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Studio Sunday: Miguel Conde

A photo of Miguel Conde painting in his Madrid studio


Today’s Studio Sunday feature is Miguel Conde. Conde was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and now lives and works in Spain. He is noted as a figurative painter, printmaker and etcher.


Conde’s studio appears quite utilitarian. I enjoy the way every wall is completely obscured by paintings – stacked on top of each other in some cases. The studio has interesting tile floors and a big drawing table that for the artist to work…

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Studio Sunday: Claes Oldenburg

A contemporary photo of Claes Oldenburg working in his studio


Claes Oldenburg was originally born in Stockholm, Sweden, but grew up in Chicago, later relocating to New York City. He is well known for his large scale sculptures of everyday objects such as food and clothing


Oldenburg’s current studio in New York looks bright and busy. This photo is relatively recent, taken in 2011. I see a lot of different materials in this shot including what might be construction paper, tape, perhaps a…

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Studio Sunday: Fred Tomaselli

A photo of Fred Tomaselli working on a painting in his studio


Fred Tomaselli is known for his mixed media works on wood board. When viewed from afar, the artworks appear to be paintings but in fact often have bits of trash, scrap papers, plants and medicinal products adhered to their surface under a layer of shining epoxy gloss.


Tomaselli’s studio is located in Brooklyn, NY. In this studio photo it is clear the amount of work and detail that goes into each of Tomaselli’s paintings –…

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Studio Sunday: Mona Hatoum

An interior photo of the studio of Mona Hatoum


Mona Hatoum is an artist who specializes in video and installation art of a performative, questioning nature. Born in Lebanon, Hatoum took a trip to London just before a civil war broke out in Lebanon, and chose to stay in London studying art between 1975 and 1981, rather than returning home to the conflict.  


The artist’s studio is a beautiful example of modern architecture, and comes complete with a huge work space, as well…

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Studio Sunday: Antony Gormley

A photo of Antony Gormley's studio


Born in London in 1950, Antony Gormley is an artist who makes large sculptural installations that look at the human body and the way it takes up and interacts with space. His sculptures are often public and site-specific, allowing a further level of interaction between the viewer and their own body, and the art piece that emulates the same form.


Gormley’s studio takes up multiple spaces located a large warehouse with high…

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Studio Sunday: Gilbert and George

A photo of sculptors Gilbert and George working in their studio


Gilbert and George labelled themselves “living sculptures” when they began working in the late 1960’s. The artists’ career, while they have maintained that they are sculptors, is arguably an ongoing performance, with the artists adopting a very specific, high-class style of dress and affect, and creating works predominantly about themselves almost exclusively in the form of drawings, photo-works and printed text art.  The…

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Studio Sunday: Alex Katz

A photo of Alex Katz relaxing in his Manhattan studio


It’s Studio Sunday - this week, let’s take a look at Alex Katz’ home studio in his Manhattan loft. Check out the ultra-bright, ultra-spacious modern look of this studio. I’d love to be able to paint in a space like this!


I like how Katz has a sheet of brown paper laid out over the floor in front of these two paintings – it appears he keeps his studio neat when he isn’t painting. He also has a table covered in paint and…

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Studio Sunday: On Kawara

A photo of some date paintings in On Kawara's New York studio


Our Studio Sunday artist this week is On Kawara! Kawara was born in Kariya, Japan, and followed his artistic career to New York in 1965, at the height of the New York conceptual art scene.


Pictured here is Kawara’s 13th street studio in Manhattan, filled with the artist’s famous date paintings. It’s interesting to think about working in such a way, where the subject of the painting is calculated and uniform, with only the…

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Studio Sunday: Isa Genzken

A 1982 photo of Iza Genzken working in her studio


Isa Genzken is perhaps one of the most important and well-known female artists of the 20th century. Born in Germany, her practice has included all mediums – from painting, to photography, to public sculptures and books. In North America she is still most well known for her assemblage sculptures, where she uses found objects and raw materials in innovative, alien constructions.


In the above photo of her studio, it looks like…

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Studio Sunday: Damien Hirst

A photo of Damien Hirst in his studio in England


Our studio Sunday artist today is Damien Hirst. Hirst is currently well known for being the highest-paid living artist. Some of his works are made with such valuable materials as precious metals and preserved animals.


Hirst’s main studio is located in Stroud, Gloucester, in the rural English countryside. The entire studio building takes up 9000 square feet! Most of the action happens in a large or warehouse-like space, pictured…

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Studio Sunday: Gerhard Richter

A still image from the movie Gerhard Richter Painting, of the artist in his studio


Today, let’s look inside the studio of abstract painter Gerhard Richter. Richter has become one of the most important artists in abstraction, and is still actively producing work at the age of 83.


Richter’s studio is large and spacious, with enough wall space to display several of his large canvases, or works in progress. The nature of his current practice requires that the paintings be hung vertically while Richter works on…

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Studio Sunday: Rachel Whiteread

A photo of drawings in Rachel Whiteread's studio taken in 2010


Our Studio Sunday artist this week is Rachel Whiteread. Whiteread is perhaps most famous for her sculptures which involve casting everyday objects in concrete, resin, and other materials. In 1993 she produced House, a concrete cast of an entire home in London, which won the Turner prize that year. Also important to Whiteread’s practice, however, is drawing.


As the artist says, the drawings help her artistic process, as a way of…

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Studio Sunday: Cornelia Parker

A photo of Cornelia Parker in her studio in London


Today let’s visit Cornelia Parker in her studio in east London. Parker is well known for her large installation pieces, including several installations where she took pieces of buildings that had been destroyed, hanging the pieces in a state of suspended destruction. Two of the installations featured the fragments of former churches that had succumbed to fires in one manner or another, with installations made up of suspended cubes…

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Studio Sunday: Claude Monet

A photograph of Claude Monet at work in his home studio in France


Let’s look at the beautiful France studio of Claude Monet. The father of impressionism as we know it today, Monet took much of his inspiration from the landscape around his home, and took great pleasure in tending his large, wild garden. Monet spent his formative artistic years in Paris, close to the Louvre and to many other artists who would become famous alongside Monet.


Monet’s studio is large and somewhat sparse looking. I…

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Studio Sunday: Egon Schiele

A black and white photograph of Egon Scheile seated in his studio



It’s Studio Sunday again! Today we’re taking a look inside the studio space of Egon Schiele. Schiele was an Austrian artist who lived and worked in the 19th century, enjoying a well-followed and highly controversial artistic career before his death in 1890.  


Schiele’s works were highly illustrative, and mostly done on paper. He would have done a lot of his work sitting at a desk – probably the one pictured in the…

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