kelly at work in his studio


Today we’re looking inside the Spencertown, New York studio of Ellsworth Kelly. The expansive 15,000 square-foot studio has no windows, but numerous skylights let in all the natural light that Kelly needed to work. Ellsworth Kelly continued working in this studio right up until his death last year, and the space likely remains unchanged as of this writing.


The artist’s studio looks bright and well lit – I love the simple…

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Studio Sunday: Alexander Calder

A photo of Alexander Calder working in his studio in the 1960's


Let’s take a look inside the studio of Alexander Calder. Calder was an American sculptor who produced large-scale hanging mobiles, as well as stationary floor sculptures that he called “stabiles.” The artist frequently produced his work using large pieces of sheet metal, many of which are visible in the above photo of his studio.


Calder was born in 1898 in Pennsylvania, and studied mechanical engineering in his early career.…

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Studio Sunday: Jackson Pollock

A photo of Jackson Pollock working in his studio



Famed American abstract-expressionist painter Jackson Pollock worked in a predictable paint-splattered home studio in East Hampton on Long Island, New York. Pollock and his wife, Lee Krasner, moved to the house in 1945. After Krasner’s death in the 1980’s, the house was converted into an art museum and educational space at the request of the artist.


The studio inside Pollock’s home is rather Spartan – the wood paneled…

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Studio Sunday: Wallace Whitney

A photograph of Wallace Whitney's New York studio


Abstract painter Wallace Whitney has been living and working in the Bronx, New York for the past five years. Whitney is known for his bright, energetic abstract paintings that use loose brush strokes and compositions focusing on colour and movement.


Whitney’s studio in the Bronx was once a Dominican dancehall, and the space has an interesting eclecticism to it. One space that the artist has filled in with shelves of supplies was…

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